Friday, October 19, 2012

Chilly Double-Homecoming Weekend

After starting the year 1-3 against some pretty stiff competition, Starkville High is the only undefeated team in Region 2-5A at 4-0 (5-3 overall) going into tonight's Homecoming game with Yazoo City (4-4) (2-2 in Region 2).  SHS is favored and looking at some of the previous opponents they've faced I expect they will win tonight by 4 or more touchdowns.  SHS has already (with 2 more games after tonight) clinched a playoff spot and are playing now for the #1 seed  (and a first round home game) from our region in the state playoffs.
This is also homecoming weekend (tomorrow at 6 PM on ESPN2) for the UNDEFEATED Mississippi State Bulldogs (6-0) (3-0 in SEC).  I know, I know! But let me enjoy it while I can -we have to go to #1 Bama on October 27th for what I expect to be a severe reality check.  But MSU is favored by 20 this weekend and both them & Bama should be 7-0 next week.  Regardless of how it ends, I will watch the Bama game.  Some ESPN writers (3 that I've read) are saying that they expect State to finish this year at either 11-1 or 10-2.  The only losses being to Bama and maybe LSU.  They are also saying that if State does finish 11-1 that they will get a bid to one of the BCS games.  Wouldn't that be sweet!
The temps at kickoff are predicted tonight to be 59 and tomorrow 61.  With drops of 3-6 degrees during the game.  Can you say "FOOTBALL WEATHER"!  Wooo Hooo!

Everyone have a great day!

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