Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bye Little Girl . . . .

As I'm writing this I'm trying very had to keep from bawling.  As it is, my nose is running and  my face is twitchy and wet from tears.  Little CoCo, who DKW and I have only had since October 3rd, passed away around 3 this morning.  Yesterday morning DKW was woken by Sophie barking fiercely in the kitchen (I was already at work) and came out to discover CoCo comatose on her back in her cage.  She immediately got her to the vet and was told that her body temp was very low and her blood sugar was so low it wouldn't register (50 being the lowest measurement on the device they use).  When I got off work yesterday I met DKW at the vet's and we got to hold her and talk to her for a while.  We were told her temp was back close to normal and her blood sugar was still low but was up to about 80.  However, she was alternating between twitching  and moaning/yelping and seemingly dozing off.  We were told there were no visible problems (x-rays were taken) and that the problem seemed to be neurological.  The vet planned to keep her overnight and keep giving her injections to get her sugar up.  At least that was the plan, and we left hopeful that she would respond but honestly trying to steel up for the worst, and unfortunately that happened. 
CoCo had a short, hard life.  She was born July 20th, 2012 and died October 30th, 2012 - 102 days.  I will pick her up from the vet when I leave work today and take her out for burial on my farm, where DKW and I will say goodbye! You will never be forgotten little girl. For such a little dog (3 1/2 pounds) - she has left a huge hole.
R. I. P. CoCo

Friday, October 19, 2012

Chilly Double-Homecoming Weekend

After starting the year 1-3 against some pretty stiff competition, Starkville High is the only undefeated team in Region 2-5A at 4-0 (5-3 overall) going into tonight's Homecoming game with Yazoo City (4-4) (2-2 in Region 2).  SHS is favored and looking at some of the previous opponents they've faced I expect they will win tonight by 4 or more touchdowns.  SHS has already (with 2 more games after tonight) clinched a playoff spot and are playing now for the #1 seed  (and a first round home game) from our region in the state playoffs.
This is also homecoming weekend (tomorrow at 6 PM on ESPN2) for the UNDEFEATED Mississippi State Bulldogs (6-0) (3-0 in SEC).  I know, I know! But let me enjoy it while I can -we have to go to #1 Bama on October 27th for what I expect to be a severe reality check.  But MSU is favored by 20 this weekend and both them & Bama should be 7-0 next week.  Regardless of how it ends, I will watch the Bama game.  Some ESPN writers (3 that I've read) are saying that they expect State to finish this year at either 11-1 or 10-2.  The only losses being to Bama and maybe LSU.  They are also saying that if State does finish 11-1 that they will get a bid to one of the BCS games.  Wouldn't that be sweet!
The temps at kickoff are predicted tonight to be 59 and tomorrow 61.  With drops of 3-6 degrees during the game.  Can you say "FOOTBALL WEATHER"!  Wooo Hooo!

Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My youngest grandchild

Isn't she a sweetie?  Layla is modeling a dress that her late grandmother made for her mommy  (my youngest)  when she was about the same age that Layla is now (2 1/2).  I know that were Sue here to see it she would be very pleased.
Everyone have a great day!

This year is FLYING BY........

Don't tell me you haven't noticed  Find it hard to believe that three weeks from tomorrow DKW and I will celebrate our third anniversary. Yes- we have plans and No - I'm not sharing them.  Maybe afterwards I'll share a bit.
This has been an eventful month.  On October 3rd we added little CoCo ( see up ^ there) to our household.  She's a Yorkie-Spaniel mix and should top out at 10-15 pounds when grown.  She and Sophie are getting along pretty well.  Check out Sophie's Blog for a little more input. We in the process (obviously) of house-training, but I think she's doing fairly well.
On Friday past, (5th) SHS defeated Ridgeland 23-0.  We play at  Canton HS this coming Friday and are heavily favored (if the pundits are correct).  On paper, we are in second place in our region.  This is because Callaway has played (and won) one more region game than us.  Neither of us has a loss yet.  However, this weekend Callaway plays the Ridgeland team we just defeated and those previously mentioned pundits have Ridgeland favored by a single point.
MSU won at Kentucky this past Saturday (27-14) and are back home this weekend to face Tennessee.  Kind of a late game for us (8:00 PM Local time) - but thats so it can be shown on ESPNU.  State is a scant three point favorite over UT.  This is a big game for MSU for several reasons: (1) To stay undefeated, (2) Winning that 6th game and becoming bowl eligible and (3) A third SEC victory.  If State takes care of business (as they should) it will put MAJOR focus on the October 27th game in Birmingham with #1 Alabama.  I'm not gonna comment on it any more.  Don't want to jinx it!  GO DAWGS!
Man - I don't even want to talk about my fave pro teams.  Of the Raiders and the 4 other teams I follow after them, all are at the bottom of their division - with one exception.  I'm hoping things will be better, but it may be a while before I comment on Pro ball again.
Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sharp as a marble

At least that's how I felt - but its getting better.
First let me backtrack a little.  On September 18th I had a root canal done (from which I am still having jaw pain).  Yesterday I went to my regular dentist to have a crown put on.  I'm not sure of the problems that he ran into, but he ended up having my mouth propped open for around 3 hours.  He had to prop it open because I couldn't keep it open myself.  The pain was excruciating.  I was in misery when I left and not really fit company to be around.  I was kinda glad that DKW had plans to be out and about with her mom.  I didn't want to be snarky with her.  Once I got home I took one of the pain pills I had been given.  I felt kinda weird.  I was hungry (it was after 6 PM and I last ate at noon) but I didn't want to eat because of the pain.  I did go ahead and cook up a chicken/mixed fruit salad that I made sure was in bite-sized pieces since I couldn't open my mouth very wide.  I ended up taking another pain pill and going to bed around 9.  This is early for me but I didn't feel well. DKW woke me when she came in but she understood that I wasn't lucid enough to talk - because of being asleep and the pain pill.   We did talk a bit this morning as I left for work, but I know I was still forgetting stuff.  As I said though, I'm getting better (lucidity-wise).  The jaw is still a problem though.
MSU plays at Kentucky this weekend and is favored by 15.  Starkville High is favored over Ridgeland here on Friday.  SHS won last Friday (23-6) over Provine and MSU had a bye-week.  I'm hoping for good news for both this week. 
Everyone have a great day!