Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Playing Catch-up!

First, I want to start with the good stuff.  On December 4th, the SHS Yellowjackets won the Mississippi 6A Football championship by defeating the Petal Panthers, 27-7.  Starkville pretty much dominated in a game played on the campus of That School Up North. A great finish to the SHS football season of my 60th year.


Now - the not-so-good.  Mama passed away on December 15th (just one week ago) and the funeral was held on December 17th.  She is interred next to Daddy (Fred) and just a few steps from my grandparents (Big Daddy and Mamma Jenny Sanders - her parents (Grover /Jenny).)  And just a few more steps from Sue, my first wife. 
I've been telling everyone that asks that it is a sense of grief mixed with relief.  She was not present mentally, and the pain, while treated by hospice care, did not go on for a long period.  No more suffering.
As I said before, December is tough on DKW and I (Sue died 10 years ago, her mom last year, and now my mom this year).  I try to tell everyone, hold on to the memories of Mama at her best, and not how she was the last few months.  Even with though she was trying at times, I do have fond, loving memories, and she will be missed.
Everyone have a great (holi-)day!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Another Trying Week - Mama Not Doing Well

Hi All,

The title pretty much says it all.  That said, everyone that I needed to notify - family and friends of family - has been contacted by now.  So I feel free to post this here now.  What follows is excerpts from an email that DKW wrote to notify some friends:   (Please note I left out a lot of medical and personal details for privacy's sake.)

Hi, Folks:  Some of you are aware that Carolyn's mental and physical health has declined rapidly in the past six to seven weeks.  Dementia has not just made an appearance, but has moved in, settled down, and taken up permanent residency.  She is cognizant at times, but it is rather sporadic and sometimes it's difficult to tell if she is recognizing the world, people, and words around her.

 We are asking that no one feel any sort of pressure to visit, however if you want to do so, you certainly may.  We will be taking things one day at a time, of course, and ask that you call before you plan to come, so that we can let you know if that is a good time.  Carolyn has been sleeping lots and lots, but there are times when we are bathing and caring for her more intimate needs that would be most inconvenient to receive visitors at those times or shortly thereafter, as these activities are extremely exhausting for Carolyn.

For those of you who live out of the area and yet would like to be of assistance, please do not feel you must hasten or plan to be here for services and such.  Jerry is available in the evenings for phone calls, from 4:30p to 6:30p {except tonight, Thursday Dec 10th ~~ he is actually being Santa for the children at Emerson today, as he has for the past seven years}.  Carolyn is not really present in any sort of way, and I feel any visits at this point would not be noted by her.  So please do not feel you must come to see her.  It'd be much better if you remember her as the caring and loving person she was when you knew her. 

As far as us:  Jerry is, of course, grieving.  It hurts to see his mother so incapacitated.  However, he is strong and since her decline has been rapid, her suffering has been minimal, of that he is extremely glad.  Please understand, if he seems distracted or abrupt on the phone.

As for myself, I really am ok.  I appreciate your concern and condolences; however, at this time, I'd rather focus on Carolyn and process things more deeply at some later time.  Thank you all for your consideration and understanding, D.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Trying Week

Just a quick post.  Must leave for my new part-time job in about 10 minutes.  The job is not the reason for the title though.  This week (today - 12/3 - for me & Saturday 12/5 for DKW) marks the passing of two special people that we each loved for different reasons.  My first wife, Sue, died unexpectedly as of the result of a fire 10 years ago today.  It still affects me, and always will.  DKW knows this, accepts it, and this is just one of the reasons I love her and married her.  Saturday marks one year since DKW's mom passed.  Her relationship with her mom went far beyond mother/daughter - they were best friends.  The only people I know that I can compare it to is the relationship that Sue had with our oldest daughter, Melissa.  It physically hurt them both.  I love them both.  Everyone have a great day. 
Melissa / Debra - I love you!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

My (Belated) Thanks

Thursday past was Thanksgiving and DKW & I had a dozen plus family and friends over for the turkeys (we had two) and fixings. It was a busy day and in addition to cooking I, like most American males, was interested in football.  So until today I didn't take take to reflect a bit and give thanks.
Now I am thankful for football.  Its my favorite sport and I tend to watch to excess.  Frequent readers know my Starkville High Yellowjackets won Friday and will be playing for the Mississippi 6A state championship on December 4th.  It is half-time of the Egg Bowl, and (so far) MSU is getting their hat handed to them by Ole Miss (28-3).  Sigghhhh!
But football aside, first and foremost I am thankful for family.  My mother is in a nursing home and with a diagnosis of early onset alzheimer is not doing well.  Moments of lucidity come and go in an instant.  It hurts when I visit, so I prefer to remember her when she was at her best.  I am so very thankful for what she has contributed to my life.  I'm thankful for my children.  We have not always agreed (what parents and kids do) but the love has always been there.  And because of them I'm thankful for my grandchildren (8 and counting). I'm thankful for my wives.  Now - I'm not a polygamist. :-)  My 1st wife and I were married 29+ years and have 5 children.  Sue passed away almost 10 years ago (12/3/2005) and I'm so very thankful for what she contributed to my life.  I met DKW in December 2008 and we we married in October 2009. I'm thankful for her bringing joy into my life again and having the Autumn of my life blossom again with with hope.  I am thankful for so many friends and acquaintances I can't remember or list them all.  But if you know me, you know who you are and you will forever (thankfully) have been a part of the life that made me - me.  Lastly, I want to single out Sharon Bauman, Debra's mom.  Sharon passed away on December 5th, 2014 - just a week from now. Sharon lived next door to us for the last 3 years of her life. She was a no-nonsense, speak-your-mind individual who did not suffer fools lightly and I came to love her.  This year has been hard on DKW and the most I could do was offer a kiss, hug, and a soft "I know, I know." as tears were shed.  She and Sharon were extremely close.  Thanks Sharon. 
Everyone should reflect, give thanks, and hug those you can, while you can.  Have a great day!

Friday, November 27, 2015

On to Oxford

1 more Win  for State Championship
I'm gonna keep this brief  I just got home  from a really exciting game.  Starkville High scored 14, then Madison Central scored 14, plus a field goal right  before the half and led  the Yellow Jackets 17-14.  SHS kicked off to start the 2nd half and stopped them to force a punt. The Jackets drove down and scored to lead 21-17.  They scored again late in the 3rd to lead 28-17.  MC kicked a field goal (after SHS's defense held for 3 plays inside the one yard line) to make it 28-20.  That was the final score.
So next week (Friday, Dec. 4th at 7 PM) SHS will play the Petal Panthers (who beat Meridian 36-28 tonight) for the Mississippi 6A Championship.  I'm going!  The last time I attended a football game on That School Up North's campus I had gone with my dad and a friend of his to see my Bulldogs play the Rebels in Archie Manning's last Egg Bowl (1970).  I don't remember many details other than it was very exciting, MSU won 19-14, and Archie (Who?) played the game with a cast on his non-throwing hand.

Now if only the Bulldogs can win tomorrow.
Every one have a great day!

Monday, November 23, 2015

TWO MORE ! ! (Fingers Crossed)

2 wks + 6A= State Champs
Starkville High was at Clinton this past Friday (20th) and won 45-27 in a 2nd round playoff game that was much closer than the score indicates.  As a result, SHS will be at home the day after Thanksgiving to play Madison Central in the 3rd round of the 6A playoffs for the North Half  (Mississippi) Championship.  SHS played MC on October 16th and defeated them by a score of 28-10.  I don't foresee a different result this time.  That said, MC deserves a hand for defeating previous #1 (and undefeated) South Panola in the first round. (who had not lost a game in almost 3 years).  It may be a little tougher - given the stakes - But I sincerely believe that SHS will be playing for the Mississippi 6A title on December 3rd. 
What I find interesting is that Madison Central is ranked higher (by Maxpreps.com) than either of the two teams (Meridian HS and Petal HS) playing for the 6A South Half title.
Can't wait!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Gainfully Employed - Again!

If you've read my blog before, you are aware that I am very proud of the fact that I retired from the U.S. Coast Guard (in 1992).  You may also be aware that as of May 1st, of this year, I retired from Mississippi.  I've enjoyed the glut of free time I've had by spending time with my wife and taking care of tasks around the homestead.  However,  I have worked, at least part time since I was in school, since I was 10 years old.   I just turned 60 in April want found myself wanting a part time position that would not be too taxing and still allow me the lion's share of the week to myself.
Well, I found such a position 5 to 6 weeks ago and applied for it.  The job is a shuttle driver of Oktibbeha County Hospital.  It entails cruising the parking lot (2 days a week, when the other driver is off) and taking patrons that desire transport to and from the hospital entrance.  As it is a very public position, they were required to accept applications for a couple of weeks, go through said applications, and then check references and do background checks on the half dozen or so that would be interviewed.  After I was interviewed, I had to give a sample and be fingerprinted.  This being the last hurdle before being officially offered the position. 
Well, about 15 minutes OCH called me and said my samples and prints came back with the official "okie dokie", and I was hired.  The last thing is to go in Monday, fill out the paperwork, and get photographed for my employee badge.  There is an orientation I have to go to on the 30th, but I will be an employee then and it is required of all new hires.
Anyway, just wanted to share the news.  SHS playoff game tonight at Clinton.  Go Jackets! !
Everyone have a great day!  I will!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Friday the 13th and High School Football

Last night the Mississippi 6A playoffs began.  My Starkville High Yellowjackets hosting the Olive Branch Conquistadors.  SHS pretty much dominated the game though OB did score a few TDs in the 2nd half (on our subs) to make the final 46-24.  So SHS moves on the the second round and will play Clinton (for the 2nd time in 3 weeks), who they beat 2 weeks ago 45-7.  Don't let that score fool you though.  They are a much better team than that and their coach rested a lot of starters in that game so that they would be healthy going into the playoffs (link provided).  I think SHS will prevail, but I would be lying if I said they didn't worry me.
The big news of the night was that Number 1 ranked and undefeated (since 2013) South Panola, was upset at home by Region 2, #4 seed Madison Central 14-8!  WOW!!!  Let me repeat that! WOWWWWW!!!  Region 2 (in which MC and SHS reside) swept all 4 playoff games against Region 1.  Friday the 13th was really unlucky for Region 1!  When the MaxPreps Rankings are updates tomorrow SHS should be the new #1 in the state of Mississippi.  I hope this is the year we bring home another state title.  Even if we do have to go to Oxford to get it!
MSU plays a heavily favored Alabama Crimson Tide today.  I will be watching and keeping my fingers crossed.  According to USA Today if Dak gets protection from his O line and doesn't make any critical mistakes, they could pull the upset at home.  The odds are long, but as they say, hope springs eternal and miracles do happen (just ask Madison Central).
Eveyone have a great day!  (and GOOO DAWGS!!!)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mississippi High School Football Playoff Time

Some classifications (2A, 3A, & 4A) started this week.  My Starkville High Yellowjackets (#1 in 6A, Region 2) start the playoffs at home next week when they host the Olive Branch Conquistadors (#4 in 6A, Region 1).  After Friday night's game with Clinton High, Starkville is 9-1. This game actually was for playoff seeding as both teams are playoff bound.  It was a miserable night, weather-wise, as it rained nearly the entire game.  Plus, I was a little conflicted because I am a proud graduate (Class of '72) and supporter of SHS but my grandson was playing for Clinton High.  So I was little happy and a little sad at the game's end.  Oh well, if things work out we could be playing again, but for higher stakes.  Playoff time - Everyone starts new.  So - NO ONE should get too cocky!  Upsets happen!

Speaking of upsets.  A tip of the hat to the Arkansas Razorbacks for their 53-52 overtime win over That School Up North in Oxford.   I hope my Bulldogs were paying attention as they have to face the Hogs in Arkansas in two weeks. (After getting Alabama at home next week.)  Its never easy in the SEC.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

BIRD is the word!

I've always been the type of person that hates to be late, or even cut it close.  I much prefer to get where I need to be early.  At least 15 to 30 minutes early, depending on the type of appointment/meeting/function I am there for.  Being late or cutting it close, stresses me severely.  I think it's because I joined the Coast Guard at 17, and when you are late in the military, it carries consequences.  Maybe if you know this you can understand the following.

Yesterday, I purchased my Thanksgiving (18 lb.) turkey, and all the stuff I will need for the fixin's.  My Christmas shopping is all done and I will be getting everything wrapped within the next couple of weeks.  Way early, I know, but that's just the way I am.  Just ask DKW.

I  tend to do this with most things.  Get it done early and not worry about it.  The problem is, my memory is not the greatest following a bad motorcycle accident in June 2010.  SOOOO, in an effort to stay ahead I make notes, lists, etc.  But, sometimes, I still forget.  So sometimes I end up with extras of things.  But with food stuff, its things that don't spoil, or I can freeze it.  For example, I have 2 unopened jars of dill relish, 3 packs of weiners, 3 containers of garlic salt, etc.  I will use it, but now I'm making myself double-check my grocery list before making purchases.  Only got so much storage - ya know.

Okay, I'm kind of wandering.  The Starkville High Yellow Jackets won at Warren Central (in Vicksburg, MS) on Friday by a 28-10 score to go 9-1 on the year (6-0 in their region).  Next Friday, is the final regular season game (at home) against Clinton High.  Clinton High (7-3, 5-1) is the team my grandson plays for.  The winner gets first place in the region for the playoffs.  If the loser is Starkville, they will be the #2 seed, If its Clinton - they get the #3 seed and Warren Central the #2 seed.  Whatever happens, Madison Central is the #4 seed.  Got that?  Don't worry - It's okay.  You can print out the playoff brackets this time next week.
Miss. State had a BYE this weekend, but will play Thursday night (11/5) at Missouri on the SEC Network.
Everyone have a great week. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Who Let the Dogs Out!

Coach Mullen at Post-game interview!
Okay.  I haven't caught everyone up here on my football teams for a while, so I guess I'd better do that.
First, Starkville (MS) High.  The Yellowjackets won last night (10/23/2015) to 8-1 on the year and 4-0 in Region 2-6A.  They go to Vicksburg next Friday for their toughest road test of the year with Warren Central High (also 8-1, 4-0).  This is the next to last regular season game for both teams and both have already clinched a play-off spot.   So this game is for positioning.  If SHS wins, we clinch first in the division with one game left.   A loss, and we much defeat Clinton High in our last game for the second seed.  If the unthinkable happens, and we lose the last two games, we will be the third or fourth seed - depending on what other teams do - and will be on the road for the first week of the playoffs.  (The one & two seeds in each region are at home the first week.)  Sooooo - Go Jackets.  Lets finish the regular season with a ten game win streak as we head into the playoffs.
Mississippi State leads currently 28-13 (at the half) over the UK Wildcats.  If we keep it up (and according to ESPN, Coach Dan Mullen is 46-1 at MSU when leading at the half - so the odds are good) MSU will be 6-2 and bowl eligible with four games left.  So - Keep winning Bulldogs.  The more wins we have  - the better the bowl game we get to play in.
Everyone have a great day! 
ADDENDUM:  Game ended short time ago, final MSU-42  UK-16.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Blast from the Past

Approximately 16 or 17 years ago (late 1998-ish) one of my children (I think my oldest son- but not sure as my memory sucks) gave me a music CD starring and produced by some local high school grads.  The group was 4 guys fronted by Wyatt Funderburk (who along with Steven Fazio) wrote all the songs except one (Fox on the Run - by Sweet).  The name of the group was "The Pendletones" and the album was not great (even Wyatt says -in the link provided - that the album was rushed, and it shows a bit).  All that said, I liked the CD and when it disappeared around 10 years ago, I thought I'd never hear it again.  Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, I was going into a local thrift store to look for something and saw the CD among those on their sale rack.  I didn't hesitate to pick it up and it is now in the rotation in my car.  I listen to it and once again my mind floats back to that last year that all (of my 5) children lived at home.  I know it wasn't a perfect time, but music tends to color the mind with good memories - and that's what I prefer to remember - who doesn't?  So if any of the Pendletones are still out there - leave a comment, if you read this.  It was an imperfect musical effort, and it will never sell a million - but - at least for me - it produces some million dollar memories.
Everyone have a great day!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Flip That Scarf! THE Doctor is Back.

In Case there are Doctor who fans that don't know -  BBC America has started running episodes from Tom Baker's Doctor Who years (1974-81) under the promo "Breakfast with Baker" (since the episodes are running (mostly) in the early morning).  As an aside to my kids (who would watch with me when you could only catch the Doctor on PBS in the US) - "Time to dust off the dancin' shoes for the Doctor Who Dance." 
If you don't get it - you're probably  not a parent.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I Don't Wanna Grow Up............

Okay, it was a little chilly when I got up this morning (55 degrees) and after I slipped my jacket on and got comfy in my recliner (coffee- check, book - check, throw blanket - check) I chuckled.    I was buttoning my Superman jacket over my long-sleeved Batman tee, wearing my Ninja Turtle sleep pants over ( and this might be TMI for some) my Flash boxer-briefs.  What can I say?   And  the throw blanket over my legs - Doctor Who!  In some respects I think I will always be a paradox - an old kid! 
I still enjoy reading comics, watching (some) cartoons, and cheesy Sci-Fi! 
But what inspired this post originally was my thinking about something that shaped my childhood/early adulthood that is no longer around.   That is (drum roll please) Saturday Morning Cartoons!  Now you can watch cartoons at any time of the day or night - and I do sometimes.  But nothing can bring back the anticipation I used to have for the Saturday in September in which the new Saturday Morning Cartoon Block would be unveiled.  Now, thanks to magazines and newspapers, I would already know what shows would appear and in what order.  So I planned my viewing accordingly.  Deciding which shows I did not want to miss.  No tivo, No VCR back in those days.  (After all I'm 60  - and almost a half). :-)  Man those were the days.
Don't get me wrong.  I wanted to grow up, have a family, but as Joni Mitchell so aptly sang "You don't know what you got - til its gone!" 
Ya know - there are so many cartoon channels now, I would love to see one start running the Saturday Morning lineup (on Saturday mornings) again from the 60's and/or 70's.  That would be cool.  But I'd have to have my coffee.  Milk just doesn't do it for me in the morning any more.
Everyone have a great day!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

KUNG Fury - A Must See!

It is  so bad , it's great !! . You will "" Like it" OR "Hate it"   Kung Fury is about a kung fu cop from 1985 who goes back in time to fight Hitler and the Nazis. It has a runtime of just over 30minutes.  Its a heck of a ride with cheesy dialogue, over the top action, and retro music. It has Nazis, Vikings (including Thor), Dinosaurs, and David Hasslehoff all stirred in.  It makes every minute entertaining. Dedicated to the 80s style, its like a train wreck (but better) - you just can't turn away.

Everything harkens to the 80's:  First. Music & Background score: Electric drum with synthesizer & guitar  2nd. Action: Martial art movies , Japanese Animation, Video games, ,reference from the buddy cop movies (Super- Cop / Lethal Weapon)..etc  It's an entirely reference oriented movie.  But still, this movie is original & stands out! If you remember the 80's, at all, you will love it.  Its very over the top and makes no apologies.  I've already watched it twice and saved it on my Tivo list.
Everyone Have a Great Day!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The weekend that is/was.......

It is currently just after 2 pm on Sunday afternoon and we (DKW & I) will be packing to go back home very shortly.  We came to Hattiesburg to see MSU open their season with Southern Miss in a very late starting (9 pm) TV game.  There were a lot of first game jitters and mistakes but State pulled away late to win by 18 (34-16).  Its said that the most improvement that a team will make occurs between games 1 and 2.  Lets hope so, because MSU will be at home next week hosting LSU.  Because rain and lightning forced the cancellation of LSU's game with McNeese State yesterday they will only play 11 games this year,  with the MSU game being their first.  On the personal side, we had a very nice time visiting and staying with DKW's friends, Teralyn and Andrew.
On Friday past, SHS defeated West Point 16-0 to go 2-1 on the year.  The next game is at home with first time foe, Kipp Collegiate (out of Memphis, TN).  Starkville will be heavily favored and it should be a game in which most, if not all, the players get to see some time on the field.  After the closely contested first 3 games of the year it will be nice to have a bit of a break.
I'll try to write more soon.  Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Football In Earnest

Watching the teams warm-up
This weekend the college football season will get underway for most of the country.  There is a game or two on Thursday (9/3), several Friday night, and a cornucopia of events to choose from on Saturday (9/5).  (To top the weekend off, the NFL season starts on Sunday.  FOOOOOOOTBAALLLLLLLL! (Eyes glazed, mouth drooling.)  And just so we don't forget - High School football on Friday night also. 
Now, my SHS Yellow Jackets evened their season record up at 1 & 1 as they handled Tupelo High (in the Little Egg Bowl) on a nation-wide ESPNU broadcast last Friday (8/25).  This coming Friday we play at West Point High (local radio only).  Starkville is favored in this one.
Mississippi State kicks off their season on Saturday down at Hattiesburg (MS) as the Southern Miss Golden Eagles play victim to  host the Bulldogs.  Depending on which web site you look at, MSU is favored by anywhere from 14 to 27 points. If Dak is on his game and gets good protection, I think it could be more than that.
SO, whatever team you support.  Enjoy a game or six this weekend.  I'm gonna try to.
Everyone have a great day!

Monday, August 24, 2015


I blogged earlier about College Football starting on Saturday.  Well, Saturday is also the Arena Bowl (AFL Championship).  The San Jose Sabre Cats will face the Jacksonville Sharks in Arena Bowl XXVIII in Las Vegas.  The Cats have an AFL best 17-1 record while the Sharks fought their way through the season after a 1-5 start and then outplayed their playoff opponents on the road.  Since my youngest son is currently stationed (USCG) in Jacksonville, I will be pulling for the Sharks on Saturday night.  Two games of football on Saturday.  I can't wait. 
Everyone have a geat day.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shake it off and Move on

Its taken me a couple of days to do just that.  SHS lost a heartbreaker in double overtime to Noxubee County High.  Hats off to them though.  Just shows why they are the #1 ranked team in 4A (in Mississippi).  Doesn't get any easier here at home next week as SHS plays the #1 5A team (Oxford High) in the  3rd "Little Egg Bowl" (Currently 1-1).  This game will also be carried nationally on ESPNU.  I'll be there in person and TiVoing it at home.  HEY - I might be on TV!
The first college game on TV will be on Saturday, August 29th, at 3:30 (Eastern) as the three time (back to back to back) defending (FCS) National Champions, North Dakota State Bison, play the Montana Grizzlies on ESPN.  Gotta Watch!
I am going to try and start doing more entries.   I promise.  At least once a week if not more.
Everyone have a great day!

Friday, July 24, 2015


PURE JOY - About 5 months ago DKW and I adopted a rescue dog (our third).  Libby is a 5 year old Bichon Frise, weighs 12 pounds, and is white (but almost always looks in need of a bath.).  She is very gentle and never complains - even when I give her a bad haircut.  Libby never fails to bring a smile to my face when I take the girls out. (All my rescues are spayed females.)  She will suddenly start running full out.  Her bushy tail and floppy ears trailing in the wind.  Not only does she run, but makes what seems impossibly sharp turns and course reversals.  Often spraying gravel in the driveway like a car spinning its tires, and the whole time the ends of her mouth are turned up in an infectious smile.  She seems so happy and carefree it never fails to bring joy to my day.
Watching her, its hard to believe that she was in a puppy mill (with multiple litters per year) and abused.  When we were adopting her we were warned that she was very shy around people she didn't know and was VERY afraid to come close to any men.  She tended to run and hide when men were near her.  What a difference a few months make!
I took my time and let her get used to me and within a few weeks she was resting with me in my recliner whenever I sat to read or watch TV.   She is now my "best bud".  She (most of the time) comes when I call and has bonded with the other girls.  When I offer them a treat, she is literally bouncing straight up in the air like a mini-kangaroo. Such a sweetie!
Last week DKW and I took a trip to Pennsylvania (from Mississippi) so she could attend a family reunion.  We had planned on leaving the girls at home with a pet/house sitter while we took the trip.  We had it all set up when a family emergency forced our sitter to cancel.  We called our back-up sitter and were told - "Not a problem.".  So we planned and packed.  Then, just hours before we were to leave, she had a family emergency and had to cancel.  So, it was take the girls on the trip or not go (and this was not really an option.)  So off we went, DKW, me, and the 3 little girls in our Toyota Yaris - towing our teardrop camper.  I have to say we are very proud of our 3 girls and how they handled the trip.  They traveled without fussing or causing trouble.  There were no potty accidents in the car, and they did well on leashes.  Which they don't normally were at home.  They all acted like seasoned, veteran travelers!  I have no qualms what-so-ever of taking them along on future trips we may make.
Everyone have a great day!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Don't mess with a Smart Car!
Well, Retired. Hmm! Takes a little getting used to. I still get up fairly early (though not at 5:30 anymore) and the girls (my 4-legged children) are getting more used to my being around more.  I up now at approximately 6;30 - give or take a half hour.  I've been getting up at that time most of my life and can't see it changing.  I'm staying busy doing things around the house, but not doing too much.  I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on my limitations.  I still read a lot, watch some TV, and cook.  I've got a couple of hobbies, so there is always something to keep me busy.
That said,  I would like to have a part time (20-25 hours a week) job.  I've a wealth of experience as an office administrator/worker and many years experience in food service as a cook & manager.  Since I just turned 60 on Good Friday (April 3rd) and am in great shape physically. (Just ask the wife - wink, wink.) :-)  I can afford to be a little picky as to where I apply to work - but I would like to earn a little pocket money so that DKW and I can go out every now and then, or save up to visit the kids. (Retirement pay will cover the bills, but not a lot of extra - ya know?)  I'm waiting until after the Cotton District Arts Festival (on April 18th) to really start looking as DKW is on the Starkville Area Arts Council board (which promotes the CDAF) and is the co-chair of the Writer's Village at the CDAF.  So, lot going on this time of year.
Now, I'm currently reading a a book edited by Augustus Derleth.  Derleth was a friend and contemporary of H.P. Lovecraft.  Lovecraft's novella " At The Mountains of Madness" is in this short story collection (titles "Strange Ports of Call:}first published in 1948.  A few are obviously dated, but most are outstanding science fiction.  I would highly recommend it. I started reading sci fi as a pre-teen and still do.  The due-date slip in the front of the book showed it was first checked out in 1948 and I got to thinking about the teens and pre-teens (at that time) reading the book and wondering what they were like. SOOOO- if anyone out there, born 1938 or later, has read this book I would like to chat with you - one senior sci fi fan to another.
Everyone have a great day!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Cuz its bigger on the insider.............

Had to share this funny.  And its yellow - like my Smartie!

Friday, February 27, 2015

He Lived Long and Prospered!

Dang! Another bit of my childhood gone.  Read the full article here:  Click Now!

Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83

Leonard Nimoy, the sonorous, gaunt-faced actor who won a worshipful global following as Mr. Spock, the resolutely logical human-alien first officer of the Starship Enterprise in the television and movie juggernaut “Star Trek,” died on Friday morning at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. He was 83.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Meet Libby.................

Sophie, Libby and Chiquita
With the addition of Libby to our household, our canine population is back to three girls.  Libby is a five (5) year old Bichon Frise (pronounced bee-shawn free-zey) and she is really sweet.  She is a rescue and somewhat skittish - especially around strangers.  We were told prior to adopting that she preferred being around women and did not warm up to men. (Although she seems to be warming up to me and I often have all three in my lap in my recliner.)  In appearance she resembles a poodle, but is small (normal for the breed) at twelve pounds.  So she fits in nicely with the other girls.
We still have the occasional problems as we are getting her used to house-training, but I am sure she will pick it up soon.  Just have to have a little patience.  I'm sure DKW and I can deal with that.
Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

41 & Counting

In a little less than 6 weeks, I will be entering into my second retirement.  I will be retiring from Mississippi State University (state retirement) and I am already retired from the U.S. Coast Guard.  This does not mean that I am stopping working though.  I did give it every consideration, but....... I will be 60 on April 3rd and am in arguably the best physical condition of my life.  Plus I like to stay busy. (Just ask DKW or my kids.)
So I worked on a resume a bit and have already applied for a couple of spots.  Nothing yet, but that's the good thing about 2 retirements - I don't have to be in a rush and can get something I want, not need.
However, I'm not above grabbing those senior discounts wherever they are offered.  Hey, might as well save as much as I can!
Anyway, Just thought I'd throw that out there.
Everyone have a great day!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Been Away - Stuff to pass.

Shaddow & Sophie - 2011
Okay.  I was arguing with myself the other day about why I was even trying to keep up with a blog when there were so few folks that seemed to even care to read it.  Well, the main point I came up with is that I do it for myself.  It keeps my mind active and at this time in my life (I'll be 60 in 2 months) I need to do that.  It also gives me an outlet just to vent and maybe post observations on life.  So - here goes.
Christmas season has come and gone, and I was able to see 3 (of my 5) children.  We are having a big family "to-do" planned in July, and did not expect the ones spread far across the country to make it home during the holidays this year.  So, that was okay.
It did not pass without life-altering events though.  A couple shook me badly, which was one reason I actually thought I would give up the writing.
My mother-in-law, Sharon, had been struggling with heart problems for a few months and finally succumbed on December 5th.  While not totally unexpected, it still shook DKW and I.  The timing of it was doubly so for me, as my first wife, Sue, passed away on December 3rd in 2005.  DKW and I are both, at times, struggling with the sense of loss. 
Then, on top of that - on January 21st, I had to put down Shaddow, DKW's 13 1/2 year old Lab-mix (which she had from a puppy).  I had gotten home around 6 P.M. (after an afternoon taking my mother to appointments) and found Shaddow on our front deck.  She was struggling to move but unable to get her rear legs to respond.  Also from observing her face, she seemed in extreme pain and had a bit of droopy paralysis.  I knew, from past dealings with other dogs of my own that she had likely had a stroke.  It was time.  I let DKW know and she sat with Shaddow on the deck as I took care of preparations.  Once done, I tearfully said my own goodbyes (she had been in my life nearly 6 years) and did what was necessary.  She no longer suffers, but I still miss the sweetest dog I've ever known and frequently catch myself looking for her.  You will be with me as long as I live Sweet Girl!
You are missed! !