Monday, March 12, 2012


This coming Saturday is St. Paddy's Day and the local writer's group (of which my wife is a member) is having fun at their meeting with limericks. Since I also like having fun with limericks - I've given her a couple to share - which I am also putting here. The first I wrote as (kind-of) a response to one she wrote about me. (linked above) (Note: We met thanks to the "" website). The 2nd I wrote a couple of months ago about our little Chi-weenie dog (for a contest). Anyway - hope you get a smile from them to start the week.

While seeking a heartbeat harmonic,
I turned to "Cupid 'Lectronic",
And found the dear wife,
Who now shares my life,
With a bond surpassing bionic!

There is a young lady named “Sophie”,
Who paused, as atop a fine trophy,
With a rolling of eyes,
And “mock” heavy sighs,
Said “I’m a Diva” – not spoiled – no,not me"

Anyway, hope ya enjoyed 'em. MSU opens play in the NIT tonight (at home) against the UMass Huskies. Everyone have a great day!

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