Thursday, December 3, 2015

Trying Week

Just a quick post.  Must leave for my new part-time job in about 10 minutes.  The job is not the reason for the title though.  This week (today - 12/3 - for me & Saturday 12/5 for DKW) marks the passing of two special people that we each loved for different reasons.  My first wife, Sue, died unexpectedly as of the result of a fire 10 years ago today.  It still affects me, and always will.  DKW knows this, accepts it, and this is just one of the reasons I love her and married her.  Saturday marks one year since DKW's mom passed.  Her relationship with her mom went far beyond mother/daughter - they were best friends.  The only people I know that I can compare it to is the relationship that Sue had with our oldest daughter, Melissa.  It physically hurt them both.  I love them both.  Everyone have a great day. 
Melissa / Debra - I love you!

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