Monday, September 12, 2011

Catching up

Its been almost 2 weeks since my last entry just because I haven't felt like it. Not a good excuse I know - but I'll try and catch up. Tuesday (9/6) my grandson played in his 2nd game of the year and they tied the Columbus (MS)7th grade team 28-28. So they are 1-0-1 on the year and go to Tupelo tomorrow. This past weekend was kind of disappointing as SHS got whipped by West Point 33-12 and MSU lost to Auburn 41-34. What a heartbreaker. My favorite pro-team (Oakland Raiders) play tonight against divisional rival Denver. The best pro game of the weekend was the Jets' amazing comeback against the Dallas Cowboys. Starting the 4th quarter down by 14 points their defense turned the tide and they won 27-24. J*E*T*S* - Jets!Jets!Jets! Sorry - I'm a Cowboy hater and anytime they lose is cause for celebration in my book. My mudder-in-law is visiting and I'm really having to toe the line. Just kidding! She' a really nice lady and has done a bunch for DKW and I. She's welcome to visit any time!
The weather has started to turn just a tad cooler and its welcome. Beginning later this week the highs will only reach around 85 and lows in the upper 50s. Feels like football weather to me. Yesterday I cooked my beefy-vegetable soup, but changed up my recipe a little and instead of using two cans of Veg-All I used two one pound bags of gumbo veggies. Man it turned out good. Glad there's enought left for tonight. Yum! Yum! Eat it Up!
Everyone have a great day!

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