Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pets Can Be Funny

I have 2 chihuahua mix dogs (Harley - chi/whippet & Pearl - chi/feist) and DKB's Shaddow (Lab mix - knee high & 65 lbs.) Well, this morning when I let Harley & Pearl out of the kennel I keep them in (inside), Shaddow was bouncing up & down excitedy waiting to go out with them. To set this up properly, I have to tell you I have vinyl tile floors which are very slick to dogs which need their nails clipped, and there is one big turn they have to make coming through the kitchen when heading to the front door. (Now, don't get ahead of me - I know you can see it coming.) Anyway, as they rounded the turn, Harley's feet slipped out from under him and clipped Shaddow's back legs causing her to fall over and start to slide. She slid into & slightly under Pearl, ending up with Pearl "surfing" Shaddow up to the door, while Harley lay there with a slightly stunned "WTF" look on his face. I wish I had had a camera handy. It was priceless.

If you like blues and jazz, may I suggest that you listen to WWOZ out of New Orleans. They play a nice mix of jazz, blues, and zydeco. You know, N'awlin's music. Having lived in New Orleans for four years ('88-'92), it brings back some nice memories. I hoping that early next year DKB & I can make it down for Mardi Gras.

In 3 more days DKB & I are taking a little road trip and visiting her folks in Arkansas. I'm looking forward to a very nice (long) weekend. I've met her mom & dad before (although it was only an hour or so with dad), but I've never met her brother. A situation which will soon be changed.

Ahh, well, not much more to pass. Everyone have a Great Day!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Onto the Soapbox

Okay, if you've read this blog before you know that I ride my motorcycle most days and since there is no radio and a fairly straight shot to and from work, it gives you time to think. Last night I dreamed about my late wife and the events that led up to and immediately after her tragic death. I must admit to being a bit fuzzy on the couple of days after, because I was in a state of shock. I loved my wife and within a few hours she was gone. Totally unexpected. It was a very rough period of my life and I struggled with depression for several months. But back to the dream, or actually a series of dreams. After the first (detailed above), I dreamed - and this was a little strange - that my late wife(LW), DKB, and I were all dining together. LW knew she had passed on and told DKB - "Take care of him. He's a good man, but can be a bit of a klutz when doing home projects." She then regaled DKB with what seemed hours of my klutzy adventures. Then I dreamed of mine and DKB's wedding day. When the preacher got to the part about "reasons why not and speak now". LW said "If I'm okay with it, nobody else had better say anything!" Now I know dreams are our own projections and perceptions, but I like to think that LW would actually say those things if she could. At one point in our lives together, we had actually talked about what we would do if one of us passed on, and we agreed that neither of us would like the other to be alone for the rest of their lives.

When DKB and I get married, it will have been almost 4 years since LW passed on. I know she would have wanted me to be happy and DKB makes me happy. So I want to say this (drag over soapbox) "If anyone has a problem with these impending nuptials - GET OVER IT!!!!!" Its going to happen. LW wanted me to be happy and I see no reason why I shouldn't be. I hope to have many, many years with DKB.

I've had someone ask me if DKB was anything like LW. The short answer is NO. The longer I think about it, there are a very things (both liked to crochet and make things, for example) that are similar, but not really. Then I got to thinking, that "wouldn't it be a little creepy if I just went out to try and find basically a LW clone?" So, I'm going to stick with the short answer, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I loved LW and love DKB, for very different reasons - except one: Both made/make me happy when we were/are together. Life goes on and is too short to dwell on negatives - everyone should strive to be their happiest. I know I am! I now surrender the soapbox.

Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So I say, Huh?

Today is one of those days when I have absolutely no idea what I want to put down here, so I imagine I'll be ramblin' a bit. Last night DKB and I watched "Yes Man" with Jim Carey and Zoey Deschanel. Funny movie. And Zoey has a pair of the deepest blue eyes I've ever seen. And if her name seems familiar, its because her sister (Emily) stars in "Bones" on Fox TV. If you've never seen it, shame on you. Great show!

If you've read DKB's blog , you will know that this is gonna be a "leftover" week for us, and that's okay. I grilled enough meat products yesterday that we can sup this week without heating up the house. This is very important, since the heat index today will hit around 110. May sure all your outside pets have plenty of shade and fresh water.
I recently started reading the "Agatha Raisin" mystery series by M. C. Beaton. I've read the first 3 (there are about 20). They are engaging little mysteries set in a quaint English countryside and all (so far) are very quick reads. So if you want a way to wind yourself through a lazy afternoon, you might give them a try.
DKB & I now have our sights set on the 4th of July holiday weekend. This is the next "event" for us. If things work out the way we hope, we will be buzzing out to Arkansas to visit her family for a few days. The long range forecast is calling for sunny days, so we hope to ride the motorcycle out. Cheaper on gas, you know.
I've rambled enough. Everyone have a great day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Isn't Love Strange

You know, when I had a bit of free time yesterday (well, actually I was preparing supper as I waited for DKB to get home from her eye appointment), I was thinking of the journey that my life has taken me on thus far. I have been fortunate to have loved, and been loved, by two women - my late wife and my current fiance. It boggles my mind sometimes that I have been so blessed. Especially when you consider how very different these two women are. Two personalities so diametrically opposed, both chose me to be their life partners. Wow! If you don't think that brings some pressure to live up to - you are outta your mind.

And timing is everything - DKB brought it up last night as I was reading to her (as she cleaned) that 3 years ago, the situation was such that we would have never met, let alone start going out. I agreed with her, but I think everything in our lives happens for a reason, even if we might not see it at the time. I truly loved my first wife and even now still miss her at times, but I also truly love DKB and could not fathom my life without her now that we have found each other. I look forward to our wedding and the rest of our lives together.

The weekend is upon us and once again (tomorrow) I mow, but Sunday is a day of family. Most of my children & their families will make it to the old homestead for a cookout (burgers, hot dogs, & fixins'). I'm looking forward to it. Everyone have a great day!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

Tuesday morning and while it sucks to be broke - I have to say that my life is actually going pretty darn well. I was reflecting that I have a sweetie that loves me for who I am and is marrying me in 4 1/2 months, my home is paid for (even if it does need some repairs), I only have a year until my truck is paid off, no rain is really expected this week so I should be able to mow Saturday, and most of my children will be at my house Sunday for a "Father's Day" cookout. Life is good.

Yesterday was a bit busier than most Mondays for me, but it has slowed down a bit today, giving me a bit of time to blog (even though I'm procrastinating a bit on one job). DKB & I got quite a few little jobs done yesterday evening after I got home from work. Things are coming along. Still quite a bit to do, but we will get there eventually.

The End of a Perfect Day
Cool evening breeze wafting through the leaves,
Shadows stretching out under the trees,
Harley and Pearl yipping in the yard,
Shaddow laid out sleeping, breathing hard,
Darkness chases the waning sun from the sky,
And I have Debra and she has I.

I am content. Everyone have a great day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Road Trip

Saturday, DKB & I took a road trip to Gulfport (MS) to deliver a bookcase and a few boxes of odds and ends for my middle daughter. Then Saturday afternoon we zipped over to Mobile (AL) and visited with my youngest son and his wife. We had a very nice time. We went to Wintzell's Oyster House (on Airport Blvd.) for a late lunch of "oysters on the half shell" and later that evening my soon cooked up a 35 pound sack of crawfish with little red potatoes, corn cobettes, and mushrooms. It was very tasty and filling. We sat around eating and talking until almost 1 AM Sunday morning. LOTS of fun. We hit the road around lunch time on Sunday and came back home because I had to be at work again today (MONDAY :-P). Anyway - just a short entry - hope to do more later this week.

Everyone have a great day!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Man I'm Tired!!!

This past weekend I was able to mow for the first time in 4 weeks. The ground for the previous 3 weeks was just too wet and my (riding) mower would bog down. Before you say "So What", I should explain that I mow 5.2 acres (at least thats what the surveyor dude told me it was once). This includes my yard, my sister's yard (her & hubby are both on disability) and the field inbetween us. In spite of the fact that it had been a fairly dry week (except for Thursday - major rain), the ground was still soft. I did get it mowed, but it still required - on several occasions - my getting off and lifting, pulling or pushing (sometimes all 3) the mower to firmer footing. I mowed for 6 to 7 hours Saturday. Then on Sunday I got up and trimmed with my big wheel weed whacker for 3 hours. Then I picked blackberries & blueberries, followed by helping someone lift and tote 4 big heavy cabinets into their truck. So as I said - I'm tired.

Even with that I finished up around 3 Sunday afternoon and (after a shower) DKB and I got on my motorcycle and rode into town for a well-deserved (sugar free) snow cone. We enjoyed them so much I purchased a chocolate shake and we took it to my mother and visited her. After we got back home DKB and I read to each other for a while. (She while I was cooking supper and me while she was knitting (crocheting? - something with needles, I'm not real sharp on this stuff).)

Backtracking a little, on Saturday night DKB and I babysat my youngest grandchild. He turned 5 months old on Saturday and he is a hoot! He loves standing up and has just started vocalizing sounds, plus he has a grin that just makes you melt. I know, I'm a little prejudiced, but he is a great kid. If you want to laugh, watch a baby suck on a mango seed (think sunflower seed expanded to the size of a hockey puck). He tentatively took a first taste and then latched on and sucked like it was a bottle. I was holding his hands while he stood and DKB was holding the seed. When she would take the seed out to turn it (for fresh juice), his mouth would pucker up like "oooh, oooh, oooh" and he would literally dive on the seed and suck for all he was worth. LOL! We told the parents about it and they were all, "Yeah he loves his fruits!"

New week and next weekend DKB and I are making an excursion to the coast. Hauling some stuff for my middle daughter and visiting my youngest son. Looking forward to it.

Everyone have a great day.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on

While DKB and I were gone to Moondance (May 22nd) my childhood home was gutted by a fire. Even though I haven't lived there for over 35 years and my mother sold the home 12 years ago, it still gives me pangs of regret. A lot of family history took place at that house. All my children played there at one time or another. We'll always have our memories, but it still hurts a little that the actual place will probably have to razed. Oh Well.

This past Sunday (May 31) marked 5 months until DKB and I get married. Every day I think how lucky I am to have her. I never thought I would love someone again when my wife passed away, but I have been blessed. I wish everyone could see her as I do. Her caring spirit and outgoing personality. I've kept all of our correspondence since we met and went back and read the days leading up to the "rough spot" and the days after until she came to her senses (her words). It makes me realize that that incident was really needed so that she woould realize that I was the right person for her. She makes me happy, laughs at my stupid stuff, and generally makes my life worth living. I wish everyone could find someone that makes them as happy as I am. Things are moving on as far as planning the wedding (How are those invites coming?, Debra.)

Tonight DKB gets to meet another of my childhood friends. Sonny is in town with his family, visiting from Peoria, IL. Sonny's mother still lives here is Starkville.

Everyone have a great day!