Monday, February 16, 2015

Meet Libby.................

Sophie, Libby and Chiquita
With the addition of Libby to our household, our canine population is back to three girls.  Libby is a five (5) year old Bichon Frise (pronounced bee-shawn free-zey) and she is really sweet.  She is a rescue and somewhat skittish - especially around strangers.  We were told prior to adopting that she preferred being around women and did not warm up to men. (Although she seems to be warming up to me and I often have all three in my lap in my recliner.)  In appearance she resembles a poodle, but is small (normal for the breed) at twelve pounds.  So she fits in nicely with the other girls.
We still have the occasional problems as we are getting her used to house-training, but I am sure she will pick it up soon.  Just have to have a little patience.  I'm sure DKW and I can deal with that.
Everyone have a great day!

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