Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For One

Hi. When I make entries in my blog, I do so knowing that there will probably be several people reading - so I try to broaden my perspectives/presentations to the many. Today - however - is different. If you are not DKW you will probably want to just move along.

Since my wreck on June 11th, you have really stepped up - taking care not just of me, but our home and the myriad of tasks that an invalid and household entail. And at the same time being a newlywed! YOU ROCK! Your actions have only enforced the realization I came to last year. I LOVE YOU! I know at times I was not myself or loopy due to medication and was no help whatsoever dealing with things. I know I am not back to 100% (and won't be for a while) but I am trying and I promise that once I am allowed to walk again - I will try to make things easier for you and take back on some of the day to day stuff.

Have you realized that Saturday is our 9-month anniversary? Part of my reason for this entry today is so that my family members that read this will realize that we are now, and hopefully for the rest of my life ( I say mine because I fully expect you to outlive me) will be a team. One supporting the other - when one is not up to speed (like me at the moment). Sigh! - I look forward to our being able to fully enjoy our first anniversary together. With All my love..............................................................


  1. *blush*
    i love you so,

  2. sniffle, i love you, sniffle~sniffle