Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Weekend plus....

This was one of those (unfortunately) rare weekends where my football teams won on all levels. SHS defeated Lanier (of Jackson, MS)on Friday 53-13 - and it wasn't that close. On Saturday MSU squeaked by LA. Tech (in overtime) 26-20. Then on Sunday (9/25)the Oakland Raiders got by the N.Y. Jets 34-24. It would be nice if they could all keep this up.
With the (kinda) cooler weather I'm not having to mow every other weekend but I do plan on mowing this weekend (Oct. 1st). Hard to believe that October is almost here and my sweetie and I will be clebrating our 2nd anniversary at the end of it. And yes, we have plans. Plans we made months ago.
On Oct. 8th, DKW's friend Ferah is having a Funky Fabulous 40th Birthday Celebration and since the party is in the late afternoon in Birmingham (AL) and MSU is playing UAB there the same day -(11AM kickoff) - DKW is going to drop me at the stadium for the game and go visit and show off the stuff we got her - then come pick me up for the party after the game (I hope) :-)
Yesterday I had one of those moments that made me feel old. The radio show I was listening to said that it was Donna Douglas's 78th birthday. Now in case you don't remember (or know) Donna Douglas was Elly May Clampett on "The Beverly Hillbillies". It turns out that the show premiered on her 27th birthday (9/26/1962). I was 7 at the time but in later seasons of the show - had such a pre-teen crush (plus she liked critters and so did I). Hard to believe its been so long ago. Oh well - Everyone have a great day!

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