Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The End is Near..............

Unless you a Mayan descendant/believer its just the end of the year.  Time for a little reflection, wrapping up any loose ends and a glimples ahead.

2012 has definitely been an eventful year. In April I turned 57, In October DKW & I celebrated our 3rd anniversary, and DKW had one of those birthday thingys in November.  Those are some annual events. 
During the summer my oldest son and family moved to Newark, NJ.  It will hopefully only be for a year.  His wife has been placed in a position with the Newark School District.  I don't know all the specifics but its some type of residency she has to work out before her doctorate is validated and she can hang her own shingle out. Nothing against Jersey - just hate having my grandson so far away.  My youngest son is in the Coast Guard and was promoted to Chief (E-7) on Dec. 1st and on Dec. 14th my oldest daughter graduated from East Miss. Community College. My youngest completed her ACT and hopefully will be starting college in the New Year.  My middle daughter just completed another college semester in Portland, Or.  (Her 3rd or 4th).  She continues to carry a 4.0 average. 
On a non-personal note (but things that do interest me) - Miss. State completed an 8-4 football season and will be playing in the Gator Bowl on New Year's Day.  And yes, DKW and I will be attending.  Go DOGS!  Starkville High started the football season 1-3, but went on a tear and never lost again.  They finished the year 12-3 and are the 2012 Mississippi 5A State Football Champions.  Next year though, we move to 6A.  Things get tougher!  Go Jackets!   On the Division II College scene, Valdosta State (where my wife got her Masters Degree) won that level's National Championship this past Saturday (15th).  I follow them and Bloomsburg (where she got her undergrad degree).  I tell foks I'm an alumni by marriage. :-)
For the most part, the year has been positive and I try to keep that outlook.  I hope 2013 brings everyone much success and I will be back to blog in January.
Everyone have a great day!  Great week! Great Month! and Great Year!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

WE are the CHAMPIONS, My Friend............

The Starkville High School Yellowjackets are the Mississippi 5A Football State Champions as of this past Saturday night. In a game dominated by defense and filled with trick plays and turnovers, the Jackets won 28-11.  The Championship Game can be viewed for the next couple of weeks on ESPN3.

My youngest son was also promoted to MKC (Chief, Machinery Technician) in the United States Coast Guard on December 1st.  DKW and I were able to be in Jacksonville (FL) for the promotion ceremony.  I will confess to getting a lump in my throat and a pounding in my chest - I was so proud.  That evening Christ and I enjoyed the championship game together in his livingroom - thanks to the internet and  I would have loved to have been on hand in Jackson for the game - but I would not have missed out on his promotion for the world.  Semper Paratus!

Just thought I'd throw this pic out.  Since I drive a Mini - thought it was funny

Miss. State (8-4) accepted a bid to meet Northwestern (9-3) in the (Jan. 1) 2013 Gator Bowl.  Once the announcement was made, the opening line has MSU favored by 2.  So it could be anyone's game.  I would like to point out though that for the 2011 Gator Bowl MSU was an early 4 point favorite against Michigan and won by 38 (52-14).  I'm just sayin'.... - ya know.  But using that (albeit - faulty) logic - MSU should win  by 19!.  GO DOGS!

Everyone have a great day!