Thursday, May 31, 2012

Starting the Countdown

Today (kind of) marks a milestone for me.  According to the state (of Mississippi) personnel center I will be eligible to retire 3 years from today (May 31, 2015). So I'm gonna start a countdown clock, cause when I can leave - I'm gone. (At this moment 1094 Days, 16 hours, etc.) 
MSU's Baseball team had a GREAT run in the SEC tournament last week.  Beginniung last Tuesday as the 7 seed (out of 10), they won six games in six days.  Captured the SEC Tournament title and an automatic bid to the field of 64 in the NCAA tournament.  They will be going to the Tallahassee Regional - with host (& #3 national seed) Florida State, UAB, and Samford.  GO DAWGS!!
I hope to have more next time. (I'll make some reminder notes - 'cause my memory sucks!)
Everyone have a great Day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well, its been a couple of weeks since I last posted - so I thought I'd catch-up a bit. Because the two Deans I (indirectly) work for want the CVM Branch Library open longer hours and the fact that there is a shortage of qualified student workers during May thru the summer term, I will occasionally be working flex-time.  In other words, working odd hours.  Duriing the months of June and July, My work week will run Sunday thru Thursday.  Its not as bad as it sounds.Sundays I will go in at 2 PM and work an 8 hour day.  Mon-Thu will (for the most part) be normal work hours.  My weekend will then be Friday and Saturday.  I WILL go back to a normal Mon-Fri work week before football season starts.  (That was non-negotiable on my part).
I got a little taste of it when I worked Sunday May 6th, then had a 3 day weekend (11-13). 
It was pretty nice.  Got a lot of things I wanted to do done around the house and had a nice cookout on Mother's Day for my Mama and DKW's Mama.  I did invite my first wife's Mama - but she declined.  She has one child still living and wanted to spend time with him.  I don't blame her one bit.  DKW and I have told her many times that she is always welcome to visit.    Even though we are (technically) not related - she will forever be my children's grandmother and as such a part of the family.
Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Couldn't find an actual unit pic from the 70's but here is the patch for Group LMR.  I was here until 1979 when I (& my wife and 2 children) were transferred to the Fifth Coast Guard District in Norfolk, VA.

Spent three years in Virginia and then in 1982 I was transferred (with wife & 3 children now) to what was (to me) my favorite unit during my Coast Guard career.  The Gulf Strike Team.  First at the NASA Test Site in Bay St. Louis, MS then (in 1984) the unit (and I &wife & 4 children) relocated to the Aviation Training center in Mobile, Al.  Seen below from the air in the foreground.
Then in 1988 I was transferred (with wife & 5 children) to what would be my final unit before I retired in 1992.  The Eighth Coast Guard District in New Orleans, LA.
That (in a nutshell) was my Coast Guard Life.  Part of my past, but it will always be a part of me.  SEMPER PARATUS!
Everyone have a great day!