Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Playing Catch-up!

First, I want to start with the good stuff.  On December 4th, the SHS Yellowjackets won the Mississippi 6A Football championship by defeating the Petal Panthers, 27-7.  Starkville pretty much dominated in a game played on the campus of That School Up North. A great finish to the SHS football season of my 60th year.


Now - the not-so-good.  Mama passed away on December 15th (just one week ago) and the funeral was held on December 17th.  She is interred next to Daddy (Fred) and just a few steps from my grandparents (Big Daddy and Mamma Jenny Sanders - her parents (Grover /Jenny).)  And just a few more steps from Sue, my first wife. 
I've been telling everyone that asks that it is a sense of grief mixed with relief.  She was not present mentally, and the pain, while treated by hospice care, did not go on for a long period.  No more suffering.
As I said before, December is tough on DKW and I (Sue died 10 years ago, her mom last year, and now my mom this year).  I try to tell everyone, hold on to the memories of Mama at her best, and not how she was the last few months.  Even with though she was trying at times, I do have fond, loving memories, and she will be missed.
Everyone have a great (holi-)day!

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