Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sharp as a marble

At least that's how I felt - but its getting better.
First let me backtrack a little.  On September 18th I had a root canal done (from which I am still having jaw pain).  Yesterday I went to my regular dentist to have a crown put on.  I'm not sure of the problems that he ran into, but he ended up having my mouth propped open for around 3 hours.  He had to prop it open because I couldn't keep it open myself.  The pain was excruciating.  I was in misery when I left and not really fit company to be around.  I was kinda glad that DKW had plans to be out and about with her mom.  I didn't want to be snarky with her.  Once I got home I took one of the pain pills I had been given.  I felt kinda weird.  I was hungry (it was after 6 PM and I last ate at noon) but I didn't want to eat because of the pain.  I did go ahead and cook up a chicken/mixed fruit salad that I made sure was in bite-sized pieces since I couldn't open my mouth very wide.  I ended up taking another pain pill and going to bed around 9.  This is early for me but I didn't feel well. DKW woke me when she came in but she understood that I wasn't lucid enough to talk - because of being asleep and the pain pill.   We did talk a bit this morning as I left for work, but I know I was still forgetting stuff.  As I said though, I'm getting better (lucidity-wise).  The jaw is still a problem though.
MSU plays at Kentucky this weekend and is favored by 15.  Starkville High is favored over Ridgeland here on Friday.  SHS won last Friday (23-6) over Provine and MSU had a bye-week.  I'm hoping for good news for both this week. 
Everyone have a great day!

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  1. i hope that all this dental stuff eases up soon and that you feel so much better immediately! love, debra