Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Went to my grandson's 4th (7th Grade) football game of the season yesterday and they defeated the New Hope (MS) 7th grade team 21-0. So they are still undefeated at 3-0-1 (since 7th & 8th grade do play tiebreakers). He has 3 games left. On the road (to Louisville, MS) next on Sep. 29. Then two home games to end the season. I'll let you know more about those games later.
DKW's mom is packing up today and heading back home to Arkansas today. She did a fantastic job painting the master bedroom and accompanying bath while she was here. It looks fabulous. This is still part of what she said that she was going to do for us as a wedding gift - and it is greatly appreciated. It makes the place look very nice and I really like the "Peppermint Tea" (a pale green) paint. Makes it very easy to relax at home after work.
SHS (2-2 after pre-divisional play) opens their division competition this Friday night at home against the Lanier High Bulldogs(from Jackson, MS). Lanier is 0-4 on the season so far - so I feel pretty good about our chances. Kind of odd though, there will be a bunch of Bulldogs in town this weekend as the MSU (Bulldogs) play host to Louisiana Tech - and LA Tech is also the bulldogs. Odd. Just saying - ya know.
Everyone have a great weekend!

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  1. i love you muchly, glad that we will soon have our bedroom back. glad that you are enjoying the games so much! love, debra