Friday, April 9, 2010

Naps, Music and Movies

I think I'll take a nap when I get off work today. Since DKW and I are going out tonight to see "The Molly Ringwalds" play at a local club and tomorrow starts the "mowing" season for me. When I get up in the morning I'll have to go and get my gas cans filled before I start mowing. I have 5+ acres I cut, so it takes me several hours.

Last night I watched the Marx Brother's movie "The Big Store" (1941). I had never seen it before and I thought I had seen them all. Typical Marx Brother's fare - but I enjoyed it.
While I was watching the movie, as I usually do, I was observing some of the background extras. Noticed a couple of them wander through the background more than once during one of the musical numbers. Since extras are usually uncredited - couldn't help but wonder if they had much of a movie career. The real "Molly Ringwald" did !- - - and I've always liked redheads - although at the moment I'm partial to pink. Love ya my CCQ!

Everyone have a great weekend!

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