Monday, December 8, 2014

Too Funny to Pass Up.

Date With Santa - Demotivational Poster
If you know me - you know why I think this is hilarious.

If you don't know me - then why the #*@% are you reading my blog?

Stairway to Heaven

I find this strangely appropriate for Sharon's Memory
This past Friday (Dec. 5th), DKW came to my work just after lunch to let me know that her mother had passed away that morning. (That being news best given in person.)  I will admit that after I assured her I was okay (and she had left with her dad) it hit me kind of hard, coming almost 9 years to-the-day since my first wife died unexpectedly.  So a lot of emotions resurfaced - hard.  It was a rough weekend for all of us, but we are all trying to move on and take care of things in accordance with her wishes.

When I left work Friday, an instrumental version of "Stairway to Heaven" (by local artist, Stephanie Jackson) was playing on my car's CD player.  It felt appropriate, and I even had it repeat on the way home.

I will probably wait until after the holidays before I post again.  Everyone have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!