Friday, April 30, 2010

Phonecall from my Grandson

Last night DKW and I were watching TV (and she was also crocheting) when the phone rang. I reached over, picked up the phone and said "Hello". In the background I could hear a TV and over that a squealing little voice going "Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi.......". I checked the number on the phone and saw that it was my oldest son's phone number - and I knew it was my youngest grandson (turned 1 in Jan. 2010) who was maniacally babbling on with "Hi, hi, hi......." I started talking to him and said "J-Man does your daddy know you are calling me?" and other things along that line for a couple of minutes. While from him the "HI" hits never stopped. Then the phone call was cut off. I called my soon back and asked and he was laughing and said yeah - that J was playing with his phone and had dialed me up - and all he ever says on the phone right now is "hi" - over & over & over. I told my son that that was okay. I thought it was funny and its much better conversation than what I get the few times he has sat down and his butt dialed my house. :-) Just wanted to share.

Everyone have a great day.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Stuff

Okay - so the pic has absolutely nothing to do with today's blog - TUFF! When I saw it I thought it was cute (I confess to liking chihuahuas) and thought I would share. So everybody go "Awwwwww!"

Last night DKW and I went to Mexico Tipico with her friend Meredith and her 2 boys - 3 and 1 1/2 (I think). Anyway - we had an enjoyable time though the boys were getting a bit fussy by the time we left. For some reason we didn't get the usual swift service we usually get when we go there. To me, it seemed they were understaffed for the number of customers and there were a lot of new (staff) faces - so both of these reasons may have contributed. But we weren't in a hurry and the waiter we had was very apologetic and "comped" us our appetizer and part of our meal. He was a very nice guy too, so yeah - I tipped him nicely.

Saturday DKW and I will be making a trip over to Birmingham for her friend Ferah's wedding. Its about a 3 hour trip and the wedding is at 6 PM, so we probably won't be getting back until late, but thats okay. The only concern I have is the possible severe weather that is predicted. We had tornadoes in the area last week and predictions are that this weekend could be as bad or worse - but I hope not.

As of Tuesday, we finally have all our vehicles back and running. Hope not to go through that situation again for a long time, if ever! We have been really pleased with our 2009 Toyota Yaris. Its a comfortable ride for a small car and gets great gas mileage. I've even been thinking ahead to when we pay it off (in 4 years time) that we may trade it in and get a 2014 or 2015 model. Just thinking - nothing definite. With all the auto changes that occur every year there may be something we like more by then - but not at the moment. Besides, when I'm not riding my motorcycle I drive a clunker (1985 GMC S15 P/U) - so I think we need to have one really dependable vehicle.

Everyone have a great day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

What a Crappy Weekend

After the weekend that just went past, I'm glad its Monday. I left work around noon this past Friday because I was feeling sick. If I could have, I wouldn't have left the house again - but things have to get done - appointments had been made, etc. Now, both my my 4-wheeled vehicles were in the shop. One (2009 Yaris) for insurance work and one (1985 S-15 P/U) for some engine work. So we only had my motorcycle running and with stuff to pickup on Saturday, we really needed a vehicle. Well around 3 PM we were told that the truck was fixed. The skies looked ominous, but it wasn't raining - so off we went. I paid for the truck repairs and headed for home on the bike (since I wasn't feeling good) while DKW went to Wally World to pick up a couple of things. I was about 10 minutes (& 5 miles) from home when the rain started. Thanks to my windshield my upper torso was dry, but from the knees down, I was soaked. I shed my clothes, took a nice hot showe, and hit my recliner for the evening.

Saturday morning I had to go pick up our AngelFood order from a local church. I went earlier than normal (around 7:30 AM) because severe weather was predicted later in the day. I took this home and at around 9:30 went to get a TV that I had agreed to purchase from a graduating student. (Now remember- I'm doing all this and I'm sick & feeling weak) I got to his apartment to get the TV (not expecting much since I was only paying 40 bucks) and found that it was huge! Its not a flat screen but its as big as one - its almost as wide as my desk at work. Even though I knew it wouldn't fit the space my current TV was in, I couldn't pass it up. It was too good a deal. Well, it was so big it wouldn't fit in the cab of my (small) truck. Fortunately, it wasn't raining at the time. I got home, did a quick remodel of my entertainment center so that it would fit, and with the help of my son-in-law (THANKS JOHN!) got it in place. I have to say - I love it! I was home watching it (and reading) the rest of the weekend.

Saturday afternoon a tornado came through fairly close to our area (about 15-17 miles from my house). My niece and her grandmother both had their homes hit. My niece was shown on the local TV news cast following the tornado. Follow the link and then click on the video "WCBI News @ 10 Part 2 4.24.20. My niece is the blonde lady they interview. Thankfully no one was hurt and the only damage at my place was I lost a large part of one of the trees in my front yard. I will take care of it when I'm back to feeling like 100% - which won't be today. I'm still feeling kind of yucky.

Hope to get our Yaris back today or tomorrow, as DKW and I will be going to a wedding in Birmingham (AL) on Saturday. (Picture is not our car, but similar. Our card is 2 door w/hatch in rear - Pic is of 4 door model - but the color is the same).

Everyone have a great day!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sleeping Beauties

Actually took this pic last Sunday (I think). Anyway, DKW was reading and fell asleep on the couch with a sleeping Pearl lyin on her. Just thought I'd share it.

Glad I took off and mowed yesterday. Now they are predicting bad stormy weather tonight and nearly 100% chance of rain tomorrow. I'm a bit stiff, sore and burnt - but not too bad overall.

While I was mowing yesterday I ran over an old pair of someone's boxer briefs. Well, they wound tightly around my blades and I knew I would have to cut them off before I could continue to mow. Since they were on the blade on the side opposite the discharge vent I couldn't quite reach them. So I had the idea of running my mower over the edge of the driveway, this would give me 6 -8 inches of space to manuver with the knife to cut them off. I still think it was a good idea, and it would have worked perfectly - except that after a minute or so I realized that the spot I picked to carry out this out had me laying on an ant hill. After spending a few minutes removing all the ants from my arms, neck, and head - I moved the mower and after about 10 minutes of cutting, removed the offending garment and continued on. The ants are gone, but I have many welts to remind me - at least for a few days.

Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Middle of the week-Looking Ahead

Hump-day again. I'm planning on taking a day's leave from work tomorrow so that I can mow. There is a 70% chance of rain predicted for Saturday and I want to get it done while the ground is still kind of dry.

Been a bad week for vehicles for DKW and I. We put the Yaris (2009 Toyota) in the shop on Friday (4/16/2010) to take care of some front end damage from a pothole. Found out yesterday, that because the car is such a new model, some parts are going to have to be back ordered and we probably won't have it back until next Monday.

Monday night (4/19/2010) DKW was pulling into our driveway after attending her book club meeting and my truck (1985 GMC S-15) went dead and could not be restarted. The engine turns over, but it won't crank. So yesterday, we called AAA and had them take it to a local shop. I don't think its a major problem and hope we can get it back this evening or tomorrow, but I won't know for sure until later today. So right now, the only vehicle that we have at home and running is my motorcycle. Kind of funny, huh?
Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Super Bulldog Weekend &.............

This weekend is "Super Bulldog Weekend" at Mississippi State. Lots of stuff going on, including the annual spring football (Maroon-White) game. Lots of high hopes going into the new season - the second of current coach Dan Mullen and with a batch of promising recruits - but we will still be the underdog in most of our games this year. A .500 season would be a step in the right direction.
This weekend is also the "Cotton District Arts Festival". DKW and I plan to go here Saturday to have lunch and walk around in the afternoon. Not just to look around, but also because my oldest soon has a booth and will be selling some of his award winning-type pottery and sculpture. I hope he does well - he is very talented.
Everyone have a great day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Bit of Sad News

I had posted in January that Harley had gone missing. Well, while I was out mowing on Saturday, I made the sad discovery of Harley's remains. The skeleton was intact (which was pretty much all it was) and there was enough fur left to make identification possible. Since the skeleton was intact, it looks like he just laid down & died. I hope it was peaceful. Rest in peace, buddy. You are missed.

Happy Happy Monday!

Ya ever have one of those weekends where you had so much stuff going on that come Monday you were glad you could get back to work! Well, thats the kind of weekend my DKW & I just had. It actually started early on Thursday (Apr.8th). I took the afternoon off from work, dropped my truck at Wm. Wells Automotive to have a new wiper motor put in and we took the Yaris over to Columbus (35 miles away) for the 2nd (& last free) oil change, tire rotation & service on our '09 Toyota Yaris. Then Friday We went to Rick's to see the Molly Ringwalds (see last blog entry). We had a good time. A very high energy show. But it was way past my usual bed time. The show didn't start until almost 11 and went on for 2 full non-stop hours. It was fun. DKW & I enjoyed the band and people watching too. Then Saturday, I started the mowing season. Mowed for about 5 hours. Didn't cut everything I usually do because the yard was so soggy in spots as to make it impossible. And I didn't want to spend all day pulling my mower out of the mud (which I had to do several times anyway). But I mowed and did a bit of trimming and after a much needed shower (I was hot, sweaty, muddy and just generally skanky) DKW and I went into town and had a nice supper at China Garden (a Chinese/Sushi buffet) - since neither of us felt like cooking. Sunday I woke up a bit stiff & sore, but hung the shadow box my son made for me (see DKW's blog for more on this), did a couple of loads of laundry, swept the floor and prepared a deer roast (to cook later in the day) and put it in the fridge. I relaxed for an hour and then went to get my mother & take her to a baby hour for my youngest daughter. So we spent 3 hours there and I was happy for my daughter. But while there, DKW came by with a Yaris problem. (Again - she details this on her blog - so you can read it there if you want). So, I called the Geico folks and reported the chasm conundrum. Finally, around 6:30 I made it back home, changed into my jammies and said hello to my recliner for the evening. Whew! Like I said - a full weekend - its Monday morning and I've taken time from what promises to be a very busy day to share this with all - but considering the last few days - I'm happy its Monday!

Everyone have a great day!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Naps, Music and Movies

I think I'll take a nap when I get off work today. Since DKW and I are going out tonight to see "The Molly Ringwalds" play at a local club and tomorrow starts the "mowing" season for me. When I get up in the morning I'll have to go and get my gas cans filled before I start mowing. I have 5+ acres I cut, so it takes me several hours.

Last night I watched the Marx Brother's movie "The Big Store" (1941). I had never seen it before and I thought I had seen them all. Typical Marx Brother's fare - but I enjoyed it.
While I was watching the movie, as I usually do, I was observing some of the background extras. Noticed a couple of them wander through the background more than once during one of the musical numbers. Since extras are usually uncredited - couldn't help but wonder if they had much of a movie career. The real "Molly Ringwald" did !- - - and I've always liked redheads - although at the moment I'm partial to pink. Love ya my CCQ!

Everyone have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I prefer "Seasoned" to Senior

Be that as it may, I turned 55 on April 3rd. The morning of April 4th as DKW and I were departing Mobile (AL), after our visit with my youngest son & wife, we stopped at the IHOP for breakfast and I got my very first "Senior Discount". They start giving the discount at age 55 - so what the hey - if I qualify - I'm gonna save that money. Why not? I was a food service manager (after I retired from the Coast Guard) for 7 years and more than once heard "Give me my damn senior discount!". I do promise that I will ask nicely - but yeah - "Gimme my senior discount!" Every dollar saved counts!

Everyone have a great day!

Shadow Box Pictures

Ok. This is the Shadow box I was talking about in my entry from yesterday. Isn't it sweet?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Was I Surprised!

In addition to this past weekend being Easter, Saturday (3rd) was my 55th birthday. We had a 3 day weekend (Fri,Sat,Sun), so DKW and I went to the coast (Mobile, AL) to visit my youngest son and take the deer head (that the taxidermist had finished for him) to him. Well, the unit (Gulf Strike Team) that my son is stationed at is one that I was a "Plank Owner" of. (Plank Owner means that I was one of the original founding members of the unit). Anyway, DKW & I were at the unit Award's ceremony (for what I assumed was my son getting an award) and I suspected nothing when my son was called forward. Well, I could have been blown over when I was then called forward and my son presented me with a beautiful shadow box (that he & some unit buddies had built) containing a plaque with all the units in my career, Coast Guard & U.S. flag, rank badges for all my ranks, and all my ribbons I was awarded. It is beautiful (and as soon as I get some pics taken, I'll post them here. I was also given a unit cap with "Plank Owner" sewn in the rear, making it a "one-of-a-kind" hat and a unit t-shirt. Afterwards, there was a reception with food and cake. It was a fantastic day. I couldn't help getting a little teary-eyed as it was happening. Chris, Jenn, DKW & I went to Wintzell's Oyster House that evening and had oysters and seafood. Then we went back to their house, had a fire in the backyard, talked and ended what was a fantastic day (at least for me). On Saturday, we went to Bellingrath Gardens and walked around. Not everything was in bloom at this time of year, but you could imagine how pretty it is when it is. To finish the evening, we grilled steaks, had baked potatoes, and onions sauteed with mushrooms & shrimp. It was, all-in-all, a great weekend and one of my best birthdays ever. But as ever, it was always nice to get back home.

I will post pictures some time this week. Everyone have a great day!