Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bye Little Girl . . . .

As I'm writing this I'm trying very had to keep from bawling.  As it is, my nose is running and  my face is twitchy and wet from tears.  Little CoCo, who DKW and I have only had since October 3rd, passed away around 3 this morning.  Yesterday morning DKW was woken by Sophie barking fiercely in the kitchen (I was already at work) and came out to discover CoCo comatose on her back in her cage.  She immediately got her to the vet and was told that her body temp was very low and her blood sugar was so low it wouldn't register (50 being the lowest measurement on the device they use).  When I got off work yesterday I met DKW at the vet's and we got to hold her and talk to her for a while.  We were told her temp was back close to normal and her blood sugar was still low but was up to about 80.  However, she was alternating between twitching  and moaning/yelping and seemingly dozing off.  We were told there were no visible problems (x-rays were taken) and that the problem seemed to be neurological.  The vet planned to keep her overnight and keep giving her injections to get her sugar up.  At least that was the plan, and we left hopeful that she would respond but honestly trying to steel up for the worst, and unfortunately that happened. 
CoCo had a short, hard life.  She was born July 20th, 2012 and died October 30th, 2012 - 102 days.  I will pick her up from the vet when I leave work today and take her out for burial on my farm, where DKW and I will say goodbye! You will never be forgotten little girl. For such a little dog (3 1/2 pounds) - she has left a huge hole.
R. I. P. CoCo

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