Friday, July 24, 2015


PURE JOY - About 5 months ago DKW and I adopted a rescue dog (our third).  Libby is a 5 year old Bichon Frise, weighs 12 pounds, and is white (but almost always looks in need of a bath.).  She is very gentle and never complains - even when I give her a bad haircut.  Libby never fails to bring a smile to my face when I take the girls out. (All my rescues are spayed females.)  She will suddenly start running full out.  Her bushy tail and floppy ears trailing in the wind.  Not only does she run, but makes what seems impossibly sharp turns and course reversals.  Often spraying gravel in the driveway like a car spinning its tires, and the whole time the ends of her mouth are turned up in an infectious smile.  She seems so happy and carefree it never fails to bring joy to my day.
Watching her, its hard to believe that she was in a puppy mill (with multiple litters per year) and abused.  When we were adopting her we were warned that she was very shy around people she didn't know and was VERY afraid to come close to any men.  She tended to run and hide when men were near her.  What a difference a few months make!
I took my time and let her get used to me and within a few weeks she was resting with me in my recliner whenever I sat to read or watch TV.   She is now my "best bud".  She (most of the time) comes when I call and has bonded with the other girls.  When I offer them a treat, she is literally bouncing straight up in the air like a mini-kangaroo. Such a sweetie!
Last week DKW and I took a trip to Pennsylvania (from Mississippi) so she could attend a family reunion.  We had planned on leaving the girls at home with a pet/house sitter while we took the trip.  We had it all set up when a family emergency forced our sitter to cancel.  We called our back-up sitter and were told - "Not a problem.".  So we planned and packed.  Then, just hours before we were to leave, she had a family emergency and had to cancel.  So, it was take the girls on the trip or not go (and this was not really an option.)  So off we went, DKW, me, and the 3 little girls in our Toyota Yaris - towing our teardrop camper.  I have to say we are very proud of our 3 girls and how they handled the trip.  They traveled without fussing or causing trouble.  There were no potty accidents in the car, and they did well on leashes.  Which they don't normally were at home.  They all acted like seasoned, veteran travelers!  I have no qualms what-so-ever of taking them along on future trips we may make.
Everyone have a great day!

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