Monday, June 4, 2012

I was 12 again this weekend!

Saturday, Turner Classic Movie channel ran "The Lone Ranger".  This movie was the 1956 theatrical release based on the television series (that ran 1949-1957) starring Clayton Moore as the Ranger and Jay Silverheels as Tonto.While the movie pretty much followed the same plotlines as the TV series, this was a movie I had never seen and man - did it take me back! When I was 12 (in 1967) I would walk from my school to my grandmother's (my dad's mom).  I would hurry because "The Lone Ranger" came on at 3:30 every weekday afternoon.  I (at that time in my life) didn't know the show was over 10 years old and was in syndication - It was just cool! Exciting!  So, I watched Misters Moore and Silverheels with a grin on my face as I was carried back to MawMaw Arie's kitchen table to watch the Ranger on Silver thundering across the plains (in glorious black and white), eating one of her skillet-fried peach or apple turnovers with a talll glass of cold milk. (Mmmm!)  There is one other theatrically released Moore/Ranger movie (1958's "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold") and I hope that TCM will show it also - because I'd like to see it.  There are other Moore/Ranger movies out there - but they are all compilations of the TV series episodes.
I know there have been other Ranger incarnations (one coming out within the year with Johnny Depp as Tonto), but for me Clayton Moore was, is, and forever shall be "The Lone Ranger". 
MSU's run in the NCAA baseball tournament is over.  They were eliminated with their 2nd lost on Sunday.  While I hate to see it end - I can't be sad.  Afterall, they did win the SEC Baseball Championship.  Now its time to start looking to FOOTBALL!
Everyone have a great day!

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  1. oh baby, i love you; i love these trips down memory lane! watching you watch the movie was esp cool, cuz i could see the lil kid in you, with that big ole grin on your face and the twinkly eyes. glad that you're my sweetieheart!