Monday, February 2, 2015

Been Away - Stuff to pass.

Shaddow & Sophie - 2011
Okay.  I was arguing with myself the other day about why I was even trying to keep up with a blog when there were so few folks that seemed to even care to read it.  Well, the main point I came up with is that I do it for myself.  It keeps my mind active and at this time in my life (I'll be 60 in 2 months) I need to do that.  It also gives me an outlet just to vent and maybe post observations on life.  So - here goes.
Christmas season has come and gone, and I was able to see 3 (of my 5) children.  We are having a big family "to-do" planned in July, and did not expect the ones spread far across the country to make it home during the holidays this year.  So, that was okay.
It did not pass without life-altering events though.  A couple shook me badly, which was one reason I actually thought I would give up the writing.
My mother-in-law, Sharon, had been struggling with heart problems for a few months and finally succumbed on December 5th.  While not totally unexpected, it still shook DKW and I.  The timing of it was doubly so for me, as my first wife, Sue, passed away on December 3rd in 2005.  DKW and I are both, at times, struggling with the sense of loss. 
Then, on top of that - on January 21st, I had to put down Shaddow, DKW's 13 1/2 year old Lab-mix (which she had from a puppy).  I had gotten home around 6 P.M. (after an afternoon taking my mother to appointments) and found Shaddow on our front deck.  She was struggling to move but unable to get her rear legs to respond.  Also from observing her face, she seemed in extreme pain and had a bit of droopy paralysis.  I knew, from past dealings with other dogs of my own that she had likely had a stroke.  It was time.  I let DKW know and she sat with Shaddow on the deck as I took care of preparations.  Once done, I tearfully said my own goodbyes (she had been in my life nearly 6 years) and did what was necessary.  She no longer suffers, but I still miss the sweetest dog I've ever known and frequently catch myself looking for her.  You will be with me as long as I live Sweet Girl!
You are missed! !

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