Friday, April 30, 2010

Phonecall from my Grandson

Last night DKW and I were watching TV (and she was also crocheting) when the phone rang. I reached over, picked up the phone and said "Hello". In the background I could hear a TV and over that a squealing little voice going "Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi.......". I checked the number on the phone and saw that it was my oldest son's phone number - and I knew it was my youngest grandson (turned 1 in Jan. 2010) who was maniacally babbling on with "Hi, hi, hi......." I started talking to him and said "J-Man does your daddy know you are calling me?" and other things along that line for a couple of minutes. While from him the "HI" hits never stopped. Then the phone call was cut off. I called my soon back and asked and he was laughing and said yeah - that J was playing with his phone and had dialed me up - and all he ever says on the phone right now is "hi" - over & over & over. I told my son that that was okay. I thought it was funny and its much better conversation than what I get the few times he has sat down and his butt dialed my house. :-) Just wanted to share.

Everyone have a great day.

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  1. i loved it, doesn't get old, never! grins, and loves, debra