Thursday, May 31, 2012

Starting the Countdown

Today (kind of) marks a milestone for me.  According to the state (of Mississippi) personnel center I will be eligible to retire 3 years from today (May 31, 2015). So I'm gonna start a countdown clock, cause when I can leave - I'm gone. (At this moment 1094 Days, 16 hours, etc.) 
MSU's Baseball team had a GREAT run in the SEC tournament last week.  Beginniung last Tuesday as the 7 seed (out of 10), they won six games in six days.  Captured the SEC Tournament title and an automatic bid to the field of 64 in the NCAA tournament.  They will be going to the Tallahassee Regional - with host (& #3 national seed) Florida State, UAB, and Samford.  GO DAWGS!!
I hope to have more next time. (I'll make some reminder notes - 'cause my memory sucks!)
Everyone have a great Day!

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  1. awww, that lil pic is so cute. we never saw sophie as a lil tiny pup, but i bet this is sorta what she looked like. has a pez! love you baby, debra