Monday, June 8, 2009

Man I'm Tired!!!

This past weekend I was able to mow for the first time in 4 weeks. The ground for the previous 3 weeks was just too wet and my (riding) mower would bog down. Before you say "So What", I should explain that I mow 5.2 acres (at least thats what the surveyor dude told me it was once). This includes my yard, my sister's yard (her & hubby are both on disability) and the field inbetween us. In spite of the fact that it had been a fairly dry week (except for Thursday - major rain), the ground was still soft. I did get it mowed, but it still required - on several occasions - my getting off and lifting, pulling or pushing (sometimes all 3) the mower to firmer footing. I mowed for 6 to 7 hours Saturday. Then on Sunday I got up and trimmed with my big wheel weed whacker for 3 hours. Then I picked blackberries & blueberries, followed by helping someone lift and tote 4 big heavy cabinets into their truck. So as I said - I'm tired.

Even with that I finished up around 3 Sunday afternoon and (after a shower) DKB and I got on my motorcycle and rode into town for a well-deserved (sugar free) snow cone. We enjoyed them so much I purchased a chocolate shake and we took it to my mother and visited her. After we got back home DKB and I read to each other for a while. (She while I was cooking supper and me while she was knitting (crocheting? - something with needles, I'm not real sharp on this stuff).)

Backtracking a little, on Saturday night DKB and I babysat my youngest grandchild. He turned 5 months old on Saturday and he is a hoot! He loves standing up and has just started vocalizing sounds, plus he has a grin that just makes you melt. I know, I'm a little prejudiced, but he is a great kid. If you want to laugh, watch a baby suck on a mango seed (think sunflower seed expanded to the size of a hockey puck). He tentatively took a first taste and then latched on and sucked like it was a bottle. I was holding his hands while he stood and DKB was holding the seed. When she would take the seed out to turn it (for fresh juice), his mouth would pucker up like "oooh, oooh, oooh" and he would literally dive on the seed and suck for all he was worth. LOL! We told the parents about it and they were all, "Yeah he loves his fruits!"

New week and next weekend DKB and I are making an excursion to the coast. Hauling some stuff for my middle daughter and visiting my youngest son. Looking forward to it.

Everyone have a great day.


  1. snicker, every time you talk about your weed whacker, i get this visual of a child's brightly colored plastic big wheel with you sitting on it, pedaling for all you're worth with your face all scrunched up (hold onto the cart, jerry). grins, debra

  2. Been a while I know, but it is so nice to see you still love DKB. I'm guessing you're going to for like, the rest of your lives! hehehe