Sunday, January 24, 2016

Working in the Snow.... & Thinking!

This past week Mississippi got one of its rare snowfalls.  About 50 miles north of us here in Starkville they got accumulations of an inch or more.  Here, though it snowed all morning, nothing accumulated because it melted as it touched down.  However, as I was working my part-time job driving a shuttle (2 days a week - and I don't really want to work more since I've retired - twice) in the falling snow and thought back to the last time I had worked in the snow. 
About 40-or so years I ago I attached TAD (Temporarily Assigned Duty) to a Coast Guard Ice Breaker on a trip to Antarctica (South Pole).  Before we got to the Pole and the scientific station there it snowed, often, but I guarantee you it was much colder than Mississippi.  The air temp was in the negative 30's  with wind chills in the -80's.  Once we got closer to the pole though it wasn't snowing and though it was cold, it was very dry.  Lots of rocky islands about.  Its one of those life experiences that I'm glad I got the chance to do, but I don't really have any hankering to go there again.
I really hate to be cold.  I prefer the Mississippi heat in the summer (90 and up) to our relatively mild winters.  I know it makes me sound a little strange, but I prefer to ride in my car with the AC off and the windows down.  I do try to take care of myself, take frequent breaks, and drink lots of water when working outside, but I do want to be around for many more years.  I turn 61 in April and feel fairly young.  I think I may stop working at the end of this year.  Not a 100% sure, but I'm starting to lean that way.  I've got enough to do now, what with work around the home and hobbies, that I can stay busy.  My home is paid for and my retirement checks covers our bills. Plus, I enjoy having my time as just that, My Time. The ability to go where I want, when I want, and do what I want to do.  After all, isn't that exactly what we work a lifetime for?  I know its a long shot, but my goal is to be here at the start of the next century!  Hey - with medical advances you never know.  If I continue to take care of myself 145 is not beyond the realm of possibility.  
Everyone have a great day!

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