Saturday, March 26, 2016


My youngest Grandchild at Easter
I love this picture!  I've been sick for 5 days now, and it has kicked my butt.  It was nice to get this though from my daughter.  Little DC has her fierce face on! 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Being sick SUCKS!

Especially if your significant other is sick at the same time.  Now I don't get sick that often, but when I do - its seems to kick my butt!  Tuesday evening I started feeling a little blahh.  Wednesday I woke up with a slight fever and feeling a bit weak.  As the day wore on, I  was getting weaker, light-headed and more feverish.  At one point, (around 8 or 9 last night) my fever got up to 101.9.  I was trying to ingest a lot of fluids, not really feeling like eating much.  My fever was still over 101 when I got up this morning, but I think I finally broke the fever about an hour or so ago (I hope).  My body temp seems like its back to normal and I'm feeling a bit cold.  So I'm gonna cover up and rest.  Still really weak.   If I don't start getting some strength back today, I think I may have to blow off my (part-time) job again tomorrow.  I hate to do it, but my working sick does no one any good.  Ya know.
Have a great day!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

FaceBook - hmmmmmmm - - no

Actually I do have a Facebook account - but I can't even remember the last time I posted anything.  I do try to get on it at least once a week to check out any new posts that my kids and/or grandkids have made.  That is the reason I got an account in the first place - cause that is where new pics of my grandkids go, along with any accomplishments or family news.   I have a (very) few friends, but I DO NOT converse on facebook.  I don't have umpty-hundred (thousand or million) friends - and don't want them.  The reasons for this are (1) Lots of folks just like to argue or state something outrageous to get a rise out of folks. (2) People Lie!  Believe it or not - lots of untruth on the inter-web!  (3) There are a lot of high-tech Idiots - that believe anything and pass it on as gospel (see 2 for explanation).
I prefer email or IM to talk with folks - as it is more private. (I do use the phone too - but my hearing is not great - and getting worse.)  Those folks that matter to me can send me an email or IM me if I'm on line.  If you don't have my email - well, you're not family - or a close enough friend.  You can always call and ask me.  I'm in the book. (If you don't know my name - wellll........)   Before leaving this topic, just let me say that I know some folks love to FB and thinks its great.  Heck, my sweetie is active there and lets me know if there is anything that might interest me. - But I prefer to continue with limited involvement.  How you continue is up to you!
Tomorrow Chiquita (our chihuahua) will be 3 years old.   The smallest and youngest of our 3 girls.  And two weeks from today I celebrate the Fabulous Fortieth Anniversary of my 21st birthday!
Everyone have a great day!