Monday, December 20, 2010

Sad News

Pearl (my little chihuahua-fiest mix) has passed away. She will be missed. Please see my wife's blog. She writes much more eloquently than I.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Greetings

Well - today is the last day that I work this year. I won't be back to work until January 3rd, 2011. This year has passed fast. I know folks say that a lot - but it does seen that the older you get - the faster it goes. Maybe that's why people say you're over the hill. You tend to pick up speed on the downslope. :-)
This picture is from a 1963 Western Auto newspaper ad. I've attached it because I'm going to share a Christmas memory from that year. My parents, sister and I were living at 410 McKee Street in a small house (around 1200 sq. ft at the time). My father (that year) had just finished adding on a small bedroom (6' X 16') at the back of the house. Yes it was narrow but long, and since it was off the laundry room actually (at the time) made the house square. You may be wondering why I keep saying "at the time". Well my dad worked most of his life as a carpenter/roofer and by the time my mother moved (after my dad's passing) there was over 4000 sq feet of living space. But at the time of this memory it was small. I was 8 years old and had been bugging my folks for a bicycle. I remember waking up at 4 AM. I know this because the clock in the living room was lit up by the Christmas tree. I very nearly yelled when I saw the brand new "Western Flyer" bike with my name on it. I was so excited. I couldn't wait. I (in my pajamas) took the bike outside and by the light of streetlights commenced rididing up and down the street. I was still there 3 hours later when my dad came out yelling "Boy, what the h*ll do you think you are doing? Do you want to get sick? Its cold out here. How long have you been out here?" He was trying to be all stern but there was no disguising the smile he had. Later everyone got a chuckle when they were told about my Christmas ride. I don't know that I every answered my dad about how long I had been out. Anyway - one of my fond Christmas memories. I got to thinking about it because this year I will be giving my oldest granddaughter a bike for Christmas. So - shhhh! Its a secret! Heh!
Everyone have a great day and a great holiday season. Be back for what I hope is a fantastic 2011 for everyone. CHEERS!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sing Sing Sing!

This time of year I listen to a lot of Christmas music and watch Christmas programs on TV. As with most folks, some I prefer more than others. So I thought I'd share some. Some of my favorite holiday songs (in no particular order) are "My Favorite Things", "Carol of the Bells", "Silver Bells", "White Christmas" and lots more.

A lot of the stuff I prefer to watch are considered classics, like "Frosty the Snowman" (1969 version w/Jimmy Durante), "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (1966 version w/ the great Boris Karloff), "Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer" (1964 version w/Burl Ives) "Claymation Christmas Special" (1987). And the great movies like "A Christmas Carol" (1938 version), "It's A Wonderful Life" (1946 w/Jimmy Stewart), "Miracle on 34th Street" (1947 version w/Maureen O'Hara & Natalie Wood), "Holiday Inn" (1942 w/Bing Crosby & Fred Astaire - famous because its the very first time the song "White Christmas" was heard in public). I know I'm leaving some stuff I like off my list, but there is tons of stuff and I have time to share more later, but I just thought I would put these out there so you can keep an eye out for them.

Now before I sign off today I want to share one more movie. I've separated it from the others because it is considered one of the all time bad movies - but I'm a little warped anyway and like to watch it every other year or so - so here goes. "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" (1964) is so bad its classic, because it actually takes itself seriously. I can actually remember going to the old Rex Theater (which was at the Corner of Main & Washington Streets in Starkville, MS - the building is still there but the Rex is long gone) and seeing this movie in 1964. Boy, was it expensive - 25 cents admission, 10 cents for a coke & 15 cents for popcorn - 50 WHOLE CENTS! And that was for the matinee. (Chuckle - chuckle). If you could look to your immediate right in the photo with this entry you would be standing in front of the Rex Theater.

Anyway - I'll try and share more Christmas stuff before MSU breaks for the holidays at the end of next week.

Everyone have a great day!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Its Official

Just a little while ago they came out with the new regions for High School sports that start next year. As I wished for in my last blog entry, Starkville is not in the same region as West Point - so I'm predicting now that SHS and WP will play for the north half 5A championship in 2011 - and I hope that leads to a trip to Jackson to watch SHS play for the state championship. Wooo Hooo! Go Jackets! I got what I hoped for - & hope it works out.

Plan on watching the SEC championship game tomorrow. I don't think they'll pull it off, but I'm going to be puliing hard for the USC Gamecocks to cut down (s)Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers. At least next year Newton will be in the NFL and openly getting paid to play.

Everyone have a great day (& weekend).

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Plenty of Food & Football - but no deer!

Thanksgiving is past and I had an enjoyable (but small) group in attendance. The food was great as usual and I had my usual tasty (but Ugly) bird. Its was tender, juicy and falling apart. Yum!

MSU defeated Ole Miss in the annual "Egg Bowl" in what ended up being a bit of a nail biter. After jumping out (at one point) to a 22 point lead (31-9) the dawgs gave up two touchdowns and held on for a 31-23 victory.

It was announced this week that beginning in the 2011-12 school year Starkville High would drop from 6A to 5A in sports. Now my sweetie thought I might be disappointed that my Yellowjackets were no longer in the big pond, but absolutely not. SHS goes from being a small fish in the big pond to being a big fish in a slightly smaller pond. The big plus is that we will no longer be in the same division as National Powerhouse South Panola High. The team ranked (in high school football) as the #1 team in the NATION! (That's right - Nation - look it up). SHS is ranked #2 (in terms of student population) in 5A and the toughest rival in 5A looks to be West Point (Ms) High - just 30 or so miles up the road. It hasn't been announced yet which of the 2 divsions in the north half of Misssissippi we will go into but I'm kind of hoping its not the one West Point is in. Not because we fear them, but because if we're in different divisions there is the very real possibility of playing them in the 2011 North Half Championship - for a spot in the state championship. With the close proximity - irregardless of where it was played - the stadium would be packed. I'm really looking forward to next year now!

I tried to go deer hunting but had to give it up after an hour and a half. I got out and up in my stand ok, but my leg (injured in the accident in June of this year) began to ache and stiffen in the cold and I began to fear that I would not be able to get down if I stayed as long as I had planned. Bummer! Well - maybe I can get deer for my freezer some other way. I'll let you know.

Everyone Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving & the Egg Bowl

Its "Egg Bowl" week and for the late-coming MSU fans its time to start hating on Ole Miss. I say "late-coming" because for me - hating (to quote Coach Mullen) TSUN is 24/7/365 for as long as I can remember. For example, when I was still in the Coast Guard and stationed with the Gulf Strike Team (which at the time was located at the NASA Test Site in Bay St. Louis, MS) my late first wife purchased a very nice set of 4 crystal mugs. They were gorgeous, except for the fact that each was adorned with "Colonel Reb". To be fair, I warned her I would never use them and would not allow my children to use them. She said "Oh they are so pretty - you'll change your mind". Well, eight years later I was being transferred from the Strike Team (now in Mobile, AL) to my final duty station in New Orleans when she pulled the glasses from our shelves (for our moving sale) and said "I give UP! Eight years and they've never been used! Sell Them!" When she walked out of my sight in the kitchen I gave a fist pump and "high-fived" my youngest son (who was 5 at the time) and put them out. The early Vegas line is MSU by 3, but I don't think it will be that close - I'm predicting MSU by 13 or more. This will break the streak of the home team winning for the past 8 years or so - since the game is at TSUN this year.
Its also "Thanksgiving" week and I would be remiss in not giving thanks to my wife and the family & friends that make my life worthwhile. Especially considering the fact that I am very fortunate to be here after my near-fatal wreck this past June. You know who you are - THANK YOU!
Everyone have a great day! (And a great holiday!)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DKW Nomi

Yesterday was DKW's birthday and I think she had a pretty good day (I hope so anyway). She and my middle daughter spent most of the afternoon together - going to lunch at MugShots - a local eatery and enjoying a leisurely and (very) filling lunch before walking down through town to the library and then ending up at the BookMart for coffee, internet access, and conversation as they waited for me to finish my work day and join them. After I arrived, we went to Zorba's Greek Eatery for another leisurely meal and and entertaining evening as Cafe Scientifique presented a dramatic reading from the play Copenhagen. It was very enjoyable. After it was over my daughter had to go to work and DKW and I headed home.
This morning started very badly for me. As I pulled out of my driveway on my motorcycle I discovered the body of Nomi (the dog we had just gained from my daughter a couple of months earlier) on the side of the road. Though she hadn't been with us long I was badly shaken. She was a very sweet dog. A wonderfully expressive face and she fit in well with Pearl and Shaddow. I pulled back in my drive, got a back to wrap her in and put her up in my barn. I will bury her when I get off of work this evening. A task I'm not looking forward to. I'm really going to miss her.
Everyone Have A Great Day!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Living in the Past

Its often said that you shouldn't live in the past and I guess that's true, but I'm 55 and to this point have had a full, rich and good life. I also hope to be here for many more years. I prefer to be optimistic and think I'm just now reaching the midway point of my life. Gotta stick around - still waiting on my flying car! :-)Anyway, I was thinking about "life" and thinking that I should put some thing on that was serious, then said no - something funny, then said no - something deep. Then I said - what the heck - why not all 3. So read and I hope you enjoy.

I will pass this thought - "Your life is yours, my life is mine. If our paths cross, may they do so with joy! However, my life will be lived to my satisfaction as I hope yours will be lived to yours. I promise to contemplate what you might have to say but reserve the right to disagree.

Now you might be asking what prompted me to write this - well, I'll tell you - I've been listening today to what is called "Reunion Radio" "Class of 1972" which is when I graduated high school and joined the Coast Guard - so lots of good musical memories. That being said, I'll leave you with this quote from the great philosopher: Charlie Brown "In the Book of Life, the answers aren't in the back.

Everyone have a great day!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Again

Well - this past Saturday DKW and I had a great day together. Some of the activites included going to MSU's (exhibition) basketball win against the Lindsey Wilson College (KY) Blue Raiders by a score of 75-66. Going to the library, the Longview (MS) Opry and doing our grocery shopping. On Friday, the SHS Yellowjackets lost to Columbus HS 32 to 30, and thus ended their season as they failed to make the playoffs. MSU football had a bye week this week, but have the unenviable task of playing Alabama, who lost this past weekend at LSU by a score of 24-21. The bright spot (football-wise) of the weekend for me was my Oakland Raiders winning in overtime against the Kansas City Chiefs, 23-20. They are now 5-4 on the year and have a bye week this coming weekend. They are 1/2 game behind the 5-3 KC Chiefs. However, they are currently undefeated within their (AFC West) conference. Do I dare dream that they might make the playoffs?
I purchased some paperbacks (50 cents/each) while I was at the library. One, The Midwich Cuckoos, (written by John Wyndham) was published in the late 50's. I didn't recall ever hearing of it, but this author had written the book, The Day of the Triffids, which was made into an early 60's sci fi movie and I had enjoyed it. The book has definitely held my attention and I would recommend it to sci fi fans. (As I was typing this I looked up the title - turns out this book was the basis of the movie "Village of the Damned". WOW! Freaky movie if you've never seen it.

Well, I've got to get back to work. Everyone have a great day!

Friday, November 5, 2010

This past weekend(Oct. 31st) DKW and I celebrated our first (#1) anniversary. Its hard to believe that we've been married for a year now.But if you've been following my blog - you can see its been a fairly eventful year. We took a few days and went back to Natchez and the Bluff Top Bed and Breakfast that we went to on our honeymoon last year. We had a great time. (This pic is actually one of the views from the B&B) We revisited the historic Natchez City Cemetery and took in some of the great eating places we had visited before. We really had a great time. We traveled (both ways) on the Natchez Trace and if you aren't in a hurry - its really beautiful. But, even with as good a time as we had, it was still nice to get home again.

Tonight is the final regular season football game for SHS and they are at home playing their nearest rival, Columbus (MS) High. And it boils down to this - if they win - they are in the State playoffs. So in a way, Starkville High's playoffs start tonight. Go Jackets! MSU has a bye week this weekend before they go to Tuscaloosa and play Bama on 11/13. My Raiders are at home this weekend and host the KC Chiefs. Be nice if they could pull out a victory and get on the plus side of .500. They are 4-4 at the moment - their best record at this point of the season since 2002 - when they went to Superbowl XXXVII. And lost to Tampa Bay. I don't think they are superbowl contenders yet, but it would be nice if we could get to .500 or better this year. Hope for the future.

Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Just sharing. Found this and thought of DKW & I celebrating our 1st anniversary on Sunday (Oct. 31).

Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Again! Home Again!

Made it back safely from my trip up to Jersey Shore, PA to pick up my "new" bike. Actually was a very nice trip. The weather cooperated and it wasn't too cold in the mornings. (It actually go pretty warm in the afternoons. The fall foliage in the northern part of my trip was absolutely gorgeous - as was the scenery. Although most of the trip (mileage wise) took place in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Tennessee, I actually travelled through 9 states in the 2 days I was cycling. I left J.S.,PA, on Thursday morning (10/21) and from there crossed just a smidge of Delaware, followed by larger (but still) smidges of Maryland and West Virginia. Then the longer trek through Virginia and about 50 miles into Tennessee - which ended my first day of travel. I was pooped!!! After a needed nights rest, I left early Friday morning (10/22) and from TN, crossed a smidge of Georgia, into Alabama and finally home in Mississippi. WHEW! Am I glad I'm home.

Football this weekend was a bit of a mixed bag for me. Friday night, my SHS Yellowjackets lost of the very last play of the game. A 52 yard "Hail Mary" pass which let Olive Branch High slip by us 40-34. Saturday - mmmm! -- well the good news is MSU won their homecoming game 29-24 and are now "bowl eligible" at 6-2. The bad news is they looked absolutely horrible doing it. Hope they get all their difficulties straightened out before Kentucky comes to town on Halloween Eve. Ahhhh! Sunday - Sunday! The Raiders salvaged the weekend. Not only did they win against hated rival Denver. They BEAT THEM LIKE A DRUM! 59-14! The most points scored by an Oakland Raiders team in one game, EVER! I know they still have a long way to go to be contenders,but maybe there is hope!

Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On the Road Again......

Well, tomorrow is a big day for me and I will admit to being a bit excited. I'm flying up to Williamsport, PA (from Jackson, MS) to get a motorcycle I've purchased. The picture here is the actual bike. It is a completely restored 1981 Honda Custom 400 CM. The only thing not in this picture is the windshield that has been added. I will be spending the night with the guy I purchased the bike from and leaving the next morning coming back home to Starkville. I anticipate the trip to take at least 2 days, if not a bit longer. I'm not planning to push myself too hard since I am only 4 months out from the June 11th accident (see past blogs for details) that almost did me in. And besides, I did promise DKW that I would be very careful and I always try to keep my word. When I'm traveling back, I have a bright orange suit (similar to this) that is insulated and rated to keep you warm when the temps reach down to 40 below zero. The predicted temp for when I leave there is around 40 (above) so with the suit & my long johns I anticipate being warm and very visible. Especially once I add a couple of reflective discs. With all the precautions I'm taking I'm looking forward to a very pleasant trip back. I am taking my cell phone (just in case) even though I know I won't be able to hear it while underway. I'll blog next week about the trip.
Well, this past weekend was HUGE for Mississippi State. We knocked off Florida in the Swamp and are now ranked in the top 25 for the first time since 2001. With a win at homecoming on Saturday (6PM CST against 2-4 UAB), the Bulldogs would be 6-2 and become bowl eligible for the first time since the 2007 (Liberty Bowl) season. That bowl was won by MSU over UCF, 10-3. The Raiders & my SHS Yellowjackets both took a step back. SHS lost a heartbreaker to Southaven (MS) 28-27. And the Oakland Raiders, are unfortunately, still bad. But they are my (pro) team and just like the High School and College teams I support. I'm still a fan - win or lose.
Everyone have a great day!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Days Are Here.....................

Okay, last week I was in a bit of a sour mood after my Raiders had lost (yet again). But what a difference a week makes. This past weekend, my teams won on all three (high school, college & Pro) levels. Something that doesn't seem to happen that often since all of my teams have not had great teams lately, but maybe that's about to change. On the high school front, Friday night Starkville High dominated Horn Lake 49-19, for their 4th win in a row. After a rough 1-2 start they are now 5-2 and ranked in the Mississippi Top Ten at number 10. Go Yellowjackets! On Saturday, my MSU Bulldogs dominated the U. of Houston Cougars 47-24 to run their record to 4-2 on the year. Unfortunately, we have to go to the Swamp next Saturday and play what are sure to be a bunch of mad Gators after they had a last second lost to LSU. I read that this is the first time since 2000 that they have lost 2 in a row (They got beat down by Alabama, week before last). UF is an 8 point favorite over my Dogs, but (unfortunately) I don't think it will be that close. Then, yesterday, my Raiders played the San Diego Chargers. A team that they had lost 13 in a row to. I was not optomistic (since we went in 1-3) but the Raiders surprised me. Two early blocked punts for scores (safety & touchdown) helped the Raiders out to a 12-0 lead. The Chargers did come back, take the lead before the half and lead late into the fourth quarter- but the Raiders pulled it out and won 35-27. They are now 2-3 on the year and play @ 0-5 San Francisco on Sunday in a very winnable game to pull to .500 on the year. GO RAIDERS! Since they are in the AFC West, they are currently tied for 2nd in the division with Denver and San Diego, and 3-1 KC is in first. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the passing this week of one of my all-time favorite Raider players. George Blanda, former Raider QB and Kicker, passed away this week. For me, George ranks up there with Kenny Stabler, Fred Bilitnekoff, Jim Otto, Howie Long and Dave "Ghost to the Post" Casper as my all-time fave Raiders. R-I-P George!

Since Ole Miss kicked Colonel Reb to the curb 3 years ago, they have been without a mascot on the sidelines. According the news reports, the new mascot has been reduced to 3 choices and they are (in order of sucky-ness) "Hotty Toddy", "Rebel Black Bear" and "Rebel LandShark". In my opinion, UM missed the boat when they passed on "Stallions". I think it would be kind of cool to have a big, grey stud horse roaming the sidelines named "Rebel". But then again, this is Ole Miss we are talking about. Nobody ever accused them with being MIT-smart.

Everyone have a great day!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Football, Football, Football.......

Well, I had an enjoyable and (a little bit) frustrating weekend. First, the frustrating part - my bike is still not ready for the road. Let me emphasize that I truly appreciate Josh & my oldest son spending time on it. They are getting it done, I just really want to get back on the road. I guess I'm just impatient. Another frustrating thing is my Oakland Raiders. They lost yet again and are 1-3 on the year. It looks like they are gonna suck yet again. I really don't think they will be able to turn things around until Al Davis is no longer involved with the team. Oh Well!!

On a brighter note, I attended a couple of local football games. On Friday night I went with one of my grandsons tothe Starkville High Yellowjackets defeated (a previously undefeated) Tupelo team 47-14. It was total domination and they looked good doing it. On Saturday, DKW, same grandson & his dad, and I went to the Mississippi State football game with Alcorn Sate. It was the first time these two Mississippi teams had played each other and again it was domination. MSU won 49-16. There were a few glaring mistakes and they were penalized 9 times - the most this year. Things that have to be addressed before they get back in conference play - but on the whole - the local football experience was great.

Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Squeals, Laughter & MORE COWBELL!

I was a bit surprised and had to chuckle last night as both the women living at my house burst forth with girly-girl squeals over bugs yesterday. The bugs in question, in both occurences, were roaches. What made it so surprising is that neither of these ladies (my wife DKW and my middle daughter, Donna) is squeamish when it comes to bugs. DKW related her incident in her blog. Donna was just (I think) caught by surprise by one in the bathroom. Anyway - the squeals were unexpected and funny - at least to me.

Moving forward in getting my bike road-worthy. Everything I need to get it on the road has been ordered and I should be getting the items in in the next couple of weeks. I still want to get a wind screen to put on it, but its not absolutely necessary to get it road worthy.

One thing I've done for my children for several years now is make a list of things that I wouldn't mind getting for Christmas, if they are so inclined. My Christmas wish list is just that - a wish list of things I wouldn't mind getting, but no one is expected to buy me anything. The items start at around ten bucks and up. I've about finished the list and will be sending it out to my kids soon.

This weekend will be a bit full for me. Friday DKW & I will be going to the SHS football game with Tupelo and Saturday morning (an 11 AM kickoff) will be at the Mississippi State game with Alcorn State (the current line is MSU by 42). Really hope that is accurate and its a drama-free day for my Bulldogs. But I will be there with my sweetie, one of my son-in-laws and one of my grandsons ringing out my cowbell! GO DOGS!

Everyone have a great day!

Friday, September 24, 2010

News, News, News!

Well, after my visit to the surgeon yesterday - Good News! He said my leg is healing exceptionally well and he foresees no problems. I do have to go back to see him in December for a 6 month follow-up (from the surgery date), but expect to be fully released by then. Personally, I'm ready for it. I have little or no pain and can take stairs and walk normally now.

Finally got the title bond in that I needed and (also yesterday) I was able to apply for my Mississippi title and antique motorcycle tag for my bike. Got a new gas tank and rear tire ordered too. My oldest son's mechanic friend said he would put them on for me. The bike cranks and runs good, but need a few things replaced before I'm totally confident in it. (Which won't be long I hope.

While DKB and I were in Tupelo for my appointment, we went to Olive Garden for a nice meal and afterwards I took her to the Barnes Crossing Mall to buy her a few clothes before our short anniversary trip next month. DKW is very frugal and I had told her a month or two ago that we would do this. Well, we found a nice sale going on at J C Penney's and got her a few very nice items. I think we were both pleased with her purchases.

Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Week and Gettin' Stuff Done

Well, I'm pretty happy right now. Yesterday my oldest son and his friend (a mechanic)came over and did a little work on my bike, got it started and made a few suggestions as to things I should have done before I put it on the road. Since I am not in a rush, I plan on following those suggestions. I do plan to start it up at least every other day though and ride it around my drive way so that its still in running condition when I get everything done

I'm proud to say that I've finished doing all my Christmas shopping for most of my family members (all the grandkids & my kids), still have to figure out something for DKW's parents & brother. Shouldn't be too much trouble to do that and for the most part I'M DONE! And its only September! Hope all you poor suckers enjoy fighting the Christmas shopping masses! I don't! And I won't. Woo Hooo!

Caught the new version of "Hawaii Five-O" last night and I loved it! Hard to believe that its been thirty years (1980) since the original went off the air. They were very true to the original from the theme song (& accompanying video montage) to the famous "Book 'em Danno". I'll even confess to goose bumps running up & down my arms when the theme song played, but I was a big fan of the original during its 12 year run. They even brought back McGarrett's original car (for a cameo). If you missed it, Shame on you! But I think its replaying on Saturday - so you get another chance. I hope it has another long run on CBS.

Yesterday was another red-letter day in my post-motorcycle wreck recovery. I had absolutely no pain and was able to walk the stairs at work normally - meaning no hesitation or stopping going up & down. May not be much to you - but it was the first time I've done it in 3 1/2 months. Wooo Hooo! Yeah ME!

Everyone have a great day!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Musings

Well, I know I'm well on the road to recovery from my wreck (in June) because I am getting so busy with work and other things that I not blogging but once a week or so, but I guess thats okay. This past Saturday, my youngest, had a birthday party for her boys. All the kids had a good time and I did too - until.... As I was leaving and walking down the hillside on the sidewalk, I was talking to my oldest son and did not notice the one step in walk. I stepped down hard, nearly fell, and jarred my injured leg pretty hard. My son had me sit down for a couple of minutes before we continure on. The leg was pretty sore that night and really sore Sunday. Its better today than yesterday, but still sore. Oh, Well, just need to watch where I'm walking.
Watched a lot of football this weekend, college and pro. I really enjoy my football! But the game of the weekend (for me) was the one I didn't see. Friday night (9/10) Starkville High ( a 2-2, 6A team) upset the #1 5A team in the state of Mississippi, 21-20. They had not lost a game in 2 years. SHS scored the winning touchdown with 48 seconds left in the game (I've since seen highlights). What a game!
The picture is from a really bad 50's movie titled "Robot Monster". (Everyone should see it once) I often wonder how low the budget was for this classic. I mean, come on, a gorilla suit with a futuristic space helmet. Went all out there, didn't ya guys. Sighhh! They just don't make 'em like that any more..... Never mind - yes they do. Just watch the Saturday night feature on the SyFy network.
Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


You ever have one of those moments where you get a little goosebump chill that runs up and down your spine? Welllll, I got one of those this morning. I had an email from the company that is setting up the shipment of the motorcycle I purchased on eBay. (See Aug.26 Blog). They were letting me know about the pickup and that the delivery date will be Friday, September 10th. That's when I got the chills. The bike that was wrecked on June 11th was a gift from my late, first wife for our anniversary on (you guessed it) September 10th, 2005 (She passed away in December 2005). So the delivery of my most recent bike coincides with what would have been our 34th anniversary. See why I got chills.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I got married again in October, 2009. DKW is great about understanding that because of the circumstance I still miss my first wife (especially during the first part of September). That being said, I love you Sweetie! Thanks for understanding.

Everyone have a great day!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, this past Saturday I let my male ego get ahead of my body's recuperation. My oldest and her husband have been great in keeping up the yard work, but there is only so much you can do and still take care of your own place. So while recovering (from the wreck - & if you don't know of the wreck - who are you & why are you reading my blog?) I was noticing some yard work that I figured I could do using only my arms and not taxing my injured leg. Not remembering that it is all one body and related. (I know-I can hear you all shouting - "You Big Dummy!") Anyway, I figured I was okay since I didn't work too awful hard, used my arms, and took frequent breaks. Not thinking about the arms connected to the back, which connected to the legs, etc. (Even though DKW had warned me repeatedly not to do much - I did more than I should - but to her credit she has never once said "I told you so.) Well - I started getting sore in my legs, back & arms that evening and when I woke up Sunday morning I was so sore I was barely moving. I was walking and shuffling my feet like a little ole man and if I dropped something on the floor I left it there because my back was so sore I couldn't bend over to pick it up. I'm feeling better today, but I'm still a little sore. I have learned my lesson though about rushing things.

Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Festival Express & I Will Ride Again

The other night I had stumbled on a late-night film on the Documentary Channel titled "Festival Express" about a cross-country (Canada) concert train-trip in 1970 that featured The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, The Band, Buddy Guy, Sha Na Na and others. All that great music! One of my favorite scenes was Jerry Garcia jamming with some others on the train (as they traveled between cities) and Janis Joplin sitting next to him singing. Wow! Jerry & Janis - blew my mind - 2 of my all time favorite artists together. I've provided a link to the Wikipedia listing for the film above if you'd like to read more about it. I'm thinking I may try to find it on DVD - my feet never stopped shaking during the whole movie.
Well - I'm getting another bike. The picture above is not the actual bike I am getting, but it is the exact model & color of the bike I am getting next month. If you are wondering, it is a 1981 Honda CM 400 C. A little smaller than the bike that I had my wreck on back in June, but still big enough to go back and forth to work and the occasional area trips. Other than bringing this bike back home, I'm not planning on any motorcycle trips out of town that take longer than an hour at the most. Its also a bit older than my previous bike, but I've been ensured that it has been reconditioned and is in excellent running condition with new rubber all around. Plus I should be able to get the required insurance fairly cheap. I'm excited about the bike.
This paragraph I am titling "BRAIN FART OR WISHFUL THINKING". I was doing some checking around for insurance rates on the bike I'm getting and while I was filling out a questionaire I got to the block that asked for my age. Without even thinking, I put down 25. AND filled out several more blocks before my brain put on the brakes and I said "What the Heck?' I mean, 4 of my 5 children are older than that. Sigh - guess watching that movie had me grasping for my youth again. Where did the years go.
Everyone have a great day!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cooper - You will be missed!

For the 2nd time this year, my dog population is reduced. Back in January, my buddy Harley disappeared. I found his skeletized remains when I started mowing my 5-plus acres in May. Yesterday I had to say goodbye to Cooper. This, in many ways, was a much harder parting. Cooper had been sick and going completely blind for several months now. (He was already blind in one eye when we rescued him 8 or so years ago). Well, I hobbled out to his cage Saturday and could see he was not in good shape. I checked him again yesterday (Sunday 8/22) and could see that he was in pain, not moving well and just generally in bad shape. My daughter dug the grave for me (since I still have leg problems from the June 11th wreck) and went back in the house so that I could say goodbye before I put him down. He didn't suffer and the end came quick. I have to admit it took me a good ten minutes afterwards to stop crying so that I could bury him. (Even now, as I type I'm tearing up.) I buried him (that I could do with just my arms) and went back in the house and broke into tears again as I tried to tell my wife and daughter that it was quick and he didn't suffer. It will probably be a while before I think of Cooper and not tear up. Its harder losing a pet when you have to put them down. Even if you know that it better that they not suffer.

I think that once I get physically able I will take down the pen where Cooper resided. Not only will it make mowing a little easier, but I think it honors his memory a little that no one else has his cage.

Goodbye ole pal!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FaceBleccchh! (And Recovery news)

Okay, I was watching CNN this morning and saw another news report about a new scam being perpetrated on FaceBook. Yet another reason for me not to join it (as if I needed one). Every time I have ever heard about FaceBook, someone has gotten in trouble because of something they posted and another scam has been noted coming after users. I have enough troubles without looking for more. NO FACEBOOK FOR ME. I have plenty of ways to be in touch with those that I need to be in touch with.

Today, the hospital bed has left my livingroom. Woo Hoo! I reiterate, it is so nice to being back to sleeping in my own bed again.

The neurosurgeon (that saw me for my spine and head injuries afte the wreck) said yesterday that as far as he was concerned my injuries were healed and I don't need to see him again unless I have problems. So I have therapy scheduled for the next 5 weeks or so and I see the orthopedic surgeon (for right knee & leg) on September 23rd. Hopefully, when that date rolls around I will be sufficiently recovered that he too will release me. At least that is my hope. My recovery continues at an above normal pace - but I am cautious. I don't want to risk more injury.

I am happy too, because on Friday (Aug. 20) high school football starts here. While expectations are not too high for this year's team - there is always hope. Unfortunately, of the 11 games that SHS plays, 6 are against pre-season top 25 teams in the state (including the opener). Oh well - they are still my alma mater - and win or lose I support them.

Everyone have a great day!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Long-Awaited Step

Last night, for the first time since the night before the wreck, I was able to get into and sleep in my own bed again. Heavenly! It was great to actually be able to talk and sleep next to my bride. Our first anniversary comes up in a couple of months, and while we have been talking everyday, its not the same as that talk you have as the day is ending and you drift into the evening.
One thing this accident did, was make me appreciate more the myriad of little things that happen every day and make up this thing we call "life". It will still be weeks (if not months) before I get close to being back to normal. (Though my normal - others may consider crazy). But I will make the journey, and thanks to my family and loved ones I know I don't make that journey alone.
Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm Back Baby.........

Okay. Not to the extent that the wolf in this picture is, but I am (at least to me) finally seeing progress. I had an appointment first thing this morning with the surgeon that basically rebuilt my knee after the June 11th wreck (see previous posts for details) and for the first time I am allowed to put weight on my right leg. It makes using the walker so much easier. Yeah, I have to keep using it for a week to 10 days, but if I do okay I can then move on to my cane (much easier to get around). Barring any unfortunate incidents, I should be be able to start driving again after my next appointment with the surgeon on September 23rd and maybe around the end of this year/first of next year I will be up to riding a bike of my own again!
Everyone Have a Great Day!

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Animated Life

Okay! Yesterday as I lay back in my hospital bed (which I hope to get out of soon) at home and surfed the channels, I landed on the Boomerang/Cartoon Network (DirecTv channel 298) watching one of my perennial favorites, "The Flintstones." I go to thinking about how cartoons have been involved in my life. Since I was born in 1955, my earliest cartoon memories are of shows like "The Flintstones", "The Jetsons", "Rocky & Bullwinkle","Secret Squirrel", "Underdog", "Wacky Races", "George of the Jungle", and "Space Ghost". In the 70s (my teen & early adult years), my viewing dropped a bit, but I still watched things like "Scooby Doo", "SuperFriends", "The Groovie Goolies", "Captain Caveman", and "Thundarr and the Barbarians". Then, in the 80's (as my children were young) I was once more immersed the the cartoon world. Shows like "He-Man", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Transformers", "ThunderCats", "Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors", and one which remains a favorite to this day (and is a UK import) is "Danger Mouse". Then in the 90s I retired from the U.S. Coast Guard and life interfered with my cartoon watching, but I did have a few favorites such as "Ren & Stimpy", Pinky & The Brain", "King of the Hill", and "Futurama". The funny thing is, is that now that the first decade of the new century is coming to an end, I don't watch many new cartoons, preferring those of the last 50 years. (And believe me, I looked.)
Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Man! I feel lately like I need to have that tattooed on the back of my hands to remind me that in spite of the setbacks since the wreck - I'm a very fortunate man. I have a wife and children that love me. Where-ever possible they have helped me out. I've put in this blog before how much DKW has stepped up for me and I can't say it enough. That said, I want to also put out an overdue "BIG THANK YOU" to my oldest & her husband for stepping up and taking care of the mowing for me. This is no small task - since all told its around 5 acres. This was a big worry since it was/is something I usually do. I do appreciate their efforts but am looking forward to the time when I can once more do it myself.
Now about the whining. I've been trying to catch myself when I start to gripe about my knee and/or leg hurting and for the most part I think I do a good job - at least in public. But sometimes I forget at home and those that have heard it the most get more of it. Sorry! The walker I have to use right now (since I'm not supposed to put any weight on my right leg) is the subject of a lot of the whining lately. It does its job, but I hate it. I'm so looking forward to walking again. I go back to see the surgeon a week from today - I'm hoping to be allowed to start putting weight on the leg then and graduating to a cane. So, I resolve not to whine about the walker for one more week.
Guilty Pleasure! Well last night I had a restless nights sleep. Once when I got up I had a little bit of the munchies. There was fresh french bread on the table. (I rarely eat bread since my gastric bypass surgery 5 years ago & my going from 315 lbs to 165). And I wanted it! I took a slice and slathered it with margarine! OOOOOOO! It was so good! It took all of my willpower now to shove down a second slice, but I ate a few fresh cherries instead. Fruit is better for ya , you know.
One thing I want to throw out may seem small, but to me its huge. For example, this morning DKW was not feeling too well when she got up to take me to work and when that happens I make a point of telling her how much I appreciate everything that she does for me. She replied "I'm proud of you" - which was not the reply I was expecting. I asked "What for?" and she said that she was proud of me going to work and trying to get things back to normal - all the time with a broken leg and the least she could do was take me to work." Well - that really made me feel good. And its not the first time. She is always telling me that she is proud of me for small progresses that I'm making in my recovery. I can't emphasize enough how much this encouragement has helped.
Everyone Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


On August 4th, 1790, the United States Coast Guard was signed into existence as the Revenue Cutter Service by Alexander Hamilton. So tomorrow is the 220th anniversary of the US's longest, continuous sea going service. I retired from the Coast Guard in 1992 after serving a tad over 20 years. While I wouldn't want to do it again, I am proud of my service and do have many fond memories of the various places I went (some of them even historical - sort of). Remember the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill - I was there for a bit. I'm also proud to say that one of my children is currently serving in the Coast Guard and has currently served (I think) going on 7 years. He's currently stationed in Miami (I know! Its tough - but someone has to do it.). (This illustration is "No Way" an official USCG logo - I just thought it was cool.)

Anyway - SALUTE - to all those serving on active duty - no matter which branch. But especially (this month) to those in the U. S. Coast Guard! And if you don't know - my title for this entry is the Coast Guard motto -hich is latin for "Always Ready".

Everyone have a great day!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Slight Retraction......

Last week I blasted SyFy network for their getting away from new, scripted series (among other things). Well, over the weekend they released the news that they have coming seven (7) new scripted series. If half of 'em pan out - I'll extend my retraction. Read it here.

Also, this week there is a Warehouse 13 / Eureka crossover on both shows that I am looking forward to. So - kudos to SyFy for this!

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Funny/Creepy Stuff to Pass

Taking a page from my sweetie's blog - just some stuff I ran across I thought I'd share:

R U Ready for SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!

If you have to ask - you don't know me! This coming Sunday (August 8th) is the first NFL pre-season game of the 2010-11 season. The fact that its 2 teams that I normally don't care that much for (Uhm - except -again - those that know me know that I absolutely HATE the Dallas Cowboys!) doesn't matter. The NFL is back baby! Training camps are (or will be) going on this week for all the teams. On August 20th, our local high school has their first game (GO Yellowjackets!) and 2 weeks after that (on Sep. 4th) Mississippi State has their first game! Hot Dog! I am pumped for the gridiron!

But if you asked DKW, she would inform you that I've actually been watching fooball for weeks. Thanks to the NFL Network (and DirecTv) I been watching live Arena Football League games on Friday nights and live Canadian Football League games on Saturday Nights. The Arena league is actually to the point that they are starting their playoffs this week. The AFL championship game is actually the same night that SHS has their first game (Aug. 20) so I guess I'll tivo it and watch later.

Everyone have a great day!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Nine Months and (happily) Counting

Tomorrow (Saturday, July 31, 2010) is exactly 9 months since DKW and I were married. I did a little research on line where folks were asking what to do to celebrate. One answer was "Awww, you must be young to celebrate by months - wait 3 months and celebrate a real anniversary." I went "Hmmph! I'll just say THANK YOU! I'm 55 and glad someone considers that young!" As far as what and when you celebrate - I've always thought that was up to the couple involved. Make no mistake - DKW and I have made plans to celebrate our first wedding anniversary - but 9 months is a milepost too.

Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For One

Hi. When I make entries in my blog, I do so knowing that there will probably be several people reading - so I try to broaden my perspectives/presentations to the many. Today - however - is different. If you are not DKW you will probably want to just move along.

Since my wreck on June 11th, you have really stepped up - taking care not just of me, but our home and the myriad of tasks that an invalid and household entail. And at the same time being a newlywed! YOU ROCK! Your actions have only enforced the realization I came to last year. I LOVE YOU! I know at times I was not myself or loopy due to medication and was no help whatsoever dealing with things. I know I am not back to 100% (and won't be for a while) but I am trying and I promise that once I am allowed to walk again - I will try to make things easier for you and take back on some of the day to day stuff.

Have you realized that Saturday is our 9-month anniversary? Part of my reason for this entry today is so that my family members that read this will realize that we are now, and hopefully for the rest of my life ( I say mine because I fully expect you to outlive me) will be a team. One supporting the other - when one is not up to speed (like me at the moment). Sigh! - I look forward to our being able to fully enjoy our first anniversary together. With All my love..............................................................

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ramblings and the Doctor

As anyone who knows me well knows, I have been a fan of the BBC sci fi show "Doctor Who" for over 30 years. And I'm happy to say the show still surprises me. The current season (showing on BBC America) ended this past Saturday night and I totally enjoyed it. I would rate Matt Smith (actor currently playing the Doctor) as my 2nd favorite all-time. I still rate Tom Baker as my favorite, but only because he was the Doctor when I first became aware of the show (way back in late 70's when it was on PBS ) and he continues to be the longest running doctor (he had the role from 1974-1981). Anyway, without giving away any of the plot. The show got me a little teary eyed at a couple of points. It dealt with the possible end of the universe and/or the death of the doctor and at one point the doctor says that "After we are gone, all that is left is the stories". With my near-fatal wreck a few weeks ago - that hit close to home. It also kinda made me realize that I want all my family and friends to have lots of, and very good, stories to remember me by when I'm gone. So watch out - I plan on a long, happy, and enjoyable life. Hope you're up to the ride!

Friday, July 23, 2010

SIX WEEKS & counting

The WRECK ocurred 6 weeks ago (6/11/2010) today. I still have issues with my (right) leg (not allowed to put weight on it). I'm hoping this status will change after I meet with my surgeon again on August 12th - Which is less than 2 weeks away - and the next big date on my recovery calendar. However, I am toying with the idea of trying to see if I can stand it to stop using the prescription pain medicine I am on. I am to the point I'm pretty much only taking 2 of them when I go to bed - so that I can sleep. So with the weekend upon us - I'm thinking it might be a good time to try it out. I'll let you know how it works out.
On an unrelated subject - recently had an article titled "28 Must-see New TV shows for the Fall" - So I took a look at the pictures and read the article. Of the 28 Shows, I saw 1 (ONE) that I plan to watch and I had made plans to watch it months ago. That one show is a remake of one I watched with my parents when I was a kid. And if you haven't figured it out -its the new "Hawaii Five-O". So in my humble opinion - while quite a few of my favorites have ended or been cancelled - there is very little on the horizon to replace them. Some of my shows which are no more are: Numbers, Ghost Whisperer, Heroes - which ironically was the only NBC show I watched, and quite a few on the SyFy network. Which rolls me onto another topic. Since SyFy changed its name from SciFi they have rapidly been degenerating as a network. At one time, once of my most watched channels (due to classic sci fi programming) it has degenerated into a cesspool of reality programmming and wrestling! The few quality science fiction programs they had (BattleStar Galactica, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis) have ended - with a few exceptions (Eureka, Warehouse 13). Now you might say - what about Stargate:Universe - So, yeah - what about it? I had high hopes and while I will continue to watch - but so far it has been the disappointing little brother in the SG series. As far as "Sanctuary" - loved season 1, season 2 was tepid. A third season is promised for this fall - but unless it starts to wow me the way season 1 did - I may drop this one on my own. Sci Fi (which on its own became SyFy) is in my opinion rapidly becoming Sigh!Feh!

I've digressed enough!

Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

aHemmm! Take Note:

Just had to say it!

Honest - I promise..............

That eventually I will stop posting on my motorcycle wreck. But dude!! - It happened only 6 weeks ago (as of Friday 7/23) and the resulting damage (to myself as well as the bike) is still a very big part of my (and DKW's) life everyday.

Last night, I was watching one of my favorite reality shows (Deadliest Catch) and a good part of the broadcast was dedicated to Captain Phil Harris's Life and passing (at age 52). (Google it - if you aren't familiar with the show) Anyway Phil was also a biker - I had some interesting thoughts/dreams last night and actually firmed up a few decisions that I had been vacillating on. One of the biggest is, is that I have firmly decided that when I have recovered and my leg is strong enough I am definitely getting going to get another motorcyle. Its something that I enjoy doing and don't see why I should stop. Size, type, etc. are still up in the air. Probably will be a bit smaller than the bike that was wrecked. I no longer am looking for a bike for long trips. The new bike should be big enough to keep up with interstate traffic speed but I am not looking for a long distance vehicle. The new bike will be primarily for my work commute (10 miles one way) and the occasional trip to Columbus (MS) Air Force Base - which is 30 miles or so away. Anyway, one bike I have been looking at quite a bit is the QLink Tour 250. I think it looks good and you can get it with a windscreen and hard (lockable) saddlebags. Its also very affordable. It comes in 3 colors, but I'm leaning towards the red (more visible) one. The closest dealer for this bike is T-Town Motorsports which is 75 miles away in Tuscaloosa, but thats okay. Maybe DKW and I could make a day-trip of it some time and stop by on the way to visit the Fabulous F & mate in Birmingham when I have recovered. Anyway - all of this is dependent on my recovery. But I am actually looking forward to the time I am recovered and can ride again. Makes me happy thinking about it.

Everyone have a great day!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to the Grind (kind of).....

Last week I actually started back to work (half-days) and am continuing it this week. I honestly did not think that working at a desk for 4 or 5 hours would be taxing. But I was wrong - when I've put in my time - I'm ready to go home. But this is a full week for me. I have therapy schedule for 3 (M-W-F) afternoons. Have a doctor's appointment Tuesday afternoon and Thursday - well that's gonna be a ME day. No work - no appointments - Rest my leg and maybe watch some more of my megaset of UFO on dvd. (Look it up on if you don't know what this is). My sweetie has her own obligations to meet Thursday but will be in touch.

Since the wreck (on June 11th) - people I've talked to generally fall into 2 categories: (1) When are you going to get another motorcyle? and (2) You're lucky to be alive - You're not nuts enough to ever look at another motorcycle are you? Well - let me address both groups: As far as group #1 - the answer is "I don't know" - I have been back & forth as to whether I'm going to get another bike. Since I have no memory of the wreck and 2 weeks or so after - I also have no memory of the most intense of the pain I went through. So I don't associate the pain with my motorcycle - though I know that's what happened. As far as group #2 is concerned - I generally tend to either ignore them or ask if they ever had a car wreck and if so - are they still driving? Same thing as far as DKW and I are concerned. So if you are at all interested - just stay tuned.

If you were to twist my arm right now though and demand an answer - I would say that "Yeah, probably at some time in the future I will get another motorcycle." Here is my reasoning. (1) I love riding a bike. Live is short enough. Why not do something I enjoy. (2) I figure the new bike will be just for going back and forth to work (10 miles) and around town or the occasional trip to Columbus (MS) - about 30 miles. (#3) If my leg heals enough to allow it - why not ride?

Anyway - no decision will be made until my leg heals, my surgeon (who by the way falls into category 2) gives the official OK, and all the legal/insurance stuff is settled.

In the mean time, I have a good woman taking care of me and monitoring my medication. I feel truly blessed to have her. I do love ya DKW!

Everyone have a great day!

Friday, July 16, 2010

More = blah, blah from me.

Well, my last post was 2 weeks ago and I do (vaguely) remember making it. I'm still having issues with my memory from time to time - but I think its getting better. The 46 staples were taken out of my knee on July 8th and I've started back to work (part-time) and therapy this week. The therapists seem pleased with my progress. So I guess I should be pleased. Anyway - this is pretty much how things will go until I go back and see the surgeon again - and I don't do that until August 12th. I know there was more I wanted to write - but I'm feeling tired. Everyone have a great day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Every Day is a gift.................

I know that everyone has heard that (my title for this entry) before, but I can now make the case that in my life it is very true. Three weeks ago (on June 11th, date of my last entry) I was in a very serious wreck and am really blessed to still be alive. I still do not have any memory whatsoever of the events (and may never have) but thanks to my wife (and other family members) this is what happened: I got off work at Mississippi State University, put on my helmet and hopped on my motorcycle (2004 Suzuki Volusia 800) to head home because my wife and I were supposed to go to the home where my mother stays for what they were calling a family cookout. Approximately 1 mile from home, as I was passing the Longview community, an older gentleman (going towards town) failed to see me and made a left turn into my lane and according to witnesses when he did this I had less than 10 feet to react. Since my speed at the time was estimated at 45 mph - I really had no time to react and slammed into the man's car. My bike is totalled. I fractured my kneecap (horizontally) and had a tibial plateau fracture. I had a vertebral fracture of the C7 vertebra and a concussion due to a hard head blow. I also had some major "road rash" on my arms. I'm still suffering from what is called "post concussive syndrome" which is why I still have problems remembering things. Anything prior to the accident I can usually rememember with no problem, but post-accident I'm still having memory problems. I think I'm going to call this an entry. Just wanted to explain why I haven't been on in a while, but my leg is starting to hurt and I need to go lay back down. I get the staples out of my leg next week - maybe I can post a new entry then. I'm gonna get my sweetie to proof this for me and post it. Thanks. Everyone have a great day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Whut'd he say?...

I find myself more and more turning on the "Closed captioning" feature while I'm watching a TV show or dvd. Its not that I can't always hear them, but a lot of the time I can't understand what was said. This is especially true with most of the shows I watch on BBC-America, different accents and all - ya know. There have been times when DKW & I have looked at each other and said "What did he say?" and then proceed (thanks to Tivo) watch the same scene 3 or 4 times and still not understand what was said. We can hear it, just can't understand it. Thanks to CC though (and I know not everyone likes to read along), I never miss any more dialogue.

I hated to do it, but the "Cooper" experiment didn't work out. He just was not adapting to being an inside dog - so he's back in his pen outside, and he does seem a bit happier being back in his regular digs. Oh well, at least he got a nice bath and a haircut.

Tea! Hmmm! When I first met DKW - as far as hot beverages were concerned - I was strictly a coffee drinker (exept for the occasional hot Doctor Pepper w/lemon slice - don't knock it - it's good. Well, I began drinking hot tea w/DKW and with all the different flavors there is plenty to enjoy. Well, I recently had Lipton's Vanilla Caramel Truffle tea. Sounds really good - but it's really not. If you want a good flavored tea - I really like the apple cinammon flavor, but if I have to choose a hot drink, I would probably still go with coffee, a lifetime habit is hard to break.

Cell phones seem to have taken over the world. I despise them. I have one and I use it occasionally, but I still despise them. When my first wife passed away in 2005 my children encouraged me to get one since I was travelling a lot on my motorcycle and if I broke down I could call someone. So I purchased a TracFone. Annually, I spend between 100 - 150 dollars for service & minutes. (I know some folks that spend more than that in a month for service.) I still do not use it a lot. I tell folks that 95% of the time I can be reached at work or at home - the other 5% of the time I don't want to talk to anyone. :-)

Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Father's Day/Hot Chicks w/Purple Hair

Well, Father's Day is coming up in less than 2 weeks and DKW has gotten me something (well actually ordered) I really wanted. The complete "UFO" DVD-Megaset. This TV series ran in syndication in the US in 1970/71 when I was in my (impressionable) mid-teens and featured (besides the futuristic cars and rockets) woment in form-fitting outfits and purple hair. What's interesting now is that the "future" it predicts was set in the 1980's. While there may have been women with purple hair, I don't remember any being on a space-station then. Don't know when it'll get here, but it sounds like an all all-day marathon. Where's the popcorn?
On the "personal interests" front - I just read where Lady Gaga may be in an upcoming (yet-to-be-filmed) episode of "Doctor Who" (one of my all-time favorite shows). Also, Starz network has picked up the rights for a new season of "Torchwood" (a Dr.Who spinoff) to air next year and they have already signed the original cast.
Shoot! With the "Thor", "Captain America" and "Green Lantern" movies coming out next year too - I can't wait for 2011!!! WoooooHoooo!
Everyone have a great day!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Vampires, Mowing, etc.....

Well, I was off work and mowed (my 5+ acres) this past Friday since I had to work yesterday. Other than going to the grocery store and working on a couple of hand-crafted Christmas gifts I am making (no - not going to say what or for who), DKW and I spent the weekend watching "True Blood" (based on the Charlaine Harris novels). First we re-watched season 1 (to refresh our minds) and then started on season 2 which we received last week. Very well done series based on the "Sookie Stackhouse" vampire novels, but definitely not for children or the faint hearted. While grocery shopping we searched the discount/clearance aisle at our Super-Walmart and found a cute, pink motorcycle helmet (for a very good price) that DKW liked - so we got it. The picture while not of the actual helmet is one that is EXACTLY like it.
The summer term has started here at MSU and I finally get my student workers in beginning today, so I shouldn't have to pull any more weekend hours for a while. (YEAH!)
Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, DKW and I had a great time at Moondance and are looking forward to returning for the 20th anniversary celebration next year. We had reserved a cabin, but the staff actually put us in a large, very nice RV which they dubbed "the honeymoon suite" since DKW and I have been married less than a year. It was great and believe you, me, a bed and AC is the WAY to camp. Beats the heck out of a tent and sleeping bags on the ground. Before we left, I put a deposit down on a cabin for next year. Call me a "wuss" if you must, but I likes my comfort.

When I got back to work Tuesday (since Monday was a holiday), I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to do left on my desk. I mean, I missed 2 working days (Thu/Fri-May 27/28) and I literally had stuff stacked 3 feet high on my desk. Besides that, I had to finish getting my student workers hired and their work schedule written for the summer term - but I am finally done with that. I shudder to think how much work will await me after DKW and I get back from our northern trek/vacation in July. We will be gone for nearly 3 weeks. YIKES! I'm glad I have someone lined up to housesit and take care of our animals. Relieves our minds a bit when we don't have to worry about our babies.

Yesterday was one of my grandson's birthday. Caleb turned 4. I stopped by his place briefly and gave him a gift of a big squirt gun and a couple of bags of candy. He was happy and even shared the candy with little bro, Dylan. They are a hoot. Baby sister, Layla, almost 3 weeks was a sleeping beauty most of the time I was there. Such a cutie!

Well, I'll probably blog again on Sunday (6/6/10) since I have to work that day. (Don't feel sorry for me though - I'm taking off Friday to make up for it.) Since 9/11 the university requires that all newly hired students have to go through a 5 day waiting period after being hired and since I have 3 new students - well - someone has to have the library open. Back to the grind!

Everyone have a great day

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On the road again....

Well, tomorrow we take off for MoonDance. An event we have been looking forward to since it ended last year. We have a house/pet sitter while we are gone (thanks Janet) so we don't have to worry about the animals, getting the mail, etc...

I'm taking off work in less than 4 hours and we will be packing this afternoon so that we can take off Thursday morning. The trip will take 4 to 5 hours, depending on stops, traffic, etc., but check-in doesn't begin until noon anyway - so no hurry, no worries!

I'll let you know how it was when we get back. Everyone have a great week!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Just a proud Grandpa - Again!

Pictures of my new granddaughter, Layla. One week old yesterday. Ain't she a cutie!!! (Click on pics for larger view)

Dis Week............

..... is going to be a busy one for DKW & I. Going to MoonDance this week. First I want to say, though, that my baby is very talented. This is a pic of the afghan that she made as a wedding present for her friend, Ferah. I love all the bright colors. Verrrrryyyyy Festive!

We will be leaving Thursday morning for MD in Georgia and I will be having one of my student workers house sitting and taking care of our animals for us. We plan to be back on next Monday (Memorial Day).

Watched the series finale of "Lost" last night. At the end, I was a bit disappointed. After 6 seasons, I guess I had really high expectations. I thought that the final "reveal" was a bit of a cop-out. I won't tell you what it is, in case you haven't seen it yet. However, I was still left with a lot of questions. Overall, I guess I would give it a "B+".

On the "Ooooooohhh!" front, I just found out that one of my favorite Authors (Neil Gaiman) is going to be writing an episode of one of my favorite TV shows, "Doctor Who". I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

Yesterday we watched the movie "2012". DKW and I both thought it was just "OK". its 2 hours and 38 minutes long, and by the end it was feeling it. The special effects were great, but the plot seemed drawn from other disaster movies of its ilk (i.e. "The Day After Tomorrow") so it felt a little lame. Glad we didn't spend any money on it (borrowed from library). Well, DKW and I will be busy this week getting out stuff together for MoonDance. Everyone have a great day!