Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Albatross has vacated the yardarm....

For those of you unfamiliar with sea lore concerning the albatross I am providing a link for you read about these birds. As far as what I mean by this reference - well I finally got rid of an old (1972) mobile home that was on my land yesterday. It is (to me) in such bad shape that it is unuseable -but if you give it away - there is always someone that wants it and is willing to work on it. Anyway - I'm glad to see it gone and to quote an old story "It's not my duck" (Thank goodness! Wooo Hooo!!) If you would like to have the full story - drop me an email and I'll send it to you - and it is "G" rated - clean but funny.
Not only that - but I got my 5+ acres mowed yesterday - what a chore. First time to mow this year. The grass & weeds were thick and the ground mushy - but with a 50% chance of rain this weekend - I really didn't have time to wait to do it.
Everyone have a great day!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Deja Vu all over again....

Did ya ever have one of those moments when the past unexpectedly overwhelmed you? I had one yesterday. I was on my way to Magnolia Therapy for an appointment and found myself stopping next to the building that for 50+ years (and most of my life) housed Van Landingham Lumber Company. Then I looked to my left up the street and saw the building that now houses the Starkville Korean Church, followed by a look ahead to where Boardtown Trading Post now resides and in my mind I was instantly back in 1970 in my dad's old Ford F150 pickup with the ladder rack in the back and the 8-track in the dash blaring out Hank Williams or Charly Pride. We were leaving from Van Landingham's after loading up with shingles for a roofing job my dad was doing. The SKC was once again Starkville Wholesale Grocery and my neighbor's (Jessie James) dad (named Frank) was working there. The Boardtown Trading Post was once again East Mississippi Lumber Company and the building next to it had the revolving barber pole and Emmett's Barber Shop where my grandfather used to take me for a haircut. Pulling up to the light on Main Street - across where the Cadence Bank is now was the old Sinclair Gas Station with the sign featuring the green dinosaur logo and to the left was the Giant Grocery where my grandparents shopped and I made a regular stop during the summer months after a day of hiring out to mow lawns. I got to be a regular there as it was the only place in town that sold new comics (a whole 12 cents/each). Since I knew how much money I had, I would selct a stack of 10 to 15 to purchase and then read some others for a half hour or so. The manager always gave me at least that long since he knew I was a repeat paying customer and not just a dawdling teenager. Afterwards I - - *HONK*, I was ripped back to the present by the big SUV behind me that could not appreciate my "wool-gathering". Gave my Mini Cooper the gas and sped across the decades to my appointment.
Everyone have a great day!
*P.S. - It was great to spend a few moments with you again Dad!*

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Catching Up and Arrrggghhh!

It's been a bit over a week since I last made an entry and its has been somewhat aggravating.

First, DENVER! Really! One of my favorite NFL players (Peyton Manning)goes to one of the four NFL teams that I absolutely loathe! To me, there were so many other better places for him to land. Plus he's in the division of my number one favorite team, the Oakland Raiders! Again - Arrggggh!

And as a result of this, Slim KneeBow - err - Tim Tebow, is traded from Denver to one of my second-tier favorite teams, the New York Jets. Is it possible to pull for a team and against their QB? I'm conflicted about this. The good news, is that for the moment Mark Sanchez is still the Jets starter, but if he doesn't start strong - look for a quick trigger and the Jets will be "Tebowed" before you know it.

Last week was not good for MSU on their first baseball road trip. The lost the 2 midweek games to Southeastern Louisiana and 2 of the 3 SEC (opener) games at LSU. Then the game against Alabama A&M yesterday was rained out. So - pooh! Hopefully they can rebound at home this weekend against the Razorbacks.

This pastweekend DKW and I attended a meeting of the Starkville Writer's Guild downtown which was combined with a limerick contest (which we both entered - but no results yet) and some St.Patrick's day festivities. It was fun. I attended over my lunch break as I spent almost the entire day Saturday finishing the French drain that my oldest son had dug for me. I was just filling it in.

The area I mow (5+ acres) is starting to get a bit high with clover & weeds - and I'll really like to fire up by riding mower and get out to do it, but with all the rain we've have I can't do it this weekend and right now the long range forecast is predicting more rain on the 30th & 31st (Friday/Saturday). So Again - Arrrggghhh!
I know I might be considered a little odd by most folks for this - but I enjoy getting out and mowing. Its a simple task with a set completion point. Just (so-to-speak) point and shoot. And it gives a goodly portion of alone/thinking time. Which everyone needs on occasion.

Everyone have a great day!

Monday, March 12, 2012


This coming Saturday is St. Paddy's Day and the local writer's group (of which my wife is a member) is having fun at their meeting with limericks. Since I also like having fun with limericks - I've given her a couple to share - which I am also putting here. The first I wrote as (kind-of) a response to one she wrote about me. (linked above) (Note: We met thanks to the "" website). The 2nd I wrote a couple of months ago about our little Chi-weenie dog (for a contest). Anyway - hope you get a smile from them to start the week.

While seeking a heartbeat harmonic,
I turned to "Cupid 'Lectronic",
And found the dear wife,
Who now shares my life,
With a bond surpassing bionic!

There is a young lady named “Sophie”,
Who paused, as atop a fine trophy,
With a rolling of eyes,
And “mock” heavy sighs,
Said “I’m a Diva” – not spoiled – no,not me"

Anyway, hope ya enjoyed 'em. MSU opens play in the NIT tonight (at home) against the UMass Huskies. Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mmmmmm! Bacon!

I laughed at this pic and had to share. Something a bit funny after my last "bit of a downer" post.
Let me catch up a couple of things from a couple of past posts. First SHS did not win the Mississippi 5A Basketball Championship. Oh well! MSU's baseball team is currently 10-2 and ranked #23 in the latest poll. Today they play the first of 2 games against first time opponent - Penn State. The Nittany Lions are currently 2-7.
Without going into details - its been a very frustrating few weeks. I've had a couple of health issues (sick and back pain) which have limited my being able to get things done that I would normally take care of myself. Depending on others frustrates me so. Also, when folks who (in the course of THEIR JOB) agree to do things and then hem and haw and drag things out - drive me nuts! Especially since you have other things to do which first require them to take of their task. **ARRRGGGHHH!!**
But I digress. Not much new going on otherwise. My health is better now (only a head cold and NO back pain - yeah!)
Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sad Day for Monkee's Fans

Davy Jones, best known as the diminuitive Brit member of "The Monkees" died yesterday (at the age of 66) of a heart attack. There are a myriad of articles and video tributes online today with Davy's passing and I'm not going to try and link them all - If you're online and so inclined - you can seek them out. I will say that I still carry (and listen to) The Monkees in my car. (Athough the media has changed over the years- from 8-track to casette to CD). One quote that I read think says it best for me when, upon being told of Davy's passing, Al Roker said "A little bit of my youth just died."
Davy, you will be missed!
Everyone have a great day!