Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Weekend plus....

This was one of those (unfortunately) rare weekends where my football teams won on all levels. SHS defeated Lanier (of Jackson, MS)on Friday 53-13 - and it wasn't that close. On Saturday MSU squeaked by LA. Tech (in overtime) 26-20. Then on Sunday (9/25)the Oakland Raiders got by the N.Y. Jets 34-24. It would be nice if they could all keep this up.
With the (kinda) cooler weather I'm not having to mow every other weekend but I do plan on mowing this weekend (Oct. 1st). Hard to believe that October is almost here and my sweetie and I will be clebrating our 2nd anniversary at the end of it. And yes, we have plans. Plans we made months ago.
On Oct. 8th, DKW's friend Ferah is having a Funky Fabulous 40th Birthday Celebration and since the party is in the late afternoon in Birmingham (AL) and MSU is playing UAB there the same day -(11AM kickoff) - DKW is going to drop me at the stadium for the game and go visit and show off the stuff we got her - then come pick me up for the party after the game (I hope) :-)
Yesterday I had one of those moments that made me feel old. The radio show I was listening to said that it was Donna Douglas's 78th birthday. Now in case you don't remember (or know) Donna Douglas was Elly May Clampett on "The Beverly Hillbillies". It turns out that the show premiered on her 27th birthday (9/26/1962). I was 7 at the time but in later seasons of the show - had such a pre-teen crush (plus she liked critters and so did I). Hard to believe its been so long ago. Oh well - Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Went to my grandson's 4th (7th Grade) football game of the season yesterday and they defeated the New Hope (MS) 7th grade team 21-0. So they are still undefeated at 3-0-1 (since 7th & 8th grade do play tiebreakers). He has 3 games left. On the road (to Louisville, MS) next on Sep. 29. Then two home games to end the season. I'll let you know more about those games later.
DKW's mom is packing up today and heading back home to Arkansas today. She did a fantastic job painting the master bedroom and accompanying bath while she was here. It looks fabulous. This is still part of what she said that she was going to do for us as a wedding gift - and it is greatly appreciated. It makes the place look very nice and I really like the "Peppermint Tea" (a pale green) paint. Makes it very easy to relax at home after work.
SHS (2-2 after pre-divisional play) opens their division competition this Friday night at home against the Lanier High Bulldogs(from Jackson, MS). Lanier is 0-4 on the season so far - so I feel pretty good about our chances. Kind of odd though, there will be a bunch of Bulldogs in town this weekend as the MSU (Bulldogs) play host to Louisiana Tech - and LA Tech is also the bulldogs. Odd. Just saying - ya know.
Everyone have a great weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Catching up

Its been almost 2 weeks since my last entry just because I haven't felt like it. Not a good excuse I know - but I'll try and catch up. Tuesday (9/6) my grandson played in his 2nd game of the year and they tied the Columbus (MS)7th grade team 28-28. So they are 1-0-1 on the year and go to Tupelo tomorrow. This past weekend was kind of disappointing as SHS got whipped by West Point 33-12 and MSU lost to Auburn 41-34. What a heartbreaker. My favorite pro-team (Oakland Raiders) play tonight against divisional rival Denver. The best pro game of the weekend was the Jets' amazing comeback against the Dallas Cowboys. Starting the 4th quarter down by 14 points their defense turned the tide and they won 27-24. J*E*T*S* - Jets!Jets!Jets! Sorry - I'm a Cowboy hater and anytime they lose is cause for celebration in my book. My mudder-in-law is visiting and I'm really having to toe the line. Just kidding! She' a really nice lady and has done a bunch for DKW and I. She's welcome to visit any time!
The weather has started to turn just a tad cooler and its welcome. Beginning later this week the highs will only reach around 85 and lows in the upper 50s. Feels like football weather to me. Yesterday I cooked my beefy-vegetable soup, but changed up my recipe a little and instead of using two cans of Veg-All I used two one pound bags of gumbo veggies. Man it turned out good. Glad there's enought left for tonight. Yum! Yum! Eat it Up!
Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Football Tonight! (tomorrow, Saturday)

Football! Football!! FOOTBALL!!! This weekend (which in my book starts tonight) is a football junkie's dream. It starts this afternoon at 4:30 when my grandson starts for the Armstrong Junior High (7th grade) Yellow Jackets. Normally I would stay afterwards for the 8th & 9th grade games, but with the MSU on TV at 7 PM and a 45 minute to an hour drive home (They are playing Noxubee County in Macon, MS)depending on traffic - I'm headed home. 7th and 8th grade games consist of two 20 minute halves so that the boys don't get overheated. So I should be on the road back home by 5:30.
Tomorrow SHS (1-1)plays at home against Tupelo (1-1) and should be favored for the first time this season.
Then Saturday is the first full day of college ball. I've checked my DirecTV schedule and on just the channels I get - there are kickoffs for 5 games @ 11AM, 7 games @ 2:30, 3 games @ 6 PM, 2 games @ 7PM and 4 games @ 9PM. DANG!! Now I do have yard work & stuff I want to do, but with Monday being a holiday - I can quit whenever I'm ready and still be able to get stuff done before I come back to work. BRING THE BALL GAMES ON! Now - having said everything above - I've got to give a tip of my hat to my sweetie who indulges me and my football addiction. Most guys aren't as lucky as I am in that respect.
Everyone have a great day! (I know I will.)