Monday, June 7, 2010

Vampires, Mowing, etc.....

Well, I was off work and mowed (my 5+ acres) this past Friday since I had to work yesterday. Other than going to the grocery store and working on a couple of hand-crafted Christmas gifts I am making (no - not going to say what or for who), DKW and I spent the weekend watching "True Blood" (based on the Charlaine Harris novels). First we re-watched season 1 (to refresh our minds) and then started on season 2 which we received last week. Very well done series based on the "Sookie Stackhouse" vampire novels, but definitely not for children or the faint hearted. While grocery shopping we searched the discount/clearance aisle at our Super-Walmart and found a cute, pink motorcycle helmet (for a very good price) that DKW liked - so we got it. The picture while not of the actual helmet is one that is EXACTLY like it.
The summer term has started here at MSU and I finally get my student workers in beginning today, so I shouldn't have to pull any more weekend hours for a while. (YEAH!)
Everyone have a great day!

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