Sunday, March 20, 2016

FaceBook - hmmmmmmm - - no

Actually I do have a Facebook account - but I can't even remember the last time I posted anything.  I do try to get on it at least once a week to check out any new posts that my kids and/or grandkids have made.  That is the reason I got an account in the first place - cause that is where new pics of my grandkids go, along with any accomplishments or family news.   I have a (very) few friends, but I DO NOT converse on facebook.  I don't have umpty-hundred (thousand or million) friends - and don't want them.  The reasons for this are (1) Lots of folks just like to argue or state something outrageous to get a rise out of folks. (2) People Lie!  Believe it or not - lots of untruth on the inter-web!  (3) There are a lot of high-tech Idiots - that believe anything and pass it on as gospel (see 2 for explanation).
I prefer email or IM to talk with folks - as it is more private. (I do use the phone too - but my hearing is not great - and getting worse.)  Those folks that matter to me can send me an email or IM me if I'm on line.  If you don't have my email - well, you're not family - or a close enough friend.  You can always call and ask me.  I'm in the book. (If you don't know my name - wellll........)   Before leaving this topic, just let me say that I know some folks love to FB and thinks its great.  Heck, my sweetie is active there and lets me know if there is anything that might interest me. - But I prefer to continue with limited involvement.  How you continue is up to you!
Tomorrow Chiquita (our chihuahua) will be 3 years old.   The smallest and youngest of our 3 girls.  And two weeks from today I celebrate the Fabulous Fortieth Anniversary of my 21st birthday!
Everyone have a great day!

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