Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy V. Day!!

Hi All.  I've really been struggling to get back on this blog.  Just didn't seem to have any initiative to do it. I finally decided just to make myself get back to it.  Especially since I have (what I consider) a few interesting tidbits.
FIRST, and foremost, since this is Valentines Day - A shout-out to my sweetie.  Love ya!  (And I hope everyone has a good one!)
On this date in 1918, the very first Tarzan movie (silent- of course) was released.  It starred Elmo Lincoln and was filmed in Morgan City, LA.
I heard this morning of the passing of Ralph Waite.  Most folks will remember him as Papa Walton, but in more recent years he has played Special Agent Jethro Gibb's father on NCIS.
It may be hard to believe, but MSU starts their baseball season today at 6:30, but the opponent has changed from Hofsta to Western Carolina.  Hofstra (out of New Jersey) decided it was too dangerous to travel due to the severe winter storms in the northeast.  So the Dogs reached out to the Catamounts - and they said "Sure! Let's play".  So there will be baseball this weekend.  Thanks for comin' Cats!
Depending on which pre-season College Baseball Poll you look at, the Bulldogs have been ranked as high as #2 and as low as #9.  That's the reason for a record number of season tickets being sold.  Expectations are obviously high for a team that reached the National Championship game last season (losing to Champ UCLA) and return all but a couple of players from that unit.  GO DOGS!
That's about all I have for now.  I'll have a little chat with Sophie this weekend, and make a point of getting her blog updated next week.  Hugs, Kisses, and Belly (Sorry- Strayed a bit talking about Sophie.)
Every one have a great day!