Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Month in.......

Today is the last day of January - so we are one month into the new year. Okay! Show of hands - How many folks are still writing 2011? Heh! I can honestly say that I'm one of those people that have never had a problem writing down the new year correctly. But in my life, I know quite a few folks that have.
One month into 2012 (party now! - according to the Aztecs we don't have long.) how much has changed? How much is the same? In a previous blog entry I talked about "The only thing constant is change" - so I'm not going to get into it again - but it is interesting to think about.
This coming Sunday is the Superbowl. Giant vs. Patriots. The last game of the *2011* season. I will be watching. Haven't missed one yet. That's about all I have for now.
Everyone have a great day!

Monday, January 23, 2012

This was a fairly eventful weekend even though I barely left the house. I was told that when I got home Friday that I was pale. I knew I didn't feel good but didn't realize until then that it showed. I medicated that evening and went to bed. I wasn't feeling too perky Saturday(but I did feel much better than Friday and even got a fair bit done around the house.) My oldest and her family, came by for a brief (less than an hour) visit - but it was nice to see them. They came to Starkville to get some stuff that was in storage and take to their new home in Jackson. My ex-boss Ron, and his wife Thelma, came by a later to visit and have supper with us. We had a very nice time visiting with them. Catching up with what had been going on with them and us in the 6 months or so since he retired.
Sunday, I was still achy - my right knee and lower back were hurting (I'm sure) because of all the damp weather. Well, it didn't get any better when I went out to feed Beider. As I stepped out the door, I turned to say something to my little dog, Sophie. Since I wasn't giving it my full attention I fell and was jarred from my toes all the way to the top of my head. This just served to aggravate my "achy-ness". I still have a constant achy pain - but its tolerable - with medication and I have made a doctor's appointment (at Columbus Air Force Base). But its not until the 30th. Oh well - perserverance will be my watchword this week.
And - I've got a dental appointment (for a cleaning) later this after noon. Oh well - Wotcha gonna do?
The Superbowl teams are now set (Giant and Patriots) and that game is on Feb. 5th. This weekend has The Senior Bowl (on Saturday) and the Pro Bowl (on Sunday). Then, other than Arena Leagues - no football 'til the new season starts. (August or so).
Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Inside of Us are Two Wolves

Found this. Think its cool. So I thought I'd share. (click on picture to see it all)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Me and the "J-Man"

Just thought I'd share a few pics that were taken last week. DKW & I were watching Jonas while his parents (my oldest son & wife) were out with my youngest son and his wife. I realize I may be biased, but he really is a sweet kid.
Everyone have a great day!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Holiday Season is now truly passed......

In a bittersweet moment this morning I gave my youngest son a hug as I headed off to work and he prepared to go deer hunting one last time before heading back to his Coast Guard ship. He and his lovely wife are planning on getting on the road this morning and heading back to Miami. They have been here almost a week celebrating a late Christmas/New Year with us. So the nest is empty again - except for DKW and I -and as much as I enjoyed seeing my kids and family - its kind of nice to get back into our routine - just the two of us. I think our little chi-weenie "Sophie" will actually miss his two Labs, especially Tonka. It was funny to watch Sophie and Tonka playing tug-of-war with the rope chew. Tonka even let Sophie win sometimes!
I don't remember who said it, but the saying I'm referring to is "The only thing constant is change". That is certainly the case with my family and I've documented the changes in previous entries in this blog. The are several possible changes in the not-too-distant future but I'm not going to comment on them until something actually happens.
Football is winding down, with only the NFL playoffs left. (Well - there are the college seniors games - the Senior Bowl (in Mobile,AL) being the best known.) Of the teams that are left - I have to pull for the Saints - or maybe the Packers. I honestly don't like any of the teams left in the AFC.
Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012. Wow!

In my early teen years (back in the stone age - circa 1968), when I first became an avid reader - I loved (as I do now) Science Fiction and fiercely anticipated that time after the next century started - when I would have my own jetpack or personal gyro-copter. Well - someone (*ahem! ahem!*) grossly miscalculated. I have neither of those devices to get to work with. Oh well, probably best that I don't. But it would have been nice to have the option.
Life, as it always is, is in a state of flux. My oldest and her family have relocated due to J's new job. I didn't realize how much I'd miss having them next door. The place is totally dark now when I leave for work in the mornings and its so quiet with their pups gone. Not to mention not hearing "Hey PawPaw!" on the occasions that I take Sophie out and my grandkids are out in the yard. *sigh*
My youngest son will be here this weekend to visit for a week or so. Looking forward to seeing him and his better half - been 18 months (give or take) since we saw them last.
Work is kind of overwhelming as I catch up on things from the last couple of weeks - but it is getting better.
Tomorrow is one of my grandkid's birthday (Love ya "J-Man") and my oldest son is having a party for him Sunday. Looking forward to it! (and thanks to Tivo - I won't miss any of the NFL Playoff games).
Everyone have a great day!