Friday, January 13, 2012

The Holiday Season is now truly passed......

In a bittersweet moment this morning I gave my youngest son a hug as I headed off to work and he prepared to go deer hunting one last time before heading back to his Coast Guard ship. He and his lovely wife are planning on getting on the road this morning and heading back to Miami. They have been here almost a week celebrating a late Christmas/New Year with us. So the nest is empty again - except for DKW and I -and as much as I enjoyed seeing my kids and family - its kind of nice to get back into our routine - just the two of us. I think our little chi-weenie "Sophie" will actually miss his two Labs, especially Tonka. It was funny to watch Sophie and Tonka playing tug-of-war with the rope chew. Tonka even let Sophie win sometimes!
I don't remember who said it, but the saying I'm referring to is "The only thing constant is change". That is certainly the case with my family and I've documented the changes in previous entries in this blog. The are several possible changes in the not-too-distant future but I'm not going to comment on them until something actually happens.
Football is winding down, with only the NFL playoffs left. (Well - there are the college seniors games - the Senior Bowl (in Mobile,AL) being the best known.) Of the teams that are left - I have to pull for the Saints - or maybe the Packers. I honestly don't like any of the teams left in the AFC.
Everyone have a great day!

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  1. love you baby, seems we've been on the go for awhile, and altho it's nice to see folks, it will be nice to be with YOU. love you, debra