Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Uuggggh! I was so sick!

Wow! Its been a week since my last blog - didn't realize it had been so long. The 10th would have been my late wife and I's 33rd anniversary (if she hadn't passed away 4 years ago). Even though I have someone new in my life, this is still a tough time of year for me. I loved my wife very much and have no doubt that if not for the accident, we would still be together. This makes for some very convoluted feelings - I loved (& still love) her but I love DKB also. DKB is very understanding of this and often says she would worry about my mental health if I didn't have these feelings. What made the day even worse though, was the fact that I got sick as a dog and had to leave work. I started feeling better over the weekend, but only made it back to work yesterday.

Speaking of the weekend, Sunday (13th) was one of my grandsons' first birthday and a good time was had by all in attendance. DKB has some pics on her blog if you want to take a look, so I'm not going to repeat them on mine. The birthday boy and I did go to Wally World that morning and had pictures made in matching Tuxedo T-shirts (his was a onesie). They turned out fantastic. I can't wait to get them.
Less than 7 weeks now until DKB & I get married.
Every one have a great day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whut it wuz, wuz

FOOTBALL. If you've never heard it, you need to listen to this cut on Andy Griffith's comedy album that came out in the late 50's. Granted, its a bit dated by now - but its still funny.

I don't have any doubt that DKB loves me (especially after this weekend). She went with me to 2 football games (Starkville High on Friday and Mississippi State on Saturday) and sat through them dispite some intense personal discomfort (Aunt Flo was visiting) and on Saturday some heavy intermittent, rain showers. If that doesn't say love, what does. Anyway - I had a good time and she tolerated all (with little complaint) for me. Heck, I even watched football most of the 3 day weekend, and she didn't give a peep. She said there are a lot worse vices I could have. Which is true I guess.

Wedding plans are moving along and hopefully we'll start getting reply cards back in the mail soon.

Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in the fact that I have contemplated my life and mortality. If I'm fortunate, I figure I've got another 30 or 40 years. My grandfather (mother's father) lived until he was 97 and his wife (my grandmother) until 93. But I do wonder sometimes about my legacy and those I leave behind. My late wife and I have 5 children, and for the most part they get along, but nothing is perfect. With a few exceptions (which DKB and I have discussed), the bulk of my estate will be divided among my children when I pass. While I would hope that all my children possess common sense and civility, once DKB and I are married I will take steps to insure that the exceptions are covered under the law of the land as well. I have discussed the exceptions will all my children as well, and all say they understand and are okay with it. I hope so, because I won't be there to referee. One thing that won't change once DKB and I are married, is that my youngest son will remain the executor of my estate. All his siblings (& DKB) are aware of and fine with this. I have no doubt that he will do a fine job in making sure things are taken care of fairly. Enough of the morbid stuff - I just wanted to address it briefly.

This past Tuesday, I had my oldest's 2 children over for a while. She and her husband had previous obligations that night. We had a pretty good time. I played some with my granddaughter and after my grandson had finished his homework, we all watched some cartoons and "Big Brother" until their mom and dad showed up. I really enjoyed spending some time with them. Something I haven't had the opportunity to do a lot of lately. (I know I'm biased but) They are good kids and try to do their best.

College Football season starts tonight with a double header (at 6 PM CST) on ESPN and I can't wait. (Sorry DKB - but guess where I'll be?) No! Wait! Actually I'm not sorry. Football is my one great vice. I did warn you of this when we started going out. You'll just have to deal! :-)

Everyone have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Week That Wuz

Thursday past (Aug.27th) I took off work so that I could mow & trim around my place. I have 5 1/2 acres to cut, so it is literally an all day job. I started around 9 AM and quit for the day at 6:30 PM. (And I wasn't done). I was very tired.

Friday DKB accompanied me to her first Starkville High football game. It was a very close game but we came up on the short end of a 26-21 score. I was enthralled with the game, DKB watched it with one eye but had her other eye on all the social interaction taking place around us. She was observing all the different cliques that exist in the H.S. social setting. The same cliques that existed when we were both in high school are still there, only the faces change from year-to-year and if you think about it I'm sure you can come up with what the cliques are.

Saturday I worked another 5 hours and finished up my yard work. After a much needed shower we headed over to my youngest's new place to visit and have supper. Its a nice place, but it escapes me how moving further away from your job and paying more from rent is going to save you any money. But hey, what do I know. I really hope things work out for her and her family in the new place. They are nearer her in-laws than me now, so maybe they will be able to help them out if they need any help. I hope so.

Sunday it rained nearly all day, but thats okay, I was so worn out and sore I had planned on taking it easy anyway and my sweetie took care of me.

Sixty Days - thats how much time is left until our wedding. All the invites are taken care of and hopefully next week we'll start getting some replies back. We hope to have a better idea of how many folks will be attending by the end of the month. We will have the final bits of our wedding supplies purchased by next week and be ready for DKB's mom & brother coming to visit and doing a bit of work on the house for us (their wedding gift to us). Things are coming together. Its a happy, but sometimes nerve-wracking time! But I can't wait until its here!

Everyone have a great day!