Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bye Bye Buddy!

Yesterday I lost a friend.  I found Beider (pronounced Bye-dur) when I went out to feed him Saturday morning and one of my first tasks of the day was burying a very shy dog that deserved much more than he ever had.  Beider came into my life a little over three years ago when I first met DKW  - who is now my wife.  He was a stray, and they really kind of adopted each other.  Prior to her claiming him, it seemed evident from scars and his very shy/skittish demeanor that he had been abused as a pup.  She would leave him food and water and it was a great triump when after a few months he allowed her to pet him.  (I know because it took 3 to 4 months of my feeding him and speaking to him every day before he appproached and allowed me to.She and I were the only people he allowed to.)  One of the things I did when DKW and I got engaged was to build a pen (about 30'X30") on the side of my house for him.  He was still painfully shy and never, ever attempted to leave the pen once he was there.  I think thats because he had a house there, was fed there, and felt safe there.  I'm glad he didn't want to leave the enclosure since I live near a heavily traveled state highway.  He was such a sweet dog I can't help having a couple of regrets.  One being that I wish I had spent more time with him (I did try to give him at least 10 uninterrupted minutes every morning) and the other that he didn't have a little boy to call his own. :-)  I think he would have been a great companion for a boy if given the opportunity.I know it will take a little while for me to be used to his being gone - I actually started to go out and fee him this morning.  I'm gonna miss you Beider.  May you rest in peace buddy!

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  1. sniffle, you were so sweet to him and patient, and kind, and loving, and were his bestest friend, ever. just another reason why i love you, debra