Friday, September 24, 2010

News, News, News!

Well, after my visit to the surgeon yesterday - Good News! He said my leg is healing exceptionally well and he foresees no problems. I do have to go back to see him in December for a 6 month follow-up (from the surgery date), but expect to be fully released by then. Personally, I'm ready for it. I have little or no pain and can take stairs and walk normally now.

Finally got the title bond in that I needed and (also yesterday) I was able to apply for my Mississippi title and antique motorcycle tag for my bike. Got a new gas tank and rear tire ordered too. My oldest son's mechanic friend said he would put them on for me. The bike cranks and runs good, but need a few things replaced before I'm totally confident in it. (Which won't be long I hope.

While DKB and I were in Tupelo for my appointment, we went to Olive Garden for a nice meal and afterwards I took her to the Barnes Crossing Mall to buy her a few clothes before our short anniversary trip next month. DKW is very frugal and I had told her a month or two ago that we would do this. Well, we found a nice sale going on at J C Penney's and got her a few very nice items. I think we were both pleased with her purchases.

Everyone have a great day!

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