Thursday, May 6, 2010

Didn't See It Coming.......

.....But this is turning out that it is going to be an eventful weekend. My oldest son asked if we could watch J-man (featured in last entry) Friday evening & overnight - which we are glad to do. Saturday - I need to do a little trimming around the yard - Not all day, but my high traffic areas (driveway, in front of barn) where I might get the hem of my pants wet when feeding animals in the early morning hours. Need to do a bit of shopping to to pick up a few things we are getting low on. And of course Sunday is Mother's Day (HI MOM!).

A recent addition to the activities, is that Sunday night DKW and I are going to the ZZ TOP concert in Tupelo. WooooHooo! When I found out that they would be in the area (a couple of weeks ago), I had talked with DKW about how I would like to go, but unless something happened we would pass since we've been planning for a year to to the the MoonDance Festival in Georgia and saving our money for that. Well, Wednesday I received a call from WCBI-TV, our local CBS affiliate, telling me I had won a pair of tickets to the concert. I'm excited - I've seen them live before - but that was back in 1975 - so its been a while. I'll blog next week and let you know how it was.
DKW & I had a good time at the wedding we attended in Birmingham this past Saturday (May 1st). It was a very unique ceremony followed a a much enjoyed reception with entertainment. We wish the very best to the new bride and groom!
Everyone have a great day!

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