Friday, June 11, 2010

Whut'd he say?...

I find myself more and more turning on the "Closed captioning" feature while I'm watching a TV show or dvd. Its not that I can't always hear them, but a lot of the time I can't understand what was said. This is especially true with most of the shows I watch on BBC-America, different accents and all - ya know. There have been times when DKW & I have looked at each other and said "What did he say?" and then proceed (thanks to Tivo) watch the same scene 3 or 4 times and still not understand what was said. We can hear it, just can't understand it. Thanks to CC though (and I know not everyone likes to read along), I never miss any more dialogue.

I hated to do it, but the "Cooper" experiment didn't work out. He just was not adapting to being an inside dog - so he's back in his pen outside, and he does seem a bit happier being back in his regular digs. Oh well, at least he got a nice bath and a haircut.

Tea! Hmmm! When I first met DKW - as far as hot beverages were concerned - I was strictly a coffee drinker (exept for the occasional hot Doctor Pepper w/lemon slice - don't knock it - it's good. Well, I began drinking hot tea w/DKW and with all the different flavors there is plenty to enjoy. Well, I recently had Lipton's Vanilla Caramel Truffle tea. Sounds really good - but it's really not. If you want a good flavored tea - I really like the apple cinammon flavor, but if I have to choose a hot drink, I would probably still go with coffee, a lifetime habit is hard to break.

Cell phones seem to have taken over the world. I despise them. I have one and I use it occasionally, but I still despise them. When my first wife passed away in 2005 my children encouraged me to get one since I was travelling a lot on my motorcycle and if I broke down I could call someone. So I purchased a TracFone. Annually, I spend between 100 - 150 dollars for service & minutes. (I know some folks that spend more than that in a month for service.) I still do not use it a lot. I tell folks that 95% of the time I can be reached at work or at home - the other 5% of the time I don't want to talk to anyone. :-)

Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Father's Day/Hot Chicks w/Purple Hair

Well, Father's Day is coming up in less than 2 weeks and DKW has gotten me something (well actually ordered) I really wanted. The complete "UFO" DVD-Megaset. This TV series ran in syndication in the US in 1970/71 when I was in my (impressionable) mid-teens and featured (besides the futuristic cars and rockets) woment in form-fitting outfits and purple hair. What's interesting now is that the "future" it predicts was set in the 1980's. While there may have been women with purple hair, I don't remember any being on a space-station then. Don't know when it'll get here, but it sounds like an all all-day marathon. Where's the popcorn?
On the "personal interests" front - I just read where Lady Gaga may be in an upcoming (yet-to-be-filmed) episode of "Doctor Who" (one of my all-time favorite shows). Also, Starz network has picked up the rights for a new season of "Torchwood" (a Dr.Who spinoff) to air next year and they have already signed the original cast.
Shoot! With the "Thor", "Captain America" and "Green Lantern" movies coming out next year too - I can't wait for 2011!!! WoooooHoooo!
Everyone have a great day!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Vampires, Mowing, etc.....

Well, I was off work and mowed (my 5+ acres) this past Friday since I had to work yesterday. Other than going to the grocery store and working on a couple of hand-crafted Christmas gifts I am making (no - not going to say what or for who), DKW and I spent the weekend watching "True Blood" (based on the Charlaine Harris novels). First we re-watched season 1 (to refresh our minds) and then started on season 2 which we received last week. Very well done series based on the "Sookie Stackhouse" vampire novels, but definitely not for children or the faint hearted. While grocery shopping we searched the discount/clearance aisle at our Super-Walmart and found a cute, pink motorcycle helmet (for a very good price) that DKW liked - so we got it. The picture while not of the actual helmet is one that is EXACTLY like it.
The summer term has started here at MSU and I finally get my student workers in beginning today, so I shouldn't have to pull any more weekend hours for a while. (YEAH!)
Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, DKW and I had a great time at Moondance and are looking forward to returning for the 20th anniversary celebration next year. We had reserved a cabin, but the staff actually put us in a large, very nice RV which they dubbed "the honeymoon suite" since DKW and I have been married less than a year. It was great and believe you, me, a bed and AC is the WAY to camp. Beats the heck out of a tent and sleeping bags on the ground. Before we left, I put a deposit down on a cabin for next year. Call me a "wuss" if you must, but I likes my comfort.

When I got back to work Tuesday (since Monday was a holiday), I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to do left on my desk. I mean, I missed 2 working days (Thu/Fri-May 27/28) and I literally had stuff stacked 3 feet high on my desk. Besides that, I had to finish getting my student workers hired and their work schedule written for the summer term - but I am finally done with that. I shudder to think how much work will await me after DKW and I get back from our northern trek/vacation in July. We will be gone for nearly 3 weeks. YIKES! I'm glad I have someone lined up to housesit and take care of our animals. Relieves our minds a bit when we don't have to worry about our babies.

Yesterday was one of my grandson's birthday. Caleb turned 4. I stopped by his place briefly and gave him a gift of a big squirt gun and a couple of bags of candy. He was happy and even shared the candy with little bro, Dylan. They are a hoot. Baby sister, Layla, almost 3 weeks was a sleeping beauty most of the time I was there. Such a cutie!

Well, I'll probably blog again on Sunday (6/6/10) since I have to work that day. (Don't feel sorry for me though - I'm taking off Friday to make up for it.) Since 9/11 the university requires that all newly hired students have to go through a 5 day waiting period after being hired and since I have 3 new students - well - someone has to have the library open. Back to the grind!

Everyone have a great day