Sunday, April 5, 2015


Don't mess with a Smart Car!
Well, Retired. Hmm! Takes a little getting used to. I still get up fairly early (though not at 5:30 anymore) and the girls (my 4-legged children) are getting more used to my being around more.  I up now at approximately 6;30 - give or take a half hour.  I've been getting up at that time most of my life and can't see it changing.  I'm staying busy doing things around the house, but not doing too much.  I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on my limitations.  I still read a lot, watch some TV, and cook.  I've got a couple of hobbies, so there is always something to keep me busy.
That said,  I would like to have a part time (20-25 hours a week) job.  I've a wealth of experience as an office administrator/worker and many years experience in food service as a cook & manager.  Since I just turned 60 on Good Friday (April 3rd) and am in great shape physically. (Just ask the wife - wink, wink.) :-)  I can afford to be a little picky as to where I apply to work - but I would like to earn a little pocket money so that DKW and I can go out every now and then, or save up to visit the kids. (Retirement pay will cover the bills, but not a lot of extra - ya know?)  I'm waiting until after the Cotton District Arts Festival (on April 18th) to really start looking as DKW is on the Starkville Area Arts Council board (which promotes the CDAF) and is the co-chair of the Writer's Village at the CDAF.  So, lot going on this time of year.
Now, I'm currently reading a a book edited by Augustus Derleth.  Derleth was a friend and contemporary of H.P. Lovecraft.  Lovecraft's novella " At The Mountains of Madness" is in this short story collection (titles "Strange Ports of Call:}first published in 1948.  A few are obviously dated, but most are outstanding science fiction.  I would highly recommend it. I started reading sci fi as a pre-teen and still do.  The due-date slip in the front of the book showed it was first checked out in 1948 and I got to thinking about the teens and pre-teens (at that time) reading the book and wondering what they were like. SOOOO- if anyone out there, born 1938 or later, has read this book I would like to chat with you - one senior sci fi fan to another.
Everyone have a great day!