Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mmmmmm! Bacon!

I laughed at this pic and had to share. Something a bit funny after my last "bit of a downer" post.
Let me catch up a couple of things from a couple of past posts. First SHS did not win the Mississippi 5A Basketball Championship. Oh well! MSU's baseball team is currently 10-2 and ranked #23 in the latest poll. Today they play the first of 2 games against first time opponent - Penn State. The Nittany Lions are currently 2-7.
Without going into details - its been a very frustrating few weeks. I've had a couple of health issues (sick and back pain) which have limited my being able to get things done that I would normally take care of myself. Depending on others frustrates me so. Also, when folks who (in the course of THEIR JOB) agree to do things and then hem and haw and drag things out - drive me nuts! Especially since you have other things to do which first require them to take of their task. **ARRRGGGHHH!!**
But I digress. Not much new going on otherwise. My health is better now (only a head cold and NO back pain - yeah!)
Everyone have a great day!

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