Sunday, June 17, 2012

Movies, Movies and Oh yeah - Movies....

Well - I do feel kind of entitled. Today is Father's Day after all.   I accomplished quite a bit around the ole homestead on Friday and early Saturday.  I was pretty sore and took most of Saturday afternoon off (except for doing my Mama's grocery shopping for her) and today - until I came to work at 2 pm.  DKW was out of town picking up a friend that's coming to stay with us for a week or so, so I showered and crashed in my recliner and watched a lot of tivo-ed stuff. Now there were a couple of movies I gave about 30 minutes and then left 'em.  They were titled "Surviving Christmas" and "Due Date".  I just didn't like them.  Now, as to some ofthe ones I did watch.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 2003 version of "The Italian Job".  Since I have a 2003 Mini Cooper and they were featured in the film.  Also I found this version much superior to the 1969 version.  I was a bit disappointed when I watched that one not too long ago.  I also liked "X-Men: First Class", but I am a bit of a comic book geek.  Speaking of comic book geeks - they featured prominently n a film I had never heard of but found extremely enjoyable with a mayriad of stars appearing.  It was titled "Paul"  and featured a couple of British comic book geeks coming to the U.S. for Comic-Con and hooking up with an alien (named Paul) who is an escapee from Area 51.  If you haven't seen it - it is funny.  Another (UK-made) movie I had never heard of but found very moving and kind of disturbing is "Never Let Me Go".  It was classified SciFi but it was not what I expected.  As it goes along you figure out that its an alternate earth where people (basically clones) are raised in orphanage-type institutions as spare parts for the "originals".  It's definitely worth a watch.  "Tenure" with Luke Wilson was good, not great, but good.  I count "Supersize Me" as wasted time.  And on the cheesey front (and those who know me know I like to watch me some cheesey movies)  I watched "Piranhaconda" on SyFy.  And it was just as cheesey as it sounds, but like a car wreck I couldn't turn away. Interspersed with the movies I caught some College World Series games.  So a weekend filled with more TV than I usually grab - but I did enjoy myself. 

Everyone have a great day!

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  1. i absolutely LOVE this pic, for the obvious reasons, and the subtle ones too! winks, loves, debra