Sunday, January 31, 2016

Post-Life Planning

Most of this post will be an edited version of an email I sent my children concerning my wishes after I am gone.  Which, if I have my way, will not be until some time after 2100, when I turn 145.  Hey, I'm in good shape and with medical advances, ya never know.  Plus if I make the arrangements myself and let everyone that cares about me know, there is no question about what to do.  Plus other folks might find what I've done, and am going to have done, interesting.

Now, when I pass:
1.  I will be cremated.  Once the ashes are back at the funeral home, take the bag out of the cardboard box it comes in and transfer them (in the bag) to my "Memory Box". (If the cardboard box fits - just put it all inside).   Mississippi law allows the burial of ashes in a cemetary.  (Mississippi Burial and Cremation Laws can be seen at .)  You are not required to purchase a coffin or urn from any commercial enterprise. (i.e. funeral home)
2.  My ashes are to be buried in the grave adjoining my 1st wife (where we already have a stone erected.  Check with the folks overseeing the graveyard to see if they have any requirements overseeing the burial of ashes.  Since (and this comes from the website above) "cremation renders ashes harmless, .... there is no public health risk involved....".  You might have to contract someone through the funeral home to dig the hole for the ashes, but since it is a small box and contains only ashes, it shouldn't need to go more than 2 or 3 feet deep.
3. Expenses: Other than the Death Certificate(s), Cremation,  engraving the stone, and (if needed to be contracted out) the burial of the "Memory Box".  There should be no more needed expenses.    I don't need all the extras offered for a by the funeral home.  They are a "commercial enterprise" and are in business to make a profit. And once the day is done, who wants to leave through the sign in book from visitation, and trust me - thank you cards are a lot less expensive at Walmart.

And speaking of visitation, instead of a visitation, since there will be no rush to bury a body.  I would rather all my family and friends gather at my house for a cookout on what would be my first birthday after I pass.  Put the "Memory Box"  (some pics of it are below) on a small table by itself so folks can read the items I put on it and share the happy times of my life.  Then, after everyone has eaten and -those that feel the need - had a cry.  Those that want to can head over to cemetery and say goodbye.
Life goes on.  Be as happy as you can.

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