Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Squeals, Laughter & MORE COWBELL!

I was a bit surprised and had to chuckle last night as both the women living at my house burst forth with girly-girl squeals over bugs yesterday. The bugs in question, in both occurences, were roaches. What made it so surprising is that neither of these ladies (my wife DKW and my middle daughter, Donna) is squeamish when it comes to bugs. DKW related her incident in her blog. Donna was just (I think) caught by surprise by one in the bathroom. Anyway - the squeals were unexpected and funny - at least to me.

Moving forward in getting my bike road-worthy. Everything I need to get it on the road has been ordered and I should be getting the items in in the next couple of weeks. I still want to get a wind screen to put on it, but its not absolutely necessary to get it road worthy.

One thing I've done for my children for several years now is make a list of things that I wouldn't mind getting for Christmas, if they are so inclined. My Christmas wish list is just that - a wish list of things I wouldn't mind getting, but no one is expected to buy me anything. The items start at around ten bucks and up. I've about finished the list and will be sending it out to my kids soon.

This weekend will be a bit full for me. Friday DKW & I will be going to the SHS football game with Tupelo and Saturday morning (an 11 AM kickoff) will be at the Mississippi State game with Alcorn State (the current line is MSU by 42). Really hope that is accurate and its a drama-free day for my Bulldogs. But I will be there with my sweetie, one of my son-in-laws and one of my grandsons ringing out my cowbell! GO DOGS!

Everyone have a great day!

Friday, September 24, 2010

News, News, News!

Well, after my visit to the surgeon yesterday - Good News! He said my leg is healing exceptionally well and he foresees no problems. I do have to go back to see him in December for a 6 month follow-up (from the surgery date), but expect to be fully released by then. Personally, I'm ready for it. I have little or no pain and can take stairs and walk normally now.

Finally got the title bond in that I needed and (also yesterday) I was able to apply for my Mississippi title and antique motorcycle tag for my bike. Got a new gas tank and rear tire ordered too. My oldest son's mechanic friend said he would put them on for me. The bike cranks and runs good, but need a few things replaced before I'm totally confident in it. (Which won't be long I hope.

While DKB and I were in Tupelo for my appointment, we went to Olive Garden for a nice meal and afterwards I took her to the Barnes Crossing Mall to buy her a few clothes before our short anniversary trip next month. DKW is very frugal and I had told her a month or two ago that we would do this. Well, we found a nice sale going on at J C Penney's and got her a few very nice items. I think we were both pleased with her purchases.

Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Week and Gettin' Stuff Done

Well, I'm pretty happy right now. Yesterday my oldest son and his friend (a mechanic)came over and did a little work on my bike, got it started and made a few suggestions as to things I should have done before I put it on the road. Since I am not in a rush, I plan on following those suggestions. I do plan to start it up at least every other day though and ride it around my drive way so that its still in running condition when I get everything done

I'm proud to say that I've finished doing all my Christmas shopping for most of my family members (all the grandkids & my kids), still have to figure out something for DKW's parents & brother. Shouldn't be too much trouble to do that and for the most part I'M DONE! And its only September! Hope all you poor suckers enjoy fighting the Christmas shopping masses! I don't! And I won't. Woo Hooo!

Caught the new version of "Hawaii Five-O" last night and I loved it! Hard to believe that its been thirty years (1980) since the original went off the air. They were very true to the original from the theme song (& accompanying video montage) to the famous "Book 'em Danno". I'll even confess to goose bumps running up & down my arms when the theme song played, but I was a big fan of the original during its 12 year run. They even brought back McGarrett's original car (for a cameo). If you missed it, Shame on you! But I think its replaying on Saturday - so you get another chance. I hope it has another long run on CBS.

Yesterday was another red-letter day in my post-motorcycle wreck recovery. I had absolutely no pain and was able to walk the stairs at work normally - meaning no hesitation or stopping going up & down. May not be much to you - but it was the first time I've done it in 3 1/2 months. Wooo Hooo! Yeah ME!

Everyone have a great day!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Musings

Well, I know I'm well on the road to recovery from my wreck (in June) because I am getting so busy with work and other things that I not blogging but once a week or so, but I guess thats okay. This past Saturday, my youngest, had a birthday party for her boys. All the kids had a good time and I did too - until.... As I was leaving and walking down the hillside on the sidewalk, I was talking to my oldest son and did not notice the one step in walk. I stepped down hard, nearly fell, and jarred my injured leg pretty hard. My son had me sit down for a couple of minutes before we continure on. The leg was pretty sore that night and really sore Sunday. Its better today than yesterday, but still sore. Oh, Well, just need to watch where I'm walking.
Watched a lot of football this weekend, college and pro. I really enjoy my football! But the game of the weekend (for me) was the one I didn't see. Friday night (9/10) Starkville High ( a 2-2, 6A team) upset the #1 5A team in the state of Mississippi, 21-20. They had not lost a game in 2 years. SHS scored the winning touchdown with 48 seconds left in the game (I've since seen highlights). What a game!
The picture is from a really bad 50's movie titled "Robot Monster". (Everyone should see it once) I often wonder how low the budget was for this classic. I mean, come on, a gorilla suit with a futuristic space helmet. Went all out there, didn't ya guys. Sighhh! They just don't make 'em like that any more..... Never mind - yes they do. Just watch the Saturday night feature on the SyFy network.
Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


You ever have one of those moments where you get a little goosebump chill that runs up and down your spine? Welllll, I got one of those this morning. I had an email from the company that is setting up the shipment of the motorcycle I purchased on eBay. (See Aug.26 Blog). They were letting me know about the pickup and that the delivery date will be Friday, September 10th. That's when I got the chills. The bike that was wrecked on June 11th was a gift from my late, first wife for our anniversary on (you guessed it) September 10th, 2005 (She passed away in December 2005). So the delivery of my most recent bike coincides with what would have been our 34th anniversary. See why I got chills.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I got married again in October, 2009. DKW is great about understanding that because of the circumstance I still miss my first wife (especially during the first part of September). That being said, I love you Sweetie! Thanks for understanding.

Everyone have a great day!