Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Busy Pre-Thanksgiving Week

Lots of things I'm interested in this week.  As Usual, I'm going to start with football. 
In the first round of the North Mississippi 6A playoffs last Friday, Starkville High defeated Grenada High, 14-7, in a very close game.  As a reward (?), SHS gets to travel to Batesville and play the #1 ranked South Panola tigers.  The winner will play the winner of the Tupelo/Madison Central game for the North title and a chance to play in the State 6A title game on December 6th.
MSU travels to Arkansas this weekend in a "must-win" game.  They are in the position that they have to win their last 2 regular season games to become "bowl eligible."
Southern Columbia Area High (PA),  area where DKW is from, is 12-0 and playing 11-1 Old Forge High in the 3rd round of the Pennsylvania playoffs.
The Bloomsburg University Huskies (10-1) won the PSAC championship this past weekend by defeating Slippery Rock 42-38.  They received a #2 seed and will get a first round bye this weekend in the Division II playoffs.  West Chester and American International will play this weekend for the right to travel ton Bloomsburg on November 30th.
DOCTOR WHO TURNS 50 on Saturday.  BBC America is featuring the Doctor all week, but I want to share three items of interest:
1.  There is a 7 minute pre-quel on line ( ) titled "Night of the Doctor" that is really cool.  I don't want to tell you about it an give anything away, but you should watch it - It may surprise you who appears.  Don't read the article on this link until you watch it - "Spoiler Alerts" - ya know.
2.  The new regeneration episode will air live World-wide  on the 23rd.  (1:50 PM on BBC-A in Mississippi).  However, when it airs at its normal time on Saturday night, there is some additional doctor-related material that will push the broadcast to a full 2 hours.  (The 1:50 showing is the episode only and runs 70 minutes).
3.  On Friday, (Nov.22) there is a movie documentary airing titled "An Adventure in Space and Time" and is about William Hartnell and the launching of the show in 1963.
Just thought this one was kind of cool. Enjoy!

Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Me and my Shaddow.............

Shaddow & Sophie
Now, I've written about my dogs before, but Shaddow and I had a little moment this morning that had me thinking about blogging about it. 

After I feed the little girls (Sophie & Chiquita) in the morning, I take them out to do their business before I leave for work.  Shaddow usually stays in bed.  She might pick her head up and give me that "s'up" head bob, before once again relaxing.  I don't worry about it, because she is a *very good* dog!

Shaddow came into my life when DKW and I began dating in Dec. 2008.  DKW has had her since she was a 2 month old puppy.  She turned 12 years old in August of this year.  She very relaxed and mellow.  I've never heard her bark at a human being, but she will bark at critters occasionally.  At her age she moves fairly slow and doesn't get too excited.  The most excited I've seen her get is when I get home from works and the little girls are bouncing about wanting attention, she will start bouncing too, with the same "You're Home! You're Home.  Give me some attention!" action.  So I end up scratching the heads and backs of all three.

This morning though, Shaddow went out with the little ones, and after finishing with her own needs, walked over to where I was watching the little ones and nuzzled my hand.  I scratched her ears and she gave a little "whuff" and sat down beside me.  This took me by surprise because she had never done it before.  I rubbed her head and asked if she was ok.  She stood, nuzzled my hand and then leaned into me as she walked forward.  She stopped a couple of steps in front of me, just watching Sophie & Chiquita sniff about.  She then turned her head, looked at me, and then dropping her head, walked back up on the deck to be let back in the house.

Now I know people give animals credit for a lot of things ("transference" is what its called) that they aren't really doing.  So maybe that is what I'm doing, but in that moment, I felt like she was telling me that she was leaving behind two fine girls to take care of DKW & I when she is gone.  *sigggghhhh*  I do love the old girl.  I hope she's around for a long time to come.
Just sharing a moment.
Everyone have a great day!