Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Happy Monday!

Ya ever have one of those weekends where you had so much stuff going on that come Monday you were glad you could get back to work! Well, thats the kind of weekend my DKW & I just had. It actually started early on Thursday (Apr.8th). I took the afternoon off from work, dropped my truck at Wm. Wells Automotive to have a new wiper motor put in and we took the Yaris over to Columbus (35 miles away) for the 2nd (& last free) oil change, tire rotation & service on our '09 Toyota Yaris. Then Friday We went to Rick's to see the Molly Ringwalds (see last blog entry). We had a good time. A very high energy show. But it was way past my usual bed time. The show didn't start until almost 11 and went on for 2 full non-stop hours. It was fun. DKW & I enjoyed the band and people watching too. Then Saturday, I started the mowing season. Mowed for about 5 hours. Didn't cut everything I usually do because the yard was so soggy in spots as to make it impossible. And I didn't want to spend all day pulling my mower out of the mud (which I had to do several times anyway). But I mowed and did a bit of trimming and after a much needed shower (I was hot, sweaty, muddy and just generally skanky) DKW and I went into town and had a nice supper at China Garden (a Chinese/Sushi buffet) - since neither of us felt like cooking. Sunday I woke up a bit stiff & sore, but hung the shadow box my son made for me (see DKW's blog for more on this), did a couple of loads of laundry, swept the floor and prepared a deer roast (to cook later in the day) and put it in the fridge. I relaxed for an hour and then went to get my mother & take her to a baby hour for my youngest daughter. So we spent 3 hours there and I was happy for my daughter. But while there, DKW came by with a Yaris problem. (Again - she details this on her blog - so you can read it there if you want). So, I called the Geico folks and reported the chasm conundrum. Finally, around 6:30 I made it back home, changed into my jammies and said hello to my recliner for the evening. Whew! Like I said - a full weekend - its Monday morning and I've taken time from what promises to be a very busy day to share this with all - but considering the last few days - I'm happy its Monday!

Everyone have a great day!

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