Friday, January 1, 2016

Sixty Year Snapshot

Today is the 60th anniversary of my very first New Year's Day.  So I thought I would try a little retrospective in 10 year bites.  Now, obviously, I don't remember a lot about 1/1/1956 (as I was 8 months old at the time) - but this morning I did watch (as my first movie of 2016), the 1956 sci fi classic "Earth Vs the Flying Saucers". 
1/1/1966 - I was 10 and in 5th grade.  I was heavy into comic books and cub scouts (though later this year I would move up to Boy Scouts (Troop 27 - Starkville, MS).  At this time comics were 12 cents each and most of any money I earned was spent on them. I lived on McKee Street with my parents and younger sister (born in 1957).
1/1/1976 - I was in my 4th year in the U.S. Guard and in the process of getting ready to reenlist for 6 years in order to maximize the reenlistment bonus I was qualified for.  I was stationed in Memphis and would marry for the first time later that year. (Though I didn't know it at the time.)
1/1/1986 - I was stationed on the USCG Gulf Strike Team (in Mobile, AL).  I was married to Sue and we had four children. (Ages 7, 6, 4, & 2 at this date).
1/1/1996 - I was working for Quincy's Family Steakhouse & Buffet in Starkville.  I retired from the Coast Guard in 1992 and had a 5th child that was born in 1988.  She would be the last of our children. We were living in a large home (Double wide with large addition added home) with seven bedrooms.
1/1/2006 - Sue passed away 4 weeks ago and I was devastated.  We were married over 29 years and at this time none of the children lived at home.  At the time I had 3 grandchildren.  It was dark time for me.
1/1/2016 - I still live in the large home, but now share it with DKW who I met in late 2008 (almost exactly 3 years after Sue died).  We celebrated our 6th anniversary last year and she was the big reason I came out of the dark place.  I retired from MSU last year (2nd retirement) and a month ago started a part-time job at a local medical facility. I have 8 grandchildren now - the youngest being 5 months old and the oldest 16 years old.
Now I've left a lot out that happened over the past 60 years.  Otherwise I would be writing for days - but, like most folks, there have been many highs and some lows - but all-in-all I've had - and have - a good life.  Count your blessings.  In the past month, I've lost my mother and Aunt (who passed yesterday of a sudden coronary).  You never know when it might be your time.  I'll do an entry like this again in 2066! :-)
Everyone have a great day!

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