Monday, January 28, 2013

One Month into 2013...............

Disgusting-Yes.  But You laughed!
 Well, almost anyway.    This past weekend I watched the "Senior Bowl" on Saturday and some of the Pro Bowl on Sunday - but not a lot of that one - since the NFC blew out the AFC.  This coming weekend (Feb. 3rd) ends the 2012  NFL season with Baltimore and San Francisco meeting in the Superbowl.  Not sure who I'll pull for, but I'm leaning towards the Ravens.  Both teams have former MSU players, but S.F. has never lost in the Super Bowl (and they are favored).  So, I'm thinking I'll go with the dog.
MSU's Baseball (?!) season starts on Friday, February 15th at 4 PM with the first of a 4 game series with the University of Portland (OR.) Pilots. Depending on which of the 4 collegiate baseball polls you read, MSU is ranked as low as #16 or as high as #5 (in Baseball America.)  I've already put in to take off work at 3 on the 15th so that I can see the opening game of what promises to be a good season.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Ginger (our chihuahua-Italian Greyhound mix) continues to have a few chewing issues, but seems to be getting better.  I'm hoping that as she continues to mature she will outgrow them.  She's much better on the house-training point.  She seems to be in the habit of using the "pet-potty" training pad when we don't get her outside in time.  But I'm cool with that - 'cause that's what its for.  .....ya know?
Temps are still fluctuating.  With a high a couple of days this week at 70.  But it won't last.  February is usually a fairly gnarly month weather-wise.  Our February temps average highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's.  But depending on what happens we could be anywhere from the teens to the high 70's.  We'll see.  I wouldn't mind it getting a bit warmer (& drier) there are things I would like to get out and do around the place - but right now the ground is too wet, soft and mushy.  (And more rain is predicted this week.)
Oh well - I have plenty to keep me busy.
Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blasting into the New Year.........

2013-Dr. Who Turns 50!
 And as always - "Hope springs eternal"!   MSU ended the 2012 football season on a sour note - losing in the Gator Bowl.  But - (see first sentence).  This year's schedule is a bit tougher, opponent-wise, but we have seven home games.  While the Gator Bowl didn't end the way I would have liked, I did enjoy visiting with my son and daughter-in-law while in Jacksonville. 
I'm back to work and  will still be playing catch-up for a bit.  Work still was generated even though the University was on holiday vacation for 2 weeks.  Oh well - job security, ya know.  While I enjoyed the time off, in some ways its kind of a relief to get back into my routine.  For better or worse, I'm pretty much a creature of habit.
I'll try and have more next week.
Everyone have a great day!