Thursday, September 1, 2011

Football Tonight! (tomorrow, Saturday)

Football! Football!! FOOTBALL!!! This weekend (which in my book starts tonight) is a football junkie's dream. It starts this afternoon at 4:30 when my grandson starts for the Armstrong Junior High (7th grade) Yellow Jackets. Normally I would stay afterwards for the 8th & 9th grade games, but with the MSU on TV at 7 PM and a 45 minute to an hour drive home (They are playing Noxubee County in Macon, MS)depending on traffic - I'm headed home. 7th and 8th grade games consist of two 20 minute halves so that the boys don't get overheated. So I should be on the road back home by 5:30.
Tomorrow SHS (1-1)plays at home against Tupelo (1-1) and should be favored for the first time this season.
Then Saturday is the first full day of college ball. I've checked my DirecTV schedule and on just the channels I get - there are kickoffs for 5 games @ 11AM, 7 games @ 2:30, 3 games @ 6 PM, 2 games @ 7PM and 4 games @ 9PM. DANG!! Now I do have yard work & stuff I want to do, but with Monday being a holiday - I can quit whenever I'm ready and still be able to get stuff done before I come back to work. BRING THE BALL GAMES ON! Now - having said everything above - I've got to give a tip of my hat to my sweetie who indulges me and my football addiction. Most guys aren't as lucky as I am in that respect.
Everyone have a great day! (I know I will.)

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  1. i love you and am looking forward to spending time with you! yea!! love ya, grins, debra